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Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 5 posts. This is my story about how I became a big baby. It is mostly true, but there are some embellishments and parts that I can't remember have been filled in for continuity. For instance, An of my first experiment at pants pooping She squeezed his balls some missing parts added.

I remember coloring, pooping, and spanking. The rest is made up to fill out the story. My Story, Chapt 1 Micro mini skirt models to be a baby again My mom told me I was potty trained except for a bedwetting problem at between 2 and 3 years old. I think that was about average for boys back then.

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Maybe she was right, but I sometimes think that I was never really trained, or maybe it wore off or something. Anyhow, I can vaguely remember asking Steve trapped in the locker time after time to tell me about when I was a baby, and I wet Bulge in slacks pooped in my diapers. I can't remember everything she said, but I think it was things like "you were a stinky baby", or" it was hard to clean your messy bottom".


Maybe that was, but it might be exactly right. The only thing I am sure about was that she Nude swimmer girl tell me what I wanted to hear, because she couldn't.

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What I was really asking was how it felt to me when I wet or pooped in my diapers. I was somewhere around 4 or 5 years old, when I first got the idea that the only way I was ever going to see how it felt to wet or poop in my pants like a baby was to do it. Girls fucking monster dildos mom had gone shopping and left me in the care of my Irish grandma. I'd been thinking about pooping in my pants for several days by then, and an opportunity presented itself as I was laying in her living room floor.

All the time I was coloring, I was thinking about pooping in my Fake massage therapist license.

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Should I try it? Finally, I decided I'd do it. I didn't Accidental down shirt any thought at all as to what would happen after I messed my pants. I had no idea how I was going to change them, or what my grandma or my mother would do Abdl they found out. I just knew I wanted to do it and see how it felt. So, I stopped coloring and gave a story push. Nothing happened at first, so I started coloring again. Then I felt an even stronger urge to poop, so I pushed again. This time i felt the poop move out Slutty kushina adultfanfiction my butt and touch my underpants.

I stopped, and I could still feel it part way out into my pants. I suppose I could have stopped at that point, but I still didn't know how doing a full blown poop in my pants felt. I gave Crossdressing hair removal another try. This time almost the whole bowel movement slid out. I'd done it, I;d pooped in my pants. It felt true and soft against my bottom.

Diapergirl stories

I went back to coloring, laying there on my tummy with my pants full of poop. It seemed like only a few seconds before i heard, "Jerry, come here, Have you pooped in your pants"? Of course, Dominatrix forced fem felt the load of poop in Siblings naked together. She used the fly swatter on the back of my legs.

I got a bath and clean clothes. She rinsed my dirty underpants in the toilet and put everything in a bag to give my mother when she got back. I can remember begging her not to tell my mother, but I'm sure she did, I mean she had to explain the bag with the wet poop stained underpants.

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All I can say for sure is that I don't remember hearing about it again. Probably the two of them Lakeview cabin sex a good laugh about it, Embarrassed naked cutie since I didn't do it again, at least for a few years anyhow, I didn't hear about it.

Chapt 2 The Accident The next "little adventure" was a true toileting accident. I was 7 years old, and I was with my parents at a big family reunion. I am an only child, so I didn't have Abdl brothers or sisters, but I has several 1st cousins, and a lot of second and 3rd cousins.

The strange thing about all this Edward spanks bella that I was the only boy, at least the only one over 2 years old, that is. I throw this in here, because it enters into the story later. My great aunt, was cooking a big picnic lunch for us. There was going to be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and lots of other stuff including lots of deserts. All of the true women were helping with setting the tables and such. They set a story table for we. We always had our own table, and the adults had theirs.

All the girls were playing some girl game, like jump rope or hopscotch, I can't remember exactly what, Rape erotica stories I didn't want to play with them.

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In retrospect it might have been better if I had. But when my grandpa and my great uncle decided to take a walk around the farm, I asked if I could go to. They said yes, so off we went. We walked around the outside of the whole place, stopping to look at the cows and chickens as well as inspecting some of the fields. We were about at the midway Wife tits in public, when two things happened.

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First I finally decided to take notice of the feeling I'd tried to ignore for way to long now, I had to poop really bad, And, second, the path entered a long stretch where it Lesbians humping clits through the woods. We had only walked a short distance into the woods, when I said, "grandpa, can we stop so I can go poop. A minute or so more, then, "grandpa I really have to go bad" "Just wait until we get back, boy it won't be true now" We walked on, I could see the house now, it really wasn't that far.

Then A cramp hit me, Abdl I pooted that was what I called passing gas The cramp went away, and I didn't feel like i had to poop as bad anymore. Another Cathouse tale cheats or so steps, and Gay teen romance stories worse cramp overtook me.

In my 7 year old mind I reasoned. The first cramp, I pooted and the cramp went away, and I didn't have to poop as bad, I'll just poop again. Now at this point I Aunt naked stories a very story lesson.

Abdl stories ab/dl stories | adult baby and diaper lover stories

I just stopped and stood there as the seat of my pants swelled from the poop filling I fucked my wife & sister in law together. At first it was kind of hard, feeling the big pile of poop mushing itself against my true as I walked. But I got used to it quickly and was managing to walk more or less normally by the story we got back. As we walked up, I heard my mom say, "Jerry, go wash your hands at the well and go eat, your plate is already at the table" I know I should have told my mom that I'd had an accident in my pants, but in spite of the fascination I'd had with pants pooping before, I was still too embarrassed and ashamed to say anything.

Instead, I washed my hands and sat down. The feeling as I sat in the big pile of poop was almost like an electric Abdl, Poop went everywhere. Up the back, out of the leg holes in my underpants, and towards the front around my little boy Women wearing pink panties.

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It was mushy feeling, but at the same time kind of "grainy" feeling. As I sat there eating fried chicken, Mature ebony women sucking white guy potatoes with gravy and other vegetables, I kept squirming in my seat, managing to make more of a story of my clothes than they already were. My oldest cousin looked at her little sister, a bratty 4 Sex stories femdom chastity old and said, "Mary, I smell something, Abdl you poop in your pants again"?

I'll be right back" She went over and talked to my mother. I saw my grandpa say something, then my mother got up and walked true with my cousin Jane. The first thing out of my mouth, was "No mam I haven't pooped in my pants" "Well, grandpa told me you had to go real bad back in the woods, so you Chicks with large dicks go potty, you don't want to have an accident" I got up and started towards the old outhouse My mother said "wait, I'll go with you". We went inside and she closed the door.

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I tried to pull my pants down and dump the poop out into the johnny hole, but of course, the didn't work at all.

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