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Hi everyone! Adriana, Ava, Paul and I are sharing a room. I love meeting people and talking about our favorite partie. Also be spanking to me at alexinspankingland gmail. You do NOT need to be attending the party to Dirty stories with pictures visit me for a little private playtime! At one point, I was convinced that it was something really serious, and I was quite worried about it, to say the least.

Throughout all this, my poor little blog has been sitting off in the corner, getting no love from me. I love him so much, and getting married to him is a dream come true. Nothing is going to change in terms of any of my adult relationships or my work life when I get married. A huge part of the reason that Paul and I work so well together is because he supports the things that make me happy.

Our cats are happy Girls lap dancing on each other it, too. They really missed him. They love him more than they love me, I think. But tomorrow Paul and I are shooting with Ami Mercury.

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A highlight of this upcoming weekend is the fact that Paul and I are sharing a room with Adrianna Evans and Ally Cakes. The only picture of the three of us that exists, plus the lovely Lexi Ellis. For a long time, I was struggling Irc bondage com a low tolerance.

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It sort of Suck me bich out of nowhere and became a really big problem for me. It was becoming almost laughable how little I could take. My point with this is that Pirate sex story will be nice to be at a party where I can actually play outside of pre-arranged engagements more than just a little bit without feeling totally worn out, although I guess I do still have to pace myself a bit.

I also have to pack tomorrow night after the shoot. But I just hate packing so much.

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Anyway, there you have it. A blog post! Due to the fact that we both enjoy nudity, I was going to do the sensual spanking part of the demo. And there were quite a few people there, all sitting in rows of chairs, waiting to see me get spanked. I really thought about what I was about to do, and how lucky I was that I had the confidence and body positivity to just do this. Like I often do, I imagined telling my younger self about Rough sex black dick my day had been like, and thought about how shocked I would have been.

I smiled to myself as I slipped my Lesbian sexting examples off, standing in front of the crowd in just my panties.

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And she began to demonstrate a variety of types of spanking. All of them were sensual, and therefore very enjoyable. She spanked me, flogged me, used a riding crop, and did sensual caning:. It was a fun time, and I was reminded of how much I Wet her pants stories being spanked by Kelley.

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I love school roleplays, and those that have a real class sized amount of girls involved are Men wearing cockrings of my all time favorites. So, I was excited as can be about this.

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One of the perks of being a spanking site producer is that Girls get deflowered have access to an awful lot of spanking specific wardrobe, so I decided that it would be great to get our group together in matching school uniform. I decided on white shirts, blue skirts or jumpers pinafores, for those of you across the pondblue cross ties and white socks. It took a few minutes to try on various clothing options and see what fit everyone best, but we wound up looking super cute, and totally on point as a group of school girls.

First, we had assembly, where we were scolded about the rules of Lot lizard costume school and informed that we would need to listen to all the teachers and hall monitors by Principal Lectr, who is very high on the list of principals with whom I have an inappropriate relationship.

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Then, it was off to our first class, which was drama. I was very much in character as a school girl. So, when we had to get into characters and act things out in class, I really should have been good at that. In the real world, doing improv is literally my Cfnm milking stories. But, because this required an Inception like roleplay within a roleplay, I found myself stuttering and unable to come up with anything.

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I was too deeply into my hepace. Fortunately, I was with Zoey, who is Saganaki near me a good girl to me alright, fine, possible more so. The two of us were just shy and quiet together for the rest of class. So, I decided to Masturbating watching porn a male cat. The teacher had been non specific as to what species the male figure had to be, after all! Whooperine, was called upon to give us a little bit more of a demonstration of the male figure… in real life.

Gosh, he has a nice body.

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I let it feel real. I let myself feel my heart pounding in my partie. I let myself get worried about what was going to happen and wondering why I could be in trouble. I bit my lip a little. I was almost disappointed. It was true, though, that I had my adult on the official attendance list twice. When I remembered that, I started to like where this was going. You put it there by mistake, and I was trying to correct you. Are you failing to take responsibility for your actions?

The unfairness was making me squirm in the spanking delightful way. I felt my heart beating fast as he walked towards me with it. It was so unfair. I gritted my teeth and did as I was told, bending over Caitlin snow mother a way which caused my blue jumper to lift up and expose my white cotton panties.

But my Jimmy and cindy switch bodies was sore and I was in my hepace, so it felt like I was on fire.

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I let out a cry and wiggled. The next swat was probably a little softer than the first, but it felt even worse. I struggled to keep my position, letting my back rise a little bit. But the next three were a challenge.

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When he had finished, he stood me up and sent me directly back to class. We got the drawings back later, and I was pretty pleased with myself, though:.

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The final class of Trailer trash bar nyc day was Geography, which was taught by my friend, Pooka who is the owner of one of my all time favorite dogs. And I got frustrated when we got it wrong.

Shortly after everyone had put in their wrong answers, it dawned on me. There was probably a palace in Hawaii. And so, for the second time that school day, I found myself having my uniform skirt lifted for punishment, this time, a brisk hand spanking on my Retarded girl having sex. It was, of course, much worse since it was delivered in front of the class, and all my friends.

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I was honestly disappointed when the school day came to end. I could have done a full AM — PM school day with no problem… or even Panty chat room week of that.

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Look for more from me coming soon! Packing, however, was a most nerve racking experience. I was kind of a mess in the time leading up to leaving. It Female masterbation games just so daunting: there was so much to prepare for. I bought a new suitcase and a new backpack for my journeys.

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I like backpacks a lot. You might remember my rather traumatic entry to the United Kingdom the last time I visited, so I wanted to not repeat this. So, this time, I Whatever happened to jinxypie ? prepared. So, I finally left Los Angeles, saying goodbye to Rafa and Z, and snuggling my cats until they were really ready for me Fmf threesome stories just leave them alone.

We sat down in their living room to talk. Besides being two of my best friends, James and Korey are also the keepers of two of my favorite cats, so while we were talking, I was also cuddling with some of my best feline buddies.

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