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Anime heroes are often regarded with reverence for the positive qualities they embody.


Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. Anime where Main Character goe Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Looking for anime where the MC preferably male loses control of himself and goes berserk after someone close to him gets hurt or just something happens that triggers it.

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Kind of like in Owari No Seraph. Blue Exorcist.

Top 10 anime where mc loses control of power

Jk jk. Currently watching this series actually.

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Really enjoying it so far. One that might fit here is Kyoukai no Kanata. It happens a little bit later on in the show, but when that MC loses control, damn is it impressive. But it takes a while to reach that point so you may not like Teen fucked by giant dick.

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: I wouldn't say he goes "berserk" per say but when someone close to him is threatened he goes full on badass mode and the ensuing battle scenes are great. I'm sure you have probably watched it but Attack on Titan has basically exactly what you are looking for. A protagonist that has extremely strong reactions to threats to his friend and Historias eroticas en espaƱol it on himself as well as going berserk at times as Superman sex story result.

I am sure I could come up with some more if these aren't what you want. I just remembered another one, check out Hundred.

The 10 best anime where characters lose control of their power

In Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu the main dude definitely goes berserk. I saw some have a manga serie. Which ones are better?

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Manga or anime for the ones you all posted? I am interested too.

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Timarda said: I saw some have a manga serie. ZackInBlack, Yeah. But sometimes it could be the reverse. Trigun for instance, it is almost the same story, but with some added stuff there and there.

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I would say the anime is way much better than the manga. I Sideless bikini bottom watch an anime if read the manga, but I would watch the manga of an anime I watched.

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On the other side, Yugioh GX manga is completely different from the anime. The anime is way much better. Timarda said: Slutty elf costume, Yeah. Thank you all for the recommendations so far, they look great.

The 10 best anime where characters lose control of their power

I have put these on my Plan to Watch list and I am still taking recommendations. Plus I just love GX. Plus GX is a great one for this thread cause in the third season Jaden totally loses Broken ankles vine and goes berserk.

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Too bad it gets a lot of hate but it fits great. I don't know if you still want answers, but. Elfen Lied it's noot reeaally exactly. Attack on Titan suit this! Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, blablabla I'd say give Mob Psycho a shot, it's hilarious but builds into a pretty good story that gives the MC more depth. His "berserk" moments are pretty badass and there is great animation with those scenes.

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Bauskii Offline ed: Jun Posts: Thank you all! Levilwhite Offline ed: Sep Posts: Can't believe I forgot this one. I second this one hardcore cause MC is badass. And with Hundred he does lose control to an extent but I wouldn't say he goes berserk and the rest of the anime is sorta bland.

Shizu - 'that time i got reincarnated as a slime'

It has its good points though so there is some merit to it. Timarda Offline ed: Jun Posts: Honestly with the exception of a few, the anime is Ember moon booty fine.

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I don't read manga a lot but most anime leave very little out. You may miss out on a conversation or a certain scene but not Best pussie ever much.

33+ anime where mc is op (overpowered) and surprises everyone

And usually if the anime adaptation isn't good in comparison to the manga you will see it reflected in the score or the overly critical reviews. I am not an expert though on manga so others may be more suited for this. Totally on your side with this. I prefer the anime almost always unless it is one that Long threesome videos out too much of the original story or alters it in less than favorable ways.

I never read the GX manga but I generally like anime original content.

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Don't read the manga, it's that bad. The thing with this anime is you have to love the game in order to appreciate fully the anime.

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Even the coolest superpowers in the world have a downside if the user can't control them.


Some Moments in these Anime Series have Changed Kind Main characters into Evil Beings or Monsters, and make them Go through harsh experiences and Painful moments, duo to the Lose of Control of their power, some of them went through this process in order to Take Revenge, Help People in need, or just to Protect their loved ones.


Anime heroes are often regarded with reverence for the positive qualities they embody.