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Are you looking for fun punishment ideas Big sister boobs wager for losing a challenge with your sweetheart? These suggestions are the seed of an idea and the rest is up to you. Use these activities to strengthen your relationship and help you get to know your date on a much deeper level.


Would you do any of these things if somebody told you to? If not - throwing stones in glass houses.

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And have him sing I'm a little tea pot short and stout here is my handle here is my pot. Idk there's many things you can do take pics make him walk around the Big bang theory halloween party take him to the mall show his friends Introduce him to your family etc. So me and him made a bet against two football teams playing against each other. Well I won lol and no he has to do something for me.

I have NO idea what he should do though. The only thing I could come up with his he wears girls panties but I don't know is that lame?

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I want something way better. I need lots of suggestions! Just nothing sexual like "o hey have him eat you out" no I'm not gonna say that to him I already get that O and NO money! Share Facebook. My boyfriend lost a bet, what should he do for me? Blueberry inflation fetish Opinion. Benedek38 94 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Xper 7. Make him do demeaning things! Wear female underwear!

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Walk on all fours publicly! Serve foor naked in an apron for a week for you! And watch him leave you, because you were a petty bitch who can't imagine making a bet without trying to attack his masculinity. You know, honey, THIS is why people fix bets before the match. You can't make shit up now. I am sorry to tell you, but he has every right to refuse 1first time sex you ask him, because you don't understand the basic concept of betting. And seriously, I hope you ask him something so outrageous that he leaves you.

No man should have to deal with your petty vengefullness and sadism. JayMichigan Xper My girlfriend farted in my face.

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Tell him he owes you an unconditional Yes no questions asked. You can use it for anything, doing your laundry, a request for a special date night, or Teen boy gangbang can make him tell you something he's never told anyone. I always have fun when I bet a yes with someone. Sydnor Xper 5.

NovissimumVirorum 1. Make him mow the lawn in a dress. Make him dress up like a homeless person and beg for money Mothers dark love fanfiction a day.

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Then donate that money to a charity of your choice Shave his head Dye his color a really bright Teens going skinny dipping color. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, My boyfriend lost a bet what should he wear? My boyfriend lost a bet what should he do for me?

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What to do if my boyfriend loses a bet with me? Or vice versa. Okay girls my boyfriend lost a bet to me can you help me with how should do this to make it sexy? Sort Girls First Guys First. He should give up football and watch the Knitting Channel for Submissive Eunuchs. What a fucking wuss. He should be ashamed of himself for thinking he's a man if you think he'd actually be up for some of this shit over a football bet. What is a tit job him buy you a case of beer.

It seems like you could out-burp him and Cats costume discussion board pee further. GearedReaper Xper 2. Take the high road and make him have a day devoted to you. It's the high road because he should already plan for days like this.

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Let you bet in, when you wake up have coffee ready, make breakfast hand you your book, phone whatever let you read while he cleans. Lunchtime go for a walk in the park, dinner either go out or make something at home then a movie followed by going home and have a nice massage till you make asleep. And let you sleep. CuriousEd Xper 2. Add a public element to it Or, I guess you could make him wear a bra FinalVow Xper 7. Pete opinions shared on Relationships topic.

Get him Man eats another mans creampie do 3 hours litter your in a local park or beach, but I would suggest that since the forfeit if that's the right word wasn't agreed on beforehand, he has to agree to any way of settling things,. MusicMayhem Yoda. Make him go to the shops wearing his clothes on backwards. My friend did it in school once for a day and it was hilarious haha. DevikaButts95 opinions shared on All the good ones are married topic.

Foot rub, maybe make him kiss your feet Facesat to death succ toes. Josh49 Xper 4. Make him do the with work for a day, like cooking, cleaning making everything tidy. Xper 5. Make him pick up a hobby. Let him work on it for a month. Then arrange a show if sorts for friends and or family. Pejtu opinions shared on Relationships topic. HereIbe Guru. Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean!!! When is the last time your dwelling had professional-level total cleaning, ceiling to floor, every table and desk uncluttered.

Floors mopped, carpets shampooed, all bedclothes changed, all laundry washed, dried, put away, every dish Tumblr unprotected sex and put away, toilets sparkly and fresh all the way to the floor? DivaQueen22 Xper 1. Make him wear makeup and a crop top for an entire day lmao!! InformMe87 Xper 4. Instead of him wearing girls panties, take him to Victoria secret and you pick what they are!

You Black lesbians anal ask him some personal question to learn more about his past. Lysander89 Xper 5. You should totally do that. She saw me nude his fault for not picking the forfeits before the bet. ScaryCool opinions shared on Angry grandpa bodyguard topic. Have him be a butler or servant for a whole day.

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Referring to you as madam the whole time. You can sexualise it if you want or just make him act that way in public too. Wife discipline program opinions shared on Relationships topic. Make him buy you the new battle pass on Apex Legends coming in Season 05 May 12 me am very excited! RamSeiser Xper 1.

Fun bets to do with your boyfriend

Sing a Karaoke song Sexy muscular females your chosing. I was at a camp and us boys lost to the girls and we had to sing Shania Twain's I feel like a Woman. BrittBratt 1. I don't know, run naked in the street?

Honestly I would just tell him to buy me food or something lol.

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If the night is going well, and there's a foozball table around, why not make the date a bit more interesting and challenge your date to a little friendly competition?


A good bet is a bet you can make in which you are confident to win.


Life goes pretty well when there is a partner to support you… A partner to hold your hand in every situation and the belief that there is someone who will walk with you through all the summers of the rest of your life.


Having some healthy competition with your partner is one of the ways to increase intimacy.