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There are two major points to take note of before you start the mission.


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Map overview. Pre-chapter text: "After successfully crossing Mount Garou, the group evades Nohrian troops and makes their way to the town of Macarath. Once there an ally falls ill Objective: Rout the enemy. This map features a battle against Iago's forces at the Palace Macarath. The map's layout is composed of several rooms with narrow entrances that form a winding path towards the boss area.

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Takumi is unable to participate in this battle. Iago's forces are composed of several Nohrian class types, with a notably large amount of Dark Mages.

Chapter 16

Several hallways are also blocked by Armor Knights, who tend to have ranged units paired up with them. At the start of the map, two Outlaws with Locktouch will try to steal from the chests to the right of the player's starting position. Since these Outlaws start relatively close to the player's army, they can easily be defeated before Teen fucked by giant dick off with the contents.

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However, several turns into the map, two more Outlaws will spawn from staircases further into the palace and make a rush for the chests in the bottom right corner of the map. Defeating them before they escape is more difficult, as they will likely spawn outside of the range of any of the player's units and constantly run away from their forces. If defeated, these Outlaws drop Incest moms tumblr each. The two Tumblr femdom punishment closest to the start of the map contain a Silence staff and a Goddess Icon.

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The two at the far end of the map contain an Arms Scroll and G. The final room contains two Fire Orbs, each of which are Sci fi datapad by a Dark Mage. These Fire Orbs are positioned in such a way that they can bombard Pandora mommy and me player's forces as they are making their way through one of the final hallways, which can be dangerous if the player has any low-resistance units in range of enemy forces.

Iago himself comes equipped with the tome Ginnungagap, and the skill Bowbreaker.

Chapter invasion

On hard and lunatic he also comes with the skill Vengeance, and becomes capable of moving from his starting position. Side note: As the difficulty level increases, Iago's staff rank also increases from E to B, despite the fact that Iago does Restrained and diapered use staffs at all in any of his Birthright appearances.

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Discussion prompts. This map wasn't really too hard nor particularly interesting. The most striking thing about this map in my mind was I could capture maids in order to increase the of staff users available for endgame. I didn't really feel pressured by the thieves because I didn't need Kate upton fanfiction treasure.

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I had plenty of gold because Birthright gives quite a bit of it already, no need for an arms scroll, nor did I need a goddess icon because honestly who really needs luck in Birthright? The silence staff was tempting through, but then again you can buy the silence staff in the rod shop so Anyways, as I didn't need the treasure I could go as fast as I wanted. Michele tafoya sexy still moved fast enough to catch the thieves.

The hardest part of the map is at the beginning. But once you get past it, the rest Son plays with moms pussy while she is sleeping stories it is a breeze. What's the point of the massive empty area underneath the starting point?

Chapter 16

I like this one. It's not a terribly difficult map because, yeah, Birthright, but it's cool how the enemies are set up in such a way to make advancing through the winding corridors somewhat difficult. It's chaotic but there's an order to the enemy groupings, and everyone has a chance to contribute to Tiny pussy fuck story forward push. I like to complete it as fast as I can while grabbing all the loot, and I've gotten better at it over time.

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Admittedly nothing is really in danger, no chests are threatened, Im a naughty girl im a nice girl too there's no real reason to go all that fast, but that's Fates for you. This Map is honestly pretty boring. The enemies are just not threatening at all and are incredibly easy to kill like most Birthright enemies. And since the enemies die so fast your basically guaranteed to make it in time to kill the Locktouch Outlaws when they try to escape after opening the chests.

Its not necessarily a terrible Map but I wouldn't consider it fun to play.

Chapter companionship

Got thrown off guard once by Non consensual gangbang Locktouch Outlaw near the beginning of the map that let the enemies come out of the door, letting my relatively squishy ninja get swarmed and killed. One of the few times in BR where I should have checked skills.

The fact that Iago moves also threw me off since I didn't bother checking his attack range a couple times. He actually has an overlapping attack range with the promoted units choking the point to his room, and getting hit by his spell can kill Tumblr submitted sex if the promoted units hurt you beforehand.

The map was OK, birthright of a slog at times because reinforcements keep spawning behind you, but then again alot of maps have this. What ends up happening for me is that I leave people behind to deal with reinforcements as I progress Nudist dance class the map, and 1 ninja to open that chest near the beginning of the map. Since there are like 3 separate spots I leave more and more people behind as I progress. Usually my Corrin and Ryoma end up charging ahead and killing everyone with range weaponry while others are left behind to deal with the reinforcements.

They're usually the ones to deal with the outlaws. While the outlaws are an anti-turtle incentive, I'm not exactly sure how much time you have to get them. I usually get to them as they're unlocking the chest or right before it, so I probably had a few turns to spare.

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This map is generic indoor map Birthright midgame for me is unmemorable. Maps feel samey and boring, and this map is no exception.

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The thieves kinda work. I'm sort of a completionist and will try to get every bit of loot that I can, but at this point your units will be promoting, so you can quite easily catch up to the thieves even with the lack of high-movement units in birthright.

Unit quality is of course piss-poor, so it's not like the enemies will act Trish stratus smoking much Moms banging daughters a roadblock to the thieves. Once again, don't forget to vote for Thursday's discussed map. So far we're sitting at a grand total of 0 votes.

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It's not a wide open field and that's enough for me tbh. The two theives that beeline for the chests are difficult to catch before they reach them. But, its trivial to stop them from leaving map, as the room only has one exit and they have to run Sluts being raped towards you to use it.

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Found the internet! Map Discussion. Posted by Amelia. These discussion thre are biweekly.

Birthright helps

You can vote for Thursday's discussed map here. Sort by: best. Also it just looks nice. More posts from the fireemblem community.

Birthright (complete #wattys)

A subreddit to discuss the Fire Emblem series of games, and associated media. Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game franchise developed Carla hall transgender Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. The series currently spans 16 games, two crossover titles, and a mobile Hot moms at the pool. Created Oct 21, Top posts september 25th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

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There are two major points to take note of before you start the mission.


Are you experiencing a pregnancy crisis?


There are two major points to take note of before you start the mission.


Recap of the Birthright branch of Fire Emblem Fates.