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If all that u say is true and not Mother to son questions and answers, would u mind following me back? I need to ask so much. I got spanked twice. The second time was by a man that I am still with, he found out that I was texting another man Amel i bet they love it too lol.


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My boyfriend and I had been approaching Cheating wives caught in the act year in our relationship and I starting thinking about an appropriate time to bring up my spanking fetishes. I was contemplating if he would think it would be weird or insane but this fear quickly distinguished when i though of my tiny bottom over his strong knee being spanked like the bad girl that I was.

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After work i was driving Let mommy see your cock and i decided to call him and ask what i thought. But when i called there was no answer… I text him saying that i was coming home and that i wanted to try something new tonight that might involve him stopping at the adult store and buying a few things.

I received a text back saying that he was more than excited and was filled with doubt as to what form of sexual interaction might be occurring. I made sure to get a sufficient list of spanking implements that I Free slut movies would be good for the next few weeks of so.

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The rattan cane, wooden and leather paddles, straps, hairbrushes, handcuffs, other restraints etc… As I sent the text he called me in confusion but with excitement in his voice. I told him it was time i was spanked like a naughty girl and that I would rather anyone but him do the job. He told me he would be home that evening and that he would stop and buy a few things but was definitely embarrassed about it! I heard the boyfriend open and heard rattling from the bags of spanking implements. I was dressed in my schoolgirl skirt that i had kept in packaging which startled him and a bra.

I asked him Coed communal showers he bought and started looking through the bag. He looked at me and started slowly explaining his interest in spanking as well as he took spanking slaps at my exposed bottom. He had came home with a thick wooden paddle, a girlfriend strap, and a few other miscellaneous implements such as hairbrush, wooden spoons, handcuffs Sex master game rules.

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He asked me how i would like to be spanked and what the rules of the night were. At that point i began to get very nervous but aroused at the fact my boyfriend was actually following through and things were going smooth! So Lesbian erotica poetry He asked me to follow him downstairs to the basement were he is going to have me handcuffed and properly restrained so the spanking will not be disrupted.

I agreed and started following him knowing that this might not have been the first time he had done this.

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He grabbed me by the waist and started to turn me Pink vip cams so my wrists could be easily be handcuffed. I knew i was in for it and this time i could not even protect my bare bottom from the blows because my wrists and ankles were restrained. He grabbed the heavy wooden paddle and began holding my waist even tighter.

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I was begging and crying but allowing the spanking to go on. The paddle would smack my lower bottom on the spank-spot and i could feel the bruises forming. Despite all of this, it was Wife pays husbands debt with sex important to follow through on what I said about being punished to him.

His swift spanks started slowing a bit and i could feel his arm getting tired while knowing my bottom was crimson red.

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I squirmed and asked to me let free so that we could have sex. He refused and told me it was going to be a spanking to remember for months.

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Fucking your hot cousin this point i was panicking, my sore bottom could not endure anymore pain! He grabbed the wooden spoon off the bed and started spanking with swift and forceful impact that left my bottom stinging more and more by the stroke. My ass was on fire from the paddling and hand spanking and now i could feel my tender thighs being heated up by the stroke intensely.

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He made sure to get quick and accurate smacks to my upper and lower thighs. I cried and begged for him to stop Mommys boy tumblr what seemed like eternity.

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He uncuffed me and allowed me to rub Coed passion party bottom for a good 10 minutes. The following day he asked if I wanted to be spanked and i decided that it was for sure his turn. That night will forever remain precious and memorable.

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April 27, geronimo Authoritarian My boyfriend and I had been approaching a year in our relationship and I starting thinking about an appropriate time to bring up my spanking fetishes. More Spanking stories? Share This.

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Related Posts. The return to my old Kimberly perry arms I had always wanted to be a teacher as long as i could remember and had my heart set on it, i couldn't believe when i had graduated and applied for a placement for training it was the high school i had attended i was so excited about going back to my. She Crossdresser slut tumblr a 5ft 2 in curvaceous woman not overweight but not insanely skinny either. She has slightly frizzy brown hair and brown eyes with large 38DD breasts.

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And this is the woman that was stood before me ordering me onto. Call Me Scarlett Call me Scarlett.

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That's the name my parents gave me. Scarlett Skye. Scarlet Olivia Skyeactually. I have nicknames, too: Essie, Carly, Lettie, Sky-o.

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But I'd rather you call me Scarlett. None of th. Copyright Fantasies.

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If all that u say is true and not trolling, would u mind following me back?


Dear Carolyn: My longtime girlfriend is a single mom.