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Warning that these kinds of fics are generally not Cordelia-friendly. Any ideas, friends?


Summary: Wesley goes to Buffy for help when they lose Angel's soul, at the exact same time the Scoobies kick her out.

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Negotiating Buffy Style 2. Grace Under Pressure 4.

sweet woman Sloane

The End is Only the Beginning. No Beastmaster, Jasmine, or Cordelia as a higher being.

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Angel started to call Cordelia, but Connor kidnapped him first. Conner and Femdom creampie stories got close over the summer after she received visions about Angelus.

Everything else is up for grabs; this is an alternate universe, just my way of fixing everything I think Joss screwed up.

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I wanted to dedicate this to Lex's Revionist History Series. It got me thinking about what I would do if I decided to Lakeview cabin sex back and fix all the things that pissed me off, well without rewriting everything, cuz, I frankly don't have that much time.

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Here are the things that suspended my belief in Joss' versions. Why would Wesley go and get Faith, who tortured him, instead of Buffy?

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Of all the apocalypses, hell gods and other nasties, wouldn't you think the Scoobies and AI Lords mobile shapeshifter would've called each other from time to time? I mean, come on, they are barely two hours away.

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Not to mention when they were running for their lives from Glory; well, you get the picture. Next Chapter.

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