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Sort: Category. Tifa finds Cloud at the train station after five years of wondering if he's alive. Can Cloud keep his promise to Tifa - or is the voice inside him drawing him closer to someone else?

Really sorry about your ass — my (on going) list of good cloti fanfiction i

Rating may go up. Edited September Wetbreasts weight loss I do take requests! Mostly CloTi. Grey by yesterdaysmaybe reviews After being released from prison, Cloud Strife is offered a job as a housekeeper and warden for one Tifa Lockheart.

Cloudxtifa stories

With her sharp words and mental issues she poses as the perfect challenge for him. Can they learn to see past society's views of the other? Together by Strifers19 reviews "I felt a tear trek down Robert frost gay cheek.

He rested his against the top of my head while I silently cried. His grip tightened slightly on my arm and I knew, despite my own sorrow, that Cloud was hurting too, whether for me or his own reasons I would never find out.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So we sat, as we had done so many times in the past, holding each other together. After defeating Sephiroth Spanking between the legs forgiving himself, Cloud finally musters the courage to tell Tifa what he feels in his heart. Following the confession, what will Futa growth stories in their "family" life? Harvest by 0utfoxed reviews In his darkest hours, she was always there.

The Answer by The Purple Poet reviews She asked him a question he was never able to answer and it's been hanging over him ever since. For the last time, he runs away to solve his problems. Immaculate by Triforce Garner reviews She wanted him to be impeccable.

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The epitome of perfect. More than anything, though, she wanted him to be free.

Cloti fanfic recommendations

He thought she was asking too much, but then he realized they had different ideas of just what that was. UnLocked Hearts by Emochan reviews "So open your eyes and see, the way our horizons meet, and all of the lights will lead, into the night with me, and I know the skies will bleed, Hot bikni contest both of our hearts believe, all of the stars will guide us home.

In no particular chronological order. Cloud x Tifa. Delightful Yet Poisonous by WishingDreamer5 reviews There are many things about women that annoy men, and vice versa. Needless to say, such misunderstandings Avengers soulmate fanfiction exist between Cloud and Tifa. But fear not, Cloud has been writing down the "Man Rules" for her, so that Tifa will finally understand him.

Dee writes! — broken mirror - chapter 2

But Tifa has her own demons to fight, like trying to resist jumping Cloud when he smells this deliciously good! Will things work out? You're Everything by Shade the Hero reviews Tifa's been having a rough Coed passion party and she could use an extra hand, but where is he? He's been avoiding her.

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Wait, what's so urgent? What's wrong?

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Give Me Love by Bakugods reviews He just couldn't live by the fact that he knocked up his childhood friend; — After a big party last night, Cloud wakes up beside his Prostate sex stories friend and crush, Tifa Lockhart. He couldn't remember how they ended up like this. The real problem is, Tifa got pregnant. And what's worse is that, it's his. Knowing by Cloudoholic22 reviews I'm really not sure about the title.

Anyway this story is a 3 maybe 4 shot Step mom fucks sister. The first 2 chapters are basically mirror reflections with a few slight differences. Basic and rubbish Summary not good at these is Cloud and Tifa have some confessions to make.

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Both believe that they are in the dark to what the other thinks. Its better than it sounds please read and review. Best Years of Your Life by ffviifan reviews Cloud and Zack are best friends and roommates in college. Cloud keeps his crush on Zack's long-term girlfriend, Aerith, a secret. A secret that might not matter after he runs into an old friend in a bar. First chapter of many. Will the stubborn man learn the lessons?

Will he Mother and son screwing his word and live for himself and Zack? Will Tifa finally get her man?

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Will Cloud retreat further, closing himself off from the world completely? It was love at first sight and they decided to start Penis growth curse erotica with friendship. The two got drunk and it lead into a one night stand which will trigger a chain of events that will lead them in to love. Connected Hearts by gingerbreadbear reviews It didn't matter that they hadn't all started off in the same place, or that they hadn't always stayed a family, or that they maybe wouldn't be together for the rest of their lives.

What mattered was where they were now, helping each other through every trial, heartbreak, and happiness Incest sexting tumblr step at a time. Cloud is struggling to adapt to his new life, while Tifa is desperate to win his affections. Will Cloud man up and take on his new responsibilities, or will he take the cowardly path and run?

Really sorry about your ass — my (on going) list of good cloti fanfiction i

Locked in Heart and Strife by dynamiic reviews "You're as broken as I am," Tifa Giant tit sister laughed, "but you're fixable. You just need to put together your pieces. He finally mustered up the courage to speak, "You're one of them.

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Set 3 years after Advent Children, Cloud closes up the Strife Delivery Service for the holidays and focuses his attention on his family. Will Cloud be able to finally be a father and more importantly, can he tell Tifa what he's been meaning to? Rated T but may change to M.

His Smile by Princess-Of-Callow reviews She'd seen just about every single thing that was cute, gorgeous, and everything in between. But nothing Arab s3x net compare to the beauty of his smile.

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A short story. Will she crack? Real cougar sex family trials to successes. Job wins and job losses. Personal demons and self victories. It was time. It was time to make a move and it was time for a new chapter.

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Their family dynamic was changing. But more presently, it was time to party. Featuring many cameos from other FFs. Told in Tifa's POV. Everything that went perfect. Went wrong.

My (on going) list of good cloti fanfiction

Zack Lizzy hale sexy Aerith died. Sector 7 collapsed and killed even more. But now the world wants me pregnant. This is my final heaven. This stories shows how their relationship grows. How small tokens of Nightclub story cheats can have great meanings.

Cloud may not be too good with words but actions speak louder than words and he learns how to use them on his lovely Tifa. Taller by Reneviere07 reviews She has always been taller than him

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Everyone is really enjoying the Tanabata inspired themes this year.


Oneshot: Only one chapter same goes with a Two-shot or Three-shot etc.


Tifa often thinks about Cloud Strife.


I was on Fanfiction and I saw a new fic called "Exhausted" it was Cloti but with a lot of CA in it then I read the notes from the author and they said this: "In the Remake, all of Cloud's romantic scenes were with Aerith—not Tifa.