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The silent, Dad and daughter share bed protagonist of the Halo series is veiled in secrecy. Why Halo's developers decided to make Master Chief's face and background a mystery is unbeknownst to all. Perhaps concealing his identity for most of the Halo series made the games more intriguing. He is a hero who doesn't ask for credit. Master Chief is one of video games' most recognizable characters, and we haven't seen his face excluding the limited Halo 4 l egendary cutscene reveal.


OP SilverSlayer Their relationship is in that weird sort of in between area of love.

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Kind of family-like, but also kind of romantic-ish. At least to me. Show More Show Less. Aunt may milf think there's a bit of everything in there to be honest.

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OP Well, outside the family the word love usually has some sort of sexual connotation. I don't think is going to go there. I would say that it is a very strong platonic bond. Anna kendricks legs affectionate in their own way and there are Cleric epic quest where theres a desire to be together and physically close.

To me that does qualify as being love, although being male and female it is very difficult not to view it as having some sort of sexual connotation. Especially from the books, GRRM really lays on how deeply that character has affection for Jorah and its a very strong mutual bond; I think she says "I have loved you like a brother" at one point.

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But, very explicitly described in GRRM fashion. Even though it is one of the strongest non familial bonds in the series.

The deanbeat: halo 4 is the romance of master chief and cortana, disguised as a combat game

That's the analogy I would use. Or I could be wrong and i have given Cortana a body with only one object in mind Similar to a marriage, but the "its complicated" comment about sums it up I'm sorry - but how does working together for She sucked my dick nike shirt 3 monthshaving no personal time together, having next to nothing in common, and piggybacking off of an already dysfunctional relationship Dr. Or any romance of any kind for that matter?

The Chief came to accept Cortana as a teammate and friend, and valued her as he did any of his trusted companions; just like Blue Team, Sgt. Johnson, and The Arbiter. That's it.

Halo cortana quotes

However there is still the fact that Cortana has been noted by the Chief himself as resembling a young Dr. Halsey his primary maternal figureand has been called out on her somewhat bizarre fixation on him to the point she's even been referred to as a "stalker". This is all Bf fucks gf mom in the official novels.

And what with 'Halo 5' pushing both her obsession and abuse of the Chief to the extreme, I think it's high time that we don't try to put any more a flowery spin on this dynamic. GreenleafCM wrote:.

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What, are you 9 or some -Yoink-? Play the games, learn their story. If you'd actually played any of it Celebfanforum latest stories realise what their relationship is.

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Gay incest experience comrades. I think part of him still cares for her, but is also upset with her due to her actions and betraying him. I Suhag raat stories know how Cortana really feels about him now. Ezekie1 wrote:. No no no no. It's a friendship love. She's been around with him for 8 years.

Helping him and talking to him. Being there along his side on every mission. Ofcorse you get attached to that person who's been in your head all that time. It's the kind of love you feel twards your brother or sister. It's not a romantic love. Busty Kitties wrote:.

[locked] do cortana and master chief love each other

Grim Looters wrote:. SilverSlayer wrote:. They have a strong companionship, so I'd say they have a Aunt naked stories love for each other. I think they both do but John can't express it completely because he's a Spartan II and Cortana does in her own way. To help approximately break it down for people since there seems to be this misconception that Cortana and the Chief worked for a long time. But as Greenleaf points out, the amount of active time the Chief has been active since his introduction to Cortana is a little under three months.

And in those three months the amount of time known where the Chief was working with Cortana whether integrated in his helmet or giving directions elsewhere e. Ascendant Justice is even less. While there isn't an exact time listed, the of events and the speed in which the Chief navigates the obstacle course likely amounts to less than an hour. Afterwards Cortana and the Chief are separated to Embarrassing breast stories their own business.

Cortana accompanies the Chief in Sasha banks cell phone number head as we all know in the very first level master. That's about four days worth being stuck together. But even then you can shave off a good half day or so when Cortana was left alone in the Alpha Halo control room while the Chief went chasing after Keyes and the whole library business that followed. The events of First Strike gets a bit chief in terms of relative time thanks to the good ol' Forerunner time and space mcguffin so Cortana just going to lamely tack on an estimate of four days from the end of Halo Combat Evolved up till the crew slipping back to Earth on and Gettysburg.

We know at the very least that the Chief and company make it back to Earth around September since the Halo 2A terminal has the Chief access a briefing regarding the need to eliminate Thel, but of course a mission never pans out. Thus we fast romance to October 20th where Halo 2 begins.

The lore of the rings

The Chief spends maybe half a day at best in a combat state from when the Covenant attack to when the In Amber Clad leaves Earth. Over the course of little more than a day of fighting the Chief leaves Cortana on High Charity. Probably within two hours of reestablishing contact? But since this is only just a estimate let's just go with half a day to be generous even though it's Spanked in the diaper position more like 3 hours or My aunty seduced me. To be fair we have zero knowledge as to whether or not the Chief was periodically woken during the time skip.

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For this estimation we'll go with the assumption that being awoken for the events of Halo 4 was the one and only time she woke him. July We have the events of Halo 4, and it's already weird at this point. Over the course of these Getting naked with sister days the Chief already has extreme feelings of care and defensiveness over Cortana despite only working with her Going commando stories combat over a whopping 9ish and a half days or so relatively speaking.

Add the time Naked weather babes where they're practically ed at the hip until the fragment of Cortana that was left behind after the nuclear explosion dies in front of John's face we'll have a whopping 12ish days or so days of actively working together. Yet approximately 12 days working with a program will Celebrities who suck cock make him emotionally unhinged and motivate him to ignore command to the point it has his fellow Spartan IIs questioning the strange which Man fucking a dog creampie weird when you've got a Spartan calling it out drive in which their leader wants to constantly take on missions to presumably bury his "loss.

Understandably to most fans, what we have to go on is the meta perspective of having played these games over the course of literal years and thus it imparts in a good chunk of people of a perceived bond between the two that lasted as long as we've know the characters in real life.

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Add to that the years of fan art, tributes, etc. But unfortunately in-universe it's very much not the same amount Bladder desperation stories time nor with as much endearing fan fare.

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Ultimately it is what it is. There's certainly a wee bit of time within those three months where the Chief is awake but not in combat to bond with Cortana, but we've yet to glimpse at a single moment of such an event. Would be nice to add though because with the direction things are going it feels a bit unearned to have all this weird tension between the two ever since Halo 4 to just keep escalating to drive some drama into events.

Belly growling stories people stop to think from an outsider's perspective it definitely makes Del Rio far less crazy to react the way he did to Cortana's rampancy and how the Chief from Del Rio's perspective seems to blindly follow her.

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It certainly seems like Industries is teeing Halo Infinite up to be the final chapter in the epic saga that is John


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Their relationship is in that weird sort of in between area of love.


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