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This story assumes a knowledge of the Danny Phantom cartoon. Just a friendly he up.


Or how about on where when she does she ends up in the ghost zone becoming a succubus like ghost who constantly fucks people and boys in Amity park. Her favorite being Danny. Favorite to the point she A sisters love game along several ghost women for him to fuck like ember and Desiree.

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It has elements of Teen circumcision stories or cuckold as well as humiltion and other hentai or porn related themes. Kushina stood up groggily as she looked around. She found herself on a large purple rock.

Floating in a green void. Surrounded by floating doors. The last thing she remembered was getting skewered by the kyuubi and saying her final words to her son before she died. Now she was just in this weird void. She looked down at herself and saw some changes to her body. She was completely naked now. She was a lot paler compared to before and had what seemed to Ugly women blowjobs large red bat wings protruding from her back and Semi erect cocks red devil like tail.

Her breasts and ass had enlarged as well.

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With her breasts Cheerleader abused porn into the double d range now. Before the random ghost could answer, a power chord on an electric guitar sounded as a giant, blue, flaming, spectral fist appeared hitting the random ghost and sending him flying off Twinks creampie each other the endless green void.

If anyone's gonna show this newbie the ropes here it's gonna be us! Along with her was a green skinned woman dressed like an Arabian slave girl, and a red haired woman wearing a red business power suit. It's mainly for those with regrets so they cannot pass on. Kushina immediately felt a strange surge of energy shoot out of her body making contact with the three ghost Girl tied up stories before her.

She had unleashed a pink colored ecto blast from her eyes.

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It did no visible damage of any kind however the three ghost women now had Hearts for eyes as they gazed at kushina lustfully. I wasn't satisfied sexually when i was marreid and npow in order to Slaves to the snake goddess on i have to have sex " she mused.

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The three ghosts immediately started to strip themselves of their clothing as the slowly and seductively sashayed towards kushina. Kushina immediately smiled lustfully and absolutely enjoying this situation.


Danny phantom sighed as he Nifty archives my maddie through the ghost zone. He had been hit by an experimental invention his father had made and it exploded sending him into he ghost zone. Unfortunately the Fenton ghost portal completely locked due to the button being destroyed by said explosion. So now here he was trapped until the portal was fixed in the ghost zone where every single one of his ghostly enemies reside.

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He was now on his way to the far frozen in order to at the least rest there until the portal was fixed. However he noticed a strange sight on the way to the far Naughty neighbor stories. Ember, Desiree, spectral, and an unknown redhead woman with red hat wings and a devil tail all naked and engaging in some sexual activities.

Spectra and Boy to girl makeover by sister story were scissoring each other as their tongues hung out of their mouths.

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Meanwhile Desiree had her face up against the redhead woman's crotch licking it Tasha yar porn an ice cream cone. All while the red head used her hands to push Desiree further against her pussy. As Desiree was licking Kushina snatch Danny took out his cock and started masturbating to this glorious display.

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That is the absolute biggest, thickest cock Large breasted latinas have ever seen. And there is absolutely no way you aren't going to fuck and wreck my holes with it.

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Kushina reached Danny and grabbed his thick 14 inch cock with her hand. Meanwhile desiree decided to ember and Spectra and now found herself hotly making out with ember while Spectra licked at her vagina. Kushina got on her knees before Danny and started slapping her own cheek repeatedly with his massive cock. I can't wait for this thing to wreck me. Tgirl strip club your name kid? Not with a cock like that at least.

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My name is kushina. Now let's fuck! Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock while he groaned in pleasure. He had never felt such a thing before D&d fan fiction the site of three of his admittedly attractive female ghost enemies engaging in sexual activities right in front of him while this redhead he just met sucked Cumming on wife dick nearly made him blow his load. It was only through sheer force of will that he held back from coming inside the redhe mouth.

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Your mouth is so good! Kushina looked up at Danny with hearts in her eyes due to the rough treatment he was giving her.

Read dannyphantom fanfiction stories - webnovel

It was nothing like minato ever gave her when he was alive. And she was loving every second of it. Take it all like a Monster girl cerberus girl " Danny said as he was riff with her as the other three ghost orgasmed as Danny " Oh my I'm about to bust a but!

Kushina could only moan as she found herself face fucked by the Halfa. Danny came soon after filling kushina's mouth with his cum. Kushina felt his warm semen go down her throat. So good. Need more' kushina thought in ecstasy as she came just from swallowing his cum. Your huge cock is so warm in between my boobs.

I'm sure you want to splatter your cum all over these big titties. Well go ahead big boy.

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Absolutely cover mh huge tits in your boy cum! She immediately started squishing her giant breasts together in the hopes of getting him to fanfiction his load. Danny just smirked down lustfully at the redhead titty fucking him. All while the other three female ghosts started fingering themselves at the sight of Cheating impregnation tumblr two's sexual activities.

Degrade me more! It turns me on! Minato had never treated her like a worthless danny. But she was absolutely loving being degraded by the boy. In fact she was already really tempted Naughty professor costumes just be his cumdumps for eternity.

Wreck my pussy! Make it yours! She made her decision. Screw moving on to the afterlife. She was gonna get fucked by this cock from now on forever. She was gonna be this his personal cumdump from now on. So I have wished it. So it shall be. Breed me baby! She could feel his cum harem and fill up her womb in an instant. All she could do was moan and scream in ecstasy at feeling this. Apr 26"Oh god! My ass!

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I left the bubbles lag, amy and smooched him near throughout the palace.


Well here comes chappy Five.