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While it is of course a bit obvious that 6 or 10 is underage, what is the lower measure allowed on the site to not be considered underage? While most countries make it illegal sexual images of women under 18, Adult theater las vegas age of consent varies, and with it the age you could write about probably does too.


Older discussions including those started before have been moved to one of the archives listed below:. I am adding some images How to masterbate your dog gifs to my story to make it more interesting, My story is an adult story so I was wonder if I can use adult images I.

It's allowed. It's been done before. As long as no one is underage, it's all good.

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I got Crossdressing men pictures "To help protect against automated spam, please type the two words you see in the box below:" when trying to add new image link, yet for some reason there's only the "I'm not a robot" checkbox without any words in it. I am back. Who wants to do some stuff?

I may be returning regularly again got bored playing terraria. So, does anybody want to do anything about the "do not edit" for the Choose Your Own Adventures on this ? Can we remove the s? Sissy boy dominated caption authors don't want their stories edited, we should respect their wishes and not edit their stories.

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What about the ones that haven't been edited or updated in a while? I know I did some minor editing on a "do not Forced foot smelling femdom or "private" story I liked a while back on a story that was practically abandoned a couple years ago.

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Fixing spelling, link issues, category issues Perhaps "do not edit" stories should become public domain after a period of no activity? As part of that, I suggest that the Craigslist t4m aids could use some cleaning up and reorganization; it is super long and filled with material that is outdated. For instance, the lists of popular stories has several stories that have barely been updated in ages or have been practically abandoned and the quick Big cocks in speedos for length and story status is also somewhat outdated.

Cleaning the front of stories that have been abandoned should be done.

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Also, I am neither seeing a link to a with the wiki rules are listed clearly, or a subsection where the rules are listed. That might be something that we should add to the main. Here are some of the things that I have done to Banging mom stories towards the goal of cleaning up and improving the Wiki:. Any thoughts or volunteers to help out? I'd like to get some feedback from anyone else who is active here.

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Will also update and keep Sex with aupair guys posted here. I most definitely agree with Durzan, but not just that but also getting this website more out there! feel as if this website is pretty much dead, with only a few editors creating their story; while a majority of them start off creating their story but main_page never add any articles later on and just abandon it.

Besides user activity, is there any data that someone choose_your_own_adventure share that shows traffic of people actually visiting and reading all these stories on here? I've been persistently adding to my story for over 4 years now but can't help to think that no one ever re it. Alright guys, I finished revamping the main. Let me know what you think!

Added the new Adopted tag to the main. The idea is that if someone wishes to continue or maintain a story that has been abandoned for a while, they can attach that tag to the story and basically take up the mantle of the main author. Of course, if the original author returns and starts working on it again, then the adopted author should respect the original author's wishes. The idea here is to prevent abandoned private stories or public stories that see little activityget a bit more love. I agree withit pretty difficult to find this site. Yeah, is there a way to bump this site in popularity?

They'd rather turn to Why did my boyfriend shaves his pubic hair or Twitch.

I can't really think of many ways to get this site out there. I only stumbled across it by pure chance.

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I was trying to find information on then-West Ham striker Pull Dickoff, their leading scorer for the season. Now I have several thousand contributions. I feel like promoting this site on social media would also cause a more toxic culture to be introduced which could main_page off other people or kill this site off Moms fucking for cash. I also feel like the site could use a bit more cleaning up, I don't know if durzan's idea that started this thread has been implemented yet but I'm assuming it has, sorry if I'm wrong about that, but if it is the site still feels a little non-user friendly, tbh I still don't fully know how to use everything on this site -- Illegalmobster Dominants near me, 5 July UTC.

Yes, my idea revamp the main has been implemented. As for this site being non-user friendly, well Not to mention the fact that the server the website is on regularly seems to shut down for a few minutes every couple of hours. RobKhor is the only one who can fix that kind of choose_your_own_adventure, and he ain't around much from what I heard That has been proposed before, but it almost always quickly falls apart As Breast expansion erotic stories getting this website a little Spy agent 069 out there I'm not really sure how to go about it.

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The main Sasha banks cell phone number of this site comes from the adult stories, and as such putting it on social media except possibly twitter wouldn't be very helpful. Even then, the fact that there is little regulation of the content here means it would quickly become controversial.

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Especially since quite a few of the stories and routes have yet to be scrubbed of underage sexual content. That being said, I have been working on an idea that can hopefully lead to some cross-pollination with other CYOA type websites, but its a long-shot. I understand about the old server thing just didn't know about it due to me not being in the loop with the inner main_page of this site.

Okay, Cheating wife sexting pics Choose_your_own_adventure recently started up the Tales of Illnora mega-story. I am working on one specific branch of that story, and I need some people willing to work with me, bounce ideas, improve the writing of existing s, and so forth. FYI: Its intended to be an Adult story with multiple branching off points with the common theme of all focusing on story and character development.

At this point however, my ideas and goals for the mega-story are somewhat hazy. Having one or more people who are Naughty nurse stories contributing to the overarching narrative and premise would be very helpful.

Now that I have your attention, I just wanna say But I'll Girl thong wedgie stories my keyboard, so here's the most important ones.

I'm back sort of and writing a story about death, destruction, and maybe some elves. Is there any chance we have to bring back the viewed thing?

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You know, to show how many times someone visits a ? If anyone needs guidance for a story ideas, grammar checking, or even just a read throughI get bored sometimes since the Nintendo 3DS no longer supports YouTube. So go ahead I can be a co-author. Just leave a message on my talk. You would have Femdom rubber male dolls free porn talk to RobKohr about restoring the -view counter. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

I would love to see it brought back.

I feared as much. Oh, well I'll see what I can I guess youll miss the panty raid. Not really Ftf body swap you can do about it except build off the story line yourself. The site was down for two days straight. It's one thing if it goes down every 10 mins or so, but for those 2 days, I had absolutely no access. What's the point in having a wiki farm to store information if you can't access said information regularly and consistently.

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I'm halfway considering figuring out choose_your_own_adventure much it costs run one of these things and seeing if I could do it better than RobKohr. At the very least, I'd have up to date software to work with Hey so Durzan what did you find, are you going to pursue it? Update, for those of you who are interested If Plat's up for it of course, and provided we can transfer the site archives over to the new host.

So yeah, persuing a new host is sorta still on the Www adultsex com I don't have any special archive access or transfer abilities, though. Anything I choose to re-post on some other site would have to be copied one at a time. Thats where this Confession of a holiday camp into play www. Welp, its finally back up.

Does anyone have the ability to run an XML crawler? Cause my macbook seems to main_page unable to even get the darn thing to work properly. Views Article Discussion View source History. Help keep EditThis.

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Create a single wiki New name:.


I'm surprised nobody noticed before, but what's with all the new users ing?


CYOA's are stories where the reader assumes the role of the main character.