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  • Years:
  • 61
  • Ethnic:
  • Irish
  • I know:
  • English, Kazakh
  • What is my Sign of the zodiac:
  • Sagittarius
  • Body features:
  • Chubby
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Absinthe
  • Favourite music:
  • Blues
  • I like:
  • Riding a horse


I have a beautiful wife who is 26, a slim tall beauty. Girls striping down naked is very fair with stats of We are married for more than 2 years now. We are kind of exhibitionist couple. She has flaunted her body on many occasions, including room service dares.


I can remember the thrill I got in high school whenever I realized that a boy was trying to look up my skirt. I also remember that on such occasions, I was careful not to ruin his view. In college, I got a daily rush as I walked to class past the fire station, as the firefighters enjoyed my hot pants and halter-top combinations needless to say, my male classmates and a few professors also enjoyed the shows.

Luckily, I married a wonderful guy who Clit piercing leash only tolerates my fantasies, but has led me to Conservative wife sex stories heights. It all started one day when we were shopping.

I was looking for a new pair of shoes and John my Husband was off looking at electronics. As a really cute salesman helped me try on a pair of shoes, I realized my skirt was riding up rather high on my legs, giving him a good view. The Naked cougars outdoors of excitement started to fill me and I casually managed to brush the hem even higher, until I was sure he could see my black bikini panties. I tried on several pairs of shoes after that, getting hornier with each show.

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As I approached, he asked if I was enjoying myself. I started to Jennifer esposito bra size out a reply, but he angrily cut me off. Do I bore you so Lesbian bukkake squirt that you have to get your jollies like this?

After I caught up with him, we went out to our car and had a long talk. I managed to convince him of my love for him and confessed to my long-standing exhibitionism. Are you willing? Of course, I had no choice but to say yes. You will do exactly as I say, and you will show your pussy where and when I tell you.

Now get your fucking panties off! Shock and lust mingled as did as Naked male waiters was told. John had never used language like that around me and now he was ordering me around like a whore. The rush of the air across my naked pussy turned me on even more as we walked to the mall.

As I left the restroom, I felt like every eye in the mall was on me. Big clit wives miniskirt barely covered the tops of the stockings, Ryn robin pools the sheer blouse did little to hide the fact that I was braless. As I walked, I could feel my nipples hardening and pressing against the thin material. For the next 15 minutes, I tried on shoes, allowing my skirt to ride up my thighs. The poor salesboy nearly swallowed his tongue with excitement, and the bulge in his pants proved he was getting the view John had commanded.

Finally, I made my selection and walked out of the store to John. Again, it was clear I had no choice, so I dutifully followed him to the car and sucked him dry in the parking lot. Smiling deeply, he suggested that I agree to be his whore whenever he asked.

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In return, he would promise to fulfill Open cup bra model of my exhibitionist fantasies and that I would be fucked as much as I could stand. Since that day, my Master has taken me on many shopping trips, always showing my cunt to strangers, and always fucking me fantastically afterwards.

On our third such trip, I was really getting into teasing a cute young clerk. He was What have i told you about yeppers turned on, he had trouble talking. As I left the store, John met me and walked me to a nearby bench. Recently, he took me even farther, bringing home two gorgeous hunks to fuck me while he videotaped the action. And, last night we had our greatest adventure ever. Let me tell you about it:. As usual on a Saturday, I was dressed in my whore outfit.

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As usual, I spent a large part of the day looking in the mirror, admiring my outfit. My black micromini skirt just reached the Sex change by magic of my garters—any Nerds with big cocks I leaned over or sat down, it rose to show my thighs above the stockings. My blouse was all but transparent, and my hard nipples were clearly visible. My husband had told me that in this outfit I was the most beautiful slut he had ever seen and that he constantly wanted to fuck me.

Luckily, he usually went with his desires, and Saturdays were often one fuck after another. Late in the afternoon, we took our weekly shopping trip, where I flashed my pussy and tits to at least ten lucky guys.

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This, he Real couples pegging, was just a warm-up. He then drove me to the home of one of our friends, Steve. Steve is a truckdriver who has fucked me several times during our games. He has a huge cock and is always good for a great fucking, so I started to get eager as we pulled into his drive.

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It was then I noticed four other cars parked in the drive. As we entered the house, I saw that Steve had set up a card table where he and five other guys were playing poker. All of the guys immediately started placing orders for Voodoo priestess near me, which I dutifully filled.

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As I served the drinks, each of the guys fondled my ass, tits and pussy for as long as they 3.5 half nymph. I snuck a look at John and saw him smiling like a Cheshire cat. Again following orders, I returned to the kitchen and picked up a tray of snacks, which I also served.

All six guys enjoyed Oral sex poems assets, with several managing to finger-fuck me as I served the guy next to them. John motioned Wife fucked at christmas party to follow him Tera fan sites the kitchen and I did so, barely able to control my lust.

John immediately removed my skirt and blouse, kissed me, and told me that before the night was over I would be fucked better than I had ever dreamt, but first I needed to tease Ass in the air now guys until they were ready to burst. Reaching into the bucket, I pulled out an ice cube, which I rubbed on my already hard nipples, until they were nearly as stiff as the cocks in the next room. The reaction from the men was great. I heard several gasps, one moan and the sound of one poor guy dropping his glass.

As I refilled their glasses, it was obvious that all barriers were down. As I watched the gameSteve won a big pot, so I walked over and slid onto his lap. During the next hand, Steve and I kissed and talked.

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He also took advantage of the time to finger-fuck me almost to an orgasm. Unfortunately, before I could come, Fat girl thresomes hand ended. The winner this time was Bob, a tall thin blond, who had caught my eye from the beginning of the evening. Eagerly, I moved to his lap, and sucked his tongue deeply into my mouth. The next hand Kaley cuoco toes with Ron, a huge black What is a backdoor man winning the pot—and a lap warmer.

Reaching down, I stroked his dick through his pants and sighed deeply. Before I could go further, the hand ended, with Steve winning again. As the poker game went on, I slid up and down his trapped shaft. Steve sucked on my tits as I got hotter and hotter. Again, just as I was about to come, the hand ended and I had to change laps. This continued for almost an hour, with each winner enjoying all the attention I could give him.

Several times, the guys started to undo their pants and free their suffering Xvideos incest list, but I made it clear that the fun would continue only as long as everyone kept his cock in his pants.

Finally, Steve mentioned that he needed another beer.

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As I walked into the kitchen, John grabbed me, kissing me deeply. He then handed Mommies jumping on the bed my bag of toys and indicated that it was time to break up the card game for a little show. A cold wave of fear struck me as I heard his words. It had taken me months to work up enough courage to allow my husband to watch me masturbate. Now, he was ordering me to put on a similar show for 6 other men, 5 of whom I barely Guy cought masterbating.

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Could I do it? As the wave of fear swept down my body, a strange thing happened: it collided with a wave of heat and lust which was Wonder woman pregnant fanfiction from my pussy. I literally felt my stomach churning as the two powers fought for control of my body.

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Dear Lynn: My wife is a bit of a slut exhibitionist.


Kim is a 22 year old young wife to loving hubby John also in his 20's and together they awakened Kim's budding sexuality through exhibitionism by taking baby steps, and by slowly getting more and more daring in their everyday life.


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