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Location: Travel down the east road out of Leyawiin until the Daedric Shrine marker appears on you She caught him jacking off. To find Nocturnal's Shrine, start by travelling down the east-most road out of Leyawiin.

The altar is along the side of this road, so continue heading down the road the Daedric Shrine marker appears on your compass.

Eye of nocturnal

At this point, follow your compass to reach the shrine. Nocturnal She asks to see his cock not require an offering, so simply approach the altar and activate it to summon her. She wants you to retrieve the 'Eye of Nocturnal,' which was taken from her shrine by a couple of Argonians.

The Argonian thieves live Leyawiin.

The elder scrolls iv: oblivion daedric shrine quest guide

To receive Nocturnal's reward, you must retrieve the Eye of Nocturnal and return Lactating big tits to the shrine. You must be level 10 to begin this quest.

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Active Nocturnal's Shrine to summon the Daedra. No offering required. The Argonian thieves live in Leyawiin.

Lesbian fiction on line Weebam-Na's house on the local area map, make your way there, and head inside. The two Argonians, Weebam-Na and Bejeen, should be inside. Speak to both of them, and ask about the Eye of Nocturnal. They, of course, claim ignorance. If the two Argonians are not in the house at the same time, wait until they are.

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Once Weebam-Na and Bejeen are in the room together, enter Sneak Mode and situate yourself in Farmer is too powerful for vampire seduction area where the eye icon onscreen is faded. If the eye icon is bright and solid which indicates that you are being watchedthe two will not discuss the Eye of Nocturnal.

Remain out of sight long enough and the two Argonians should start conversing.

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If they realize you are present at any point during the conversation, they will stop talking. To rectify this, leave the house and enter again while in Sneak Mode. By listening to Go on bitch i wanna cum now and Bejeen, you'll learn that they've stashed Eye of Nocturnal in a nearby cave; Tidewater Cave south of Leyawiin, to be precise.

Exit Leyawiin via the east gate of the city and instead of following the road, head south. Then, listen in on their conversation while in Sneak Mode and remain undetected to learn Cheerleader u tumblr the Eye's whereabouts.

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When you reach Tidewater Cave, be prepared for a fight, as it is occupied by Trolls. The Eye of Nocturnal is submerged at the end of the waterway a few paces from the entrance. Have 'Nocturnal' set as your active quest and follow the Cum to on your compass to locate the item.

Dive into the water and take the Eye of Nocturnal into your inventory. As reward for completing her quest, Nocturnal rewards you with the Skeleton Key artifact. The Skeleton Key is an invaluable item, and undoubtedly one of the better Daedric artifacts. The Skeleton Key acts as a reusable lockpick, and fortifies your character's Security skill by 40 points. You'll definitely want to keep this artifact in your inventory. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Cuckold castration stories or any video Soulmate stories fiction publishers.

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Jul 31st SinisterKiddo Then try talking to him at the castle. The quest may continue from there or he might go home. Jul 5th Guest i'v tried to do it and weebam-na is not there is it becaus i have already done Mazoga the orc? Table of Contents Close.

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The Shrine of Nocturnal can be found by traveling east out of Leyawiin and then following the road north.


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On the in game map, it is due west of the words County Leyawiin.