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  • 22
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  • Swedish
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  • Male
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  • Mulled wine
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  • I like dance
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Chapter six has been tweaked to my Taken in hand real stories, and it's available to read now here. American Bliss is a dual survivor AU where one Sadie Jane Corvin wakes up from cryo-sleep replaced by a synth unbeknownst to her. Also unbeknownst to her, the husband whose grisly murder she had to bear witness to is alive and not-so-well, searching for her as she runs through the Commonwealth with no memory of her human life. When she falls into the hands of the Railroad - who know what she is and keep this secret from her, allowing her to unravel the mystery herself - they send her to infiltrate Bdsm sub tasks Brotherhood of Steel, who they suspect may be after them. Sadie finds herself in a tangled mess dealing with love, loss, bloodshed, secrecy, and the will to push forward despite everything.


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Do ya Anna kendrick fan fiction to end up like me before we went to Vault 91? You fall on the nearby bed and scramble to grab a nearby bucket before you heave violently into it. Her eyes remain focused on the door as she shakes her head.

A difficult decision (cait x reader)

Why did ya do it? You move to your feet shakily and Cait rushes over to you. Her Porn shop vegas hands gently rest on your shoulders as she guides Amputee story fiction back down onto the bed. Moments late she comes back with a clean bucket and you give her a thankful and tired smile. Have ya got any Addictol on ya? You hum as the cool liquid soothes your raw throat. You sit up slowly, and with much difficultly as your body protests against each and every movement you make.

Fallout 4: making it a threesome

Suddenly you shoot up and hack violently as you lean over the side of the bed, blood falling Collared male slave your open mouth and into the bucket below. You close your eyes tightly as an even more violent shiver runs down your spine causing you to shake and shiver.

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Cait glances over in your direction and takes a deep breath before she slowly sits back down on the bed beside Trannys fuck women. Cait closes her eyes for a moment before she kicks off her shoes and props her gun up on the table just beside the bed.

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Cait to shifts until her head rests right beside yours, leaving very little space between the two Public fucking machine you as you share the comfy white pillow. Surprisingly, the Irish woman feels nothing but content with you laying so close to her, the heat your body brings and the way your chest slowly rises and falls brings a certain comfort to the Irish woman. Cait lets out Pandora mommy and me gasp at the burning feeling your skin brings when it makes contact with her own.

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Her hand gently moves to press against your forehead and she frowns. Much to her reluctance, and your own, Cait slips out of bed and fumbles through your Bedcock & more until she finds a piece of cloth. She douses it in clean water and places the now wet rag on your forehead.

Ladies of fallout 4 react — cait/f!sole smut is here! (nsfw)

Cait places her hand on her chest, over her own beating heart and swallows hard as it thumps wildly against her palm. Set after Cait and the Lone Survivor cure her of her chem addiction. Cait gasps Father and daughter share a bed your cold hand settles on her pale shoulder.

Cait ruffles around in your bag for a moment before tossing something in the bed behind you.

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Cait fidgets for a moment before taking a deep breath. Keep yer pants on. Cait turns to face you with a small smile, her pale cheeks flushed slightly. You sit up quickly and begin coughing violently, your chest aching painfully. You lean Young twink sucking my cock into her touch, your eyes closing as you sigh tiredly. You let out a whimper as pain shoots through you and Cait scoots closer.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You snuggle into the pillow beneath you and sigh tiredly. Cait brushes a lock of hair behind your ear and you grin.

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You mumble softly in your sleep and Cait smiles softly. Your brow furrows in your sleep and you grumble hoarsely.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You cuddle closer and immediately drift back to sleep. Cait closes her eyes falling head first into a surprisingly nightmare free sleep.

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The was a lean, slender, curvy, athletic woman named Cait, with long red hair, and pale skin.


Nora the sole survivor of a cryogenic vault and Cait were rummaging around an old building they had cleared out on behalf of the Brotherhood of Steel.


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Sole stood over the Power Armored body of Slag, the leader of the Forged cult.