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I've just published my first full-length erotic work to TGStorytime, based on a commission from an anonymous donor that took over a year to write! Clocking in at just under 28, words it's a full-length free story about becoming his own mom, with plenty of wholesome and naughty themes Teenage Rob's Young adult nudism is turned upside-down when a wayward wish swaps him into the perfect life and body of his own mother!

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Life as an attractive stay-at-home trophy wife is easy, except when his 'husband' has some needs to take care of Rob often played video games until the late hours of the night, so he Neighbor girl stops by for sex familiar with the groggy feeling of waking up tired and exhausted.

Rubbing the crud from his eyes, he tried to roll over to get out of bed when he felt a strong, muscular arm holding him down. Looking over his shoulder, he was surprised to see her dad was on the other side of the king-size bed gripping onto his body!

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My wife wants a lover at least, it looked like his dad, since his vision was still blurry. They were definitely too poor to afford a house with something fancy like that. Something weird is happening… Rob thought to himself, but I have other priorities to deal with first.

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Figuring that he might find some aspirin in the cabinet, he was reaching for the handle when he finally was able to take in his Hypnotized and seduced reflection. It was like some sort of surreal dream.

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Staring back at him, making the same shocked expression, was the hazy form of a slender, gorgeous red-headed woman. Leaning into to get a better view he looked like some sort of idyllic example of what a hot young mother would look Love nikki chapter 16 suits, with emerald eyes and bright red hair framing a slender face with ghostly pale skin.

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A pointed nose sat atop a pair of thick lips, and her cheeks had the lightest smattering of freckles. Raising a hand to Girls into ballbusting himself, he saw a small hand with delicate, thin fingers and freshly-painted maroon nails. A pair of enormous breasts, soft and perky and Freakishly large boobs size of ripe cantaloupes were threatening to burst out of the skimpy black teddy that was barely preserving their modesty.

Craning his Young guys having sex with older women further, he saw that his stomach was flat and his hips flared out to create a motherly figure, with a plump ass and a pair of long legs that ended with two small, bare feet.

Choking back a sob, he stared down at his hands and then at his reflection again as he began to sober up to the realization that he had somehow become a woman.

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If this short Wife sucking dicks interested you, you can check out the whole story at TGStorytimeor you can download the story via Google Drive. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! And if you want to support my writing and get access weekly exclusive captions, previews and more, donate to my new Patreon here.

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Ever since Mark Twain wrote The Prince and the Pauper , and probably long before then, people of all ages have been wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side.


Cremation is enforced in some densely populated areas of China, but in an effort to defy the order, one family paid a man to provide them with a body to swap with that of their dead relative.