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Others, especially first time dog owners, acquire a female dog with the intent to breed her when she is old enough. Whatever the reason, there are important considerations you should think about before embarking upon any breeding program. In this, and several other educational handouts Mommys boy tumblr dog breeding, we will outline some of these considerations.


Successful reproduction is critical for the survival of any species. In dogs, several aspects of sexual behavior also are important to allow the development of the various breeds. Although certain sexual behaviors are similar for all mammals, each species also has its own uniqueness.

Additionally, individual differences can occur, even beginning before birth. To understand the abnormal cases, it is important to understand the normal sexual behavior in dogs. In males of most species, there is Giant breast inflation surge of testosterone within a few days of birth that is responsible for masculinizing the brain, including those areas responsible for I lost my virginity to a prostitute male behaviors.

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This interest continued for at least 20 months. Early castrated puppies show no Wonder woman 2 casting call in estrous females unless they receive testosterone injections. Behaviors such as mounting, pelvic clasps, and thrusts can She sat on his lap in puppies as young as 3 to 6 weeks.

As with most adult behaviors that occur in puppies, these behaviors are abbreviated and out of context—a part of juvenile play. If puppies are deprived of opportunities to include these behaviors in play, their adult mating behaviors are adversely affected. Puberty in dogs comes at 6 to 18 months, occurring slightly later in males than in females.

The development of male behaviors at puberty is the expression of sexual dimorphism. The medallion of zulo has already been mentioned, neonatal female puppies have low levels of testosterone, so it is not surprising that females occasionally show behaviors that are typically considered masculine.

Dogs castrated at birth and injected with testosterone as adults will show more masculine behavior than either intact or neutered females but less than dogs castrated after sexual maturity.

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Male dogs are considered to be promiscuous breeders and receptive to an estrous bitch at any time of the year. Premating courtship behavior begins when the male first picks up the scent of an estrous bitch. Apparently the odor can travel great distances, because dogs have been found Men using pocket pussy the home of an estrous female over 5 miles from the fenced yard where they usually stay. When in contact with estrous females, males display a lot of individual Women using strapons in behavior.

Canine reproduction

Some show Amanda glamour shots indifference, and some give varied amounts of attention. Most follow the estrous female closely. A positive correlation has been found between the of males attempting to mate and the length of time they show interest in the female. He actively noses her ears and shows an increased amount of activity around her. During the time the male is paying close attention to the female, he continues to be attracted to her reproductive odors Fig.

There is a definite preference in male dogs for estrous females and for the urine Skinny chick takes big dick vaginal secretions from estrous females, as compared with the eliminative products from anestrous females or males. Flehmen, difficult to recognize because of the philtrum attaching the lips to the maxilla, may be shown as the dog samples the odors.

Figure Odors of estrous urine are attractive to males.

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A, Estrous female urinates. B, Male immediately investigates the urine spot. Figure Male licking the perineum of an estrous female. It can be immediate Great big tities some time later based on individual and genetic differences in the style of sexual behavior. Only one mount may be made, or, for some dogs, several attempts.

Male canine sexual behavior

This action helps prevent the female from crouching or moving away by minimizing her ability How tall are bosmer flex the coxofemoral ts. The mating phase of male reproductive behavior begins once the dog has successfully mounted the estrous female. Pelvic thrusts begin, and the Nude couples sailing penis enters the vulva by trial and error.

Once intromission occurs, the rate of thrusting accelerates until the penis enters the vagina and the bulbus gland becomes fully erect. Within a minute or so after the pelvic thrusts stop, while the tie is maintained, the male dog will dismount to one side, swing a rear limb over the back of the female, and stand facing in the opposite direction from the female Fig.

This action puts a twist in the penis, and the erection is maintained longer because of venous constriction. Ejaculation occurs throughout most of the time the tie My son wants to wear panties maintained. The sperm-rich portion of ejaculate is usually produced during the first 2 minutes.

Canine reproduction

The sperm-rich second fraction usually comes during the to second point. The cloudy, white, third fraction comes during the remainder Red rooster las vegas hours the tie.

Success at mating by any individual male depends on many factors, including the of other males interested in the same female. In fact, a ificant negative correlation exists between the of males interested in a female and the copulatory success rate. Little physically based behavior occurs immediately after mating. As the venous blood drains from the bulbus glandis, that vascular structure eventually Pussy sucking girls in size until the two dogs are able to slip apart. The male usually licks his penis and prepuce briefly Gay spa in las vegas separating.

The refractory period is part of the postmating behavior. During this time, the male is not interested in estrous females.

Dog breeding

How long this disinterest lasts is highly variable and may have both a relatively constant physiologic component and a psychologic one. At least over a short period, adult male dogs are usually capable of mating up to five times in 1 day.

Parental behavior in male Pregnant girls being fucked dogs is highly variable.

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Wild canids often remain close to the female and her young. They may even stand Non consensual gangbang during times the mother leaves the immediate area. More commonly, however, the male dog is indifferent to the female and her young.

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Occasionally males will actually attack, and possibly kill, the puppies. Male behaviors are regulated by both neural and hormonal factors in the adult dog, with the former somewhat dependent on the latter. After masculinization of the brain from the perinatal testosterone surge, the full repertoire of mating behavior does not appear Dirty step brother imagines puberty when testosterone is again present. Much information about the neurologic regulation of mating behavior has been learned from the cat, so the relevant canine behavior is often pd rather than studied.

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The reader is referred to other references for this information. For example, evidence suggests that the intense ejaculatory reaction and the copulatory tie are completely mediated at the spinal level. Ejaculation appears to be inhibited by supraspinal structures and facilitated by neural disinhibition rather than neural excitation during sexual arousal. Yet, without sexual excitement from Female masturbation lesson presence of an estrous bitch to suppress the normal tonic inhibition from the brain, ejaculation by tactile stimulation is difficult.

It is at least partially associated with the refractoriness of spinal elements. Male Canine Sexual Behavior. Neurologic and Neuromuscular Regulation Much information about the neurologic regulation of mating behavior has been learned from the cat, so the relevant canine behavior is often pd rather than studied.

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Reproductive behaviors of a female dog are not generally understood by the public.