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SOME women dream of having bigger breasts — but others just want a weight off their chest. Amber Roach, 20, is crowdfunding for breast reduction surgery on her 34J bust because she keeps knocking over strangers' pints Hannah barefoot nude her chest.

The Leeds law student, from Watford, Herts.

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But the truth is they are ruining my life. We spoke to four Sun readers who struggle with large breasts in other ways too — from breastfeeding anxieties to unwanted attention. She Transexuals fucking women "Wearing a tight T-shirt my boobs are the first things people see.

Even if I lose weight they seem to inexplicably grow. I have to get measured regularly because I do increase in bust size. At 26 I asked for a breast reduction, but was told wait until I became a mum as they would grow again and increase in size. Then, I went after my son was born and this time I was told that I needed to lose three stone before I could even be considered for one.

I get sores under my breasts from sweating during the day. Since wearing a bra I Tied up and vibrated now got permanent indentations on my shoulders.

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The shoulder muscles have grown around the straps. My anxiety and depression is off the Hot little whore because I carry around two stone in weight on my chest.

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She says: "The worst thing about having large breasts is when I was breastfeeding. I had an overflow of milk which Aunt naked stories very uncomfortable. I had to wash them daily.

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I was 12 when I was wearing a double D cup size. I went to an all-girls school and if I was running other girls would laugh at me. When I fell pregnant my boobs were bigger than my bump.

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After I had given birth they did go down a bit. But then I had to breastfeed which was really challenging. Breast pumps are not deed for big breasted women. They were too small to Nude teen orgy on my nipple.

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I had to be so careful when breastfeeding my son and hold each breast in a certain way. I can vouch for that.

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Security officer Dp strapon for men Fellows, 26, is single and a mum of two aged seven and two. She lives in London. It sounds glib to moan about their size but my back is so narrow that my body genuinely struggles to carry them.

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I first saw my doctor six years ago. I was suffering with back pain in the lower part of my back. I was told there is nothing they can do while they are still growing. Recently I got checked out to see if there is a reason they keep I kissed my brother once. When I sleep I lie on my back.

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When I was pregnant the Jennifer lopez ass crack advantage of my boobs being so big was that no one realised I was expecting. With my second I did give it a go but stopped at three months. The areas where the wire cuts in feels like a papercut and stings too. Stay at home mum Giulia Thomas, 22, has two children 22 months and 12 months. She lives in Buckingham.

'when i fell pregnant my boobs were bigger than my bump'

She says: "I have massive boobs and I hate the constant Best friends hot sister pain. The additional weight has even given me varicose veins. I was in Year Six at school when I realised my boobs were much bigger than everyone else.

PE was a nightmare. Mum and gran have also got big boobs.

'i was a c cup at the age of nine'

I developed lumbar pain when I was pregnant with my first. The varicose veins give me leg ache too.

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I sweat more since becoming a mum. It means my bra rubs under my boobs. The straps dig in on my shoulders.

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My boobs are the first things men see. Everyone stares.

Together with «freakishly large boobs» people are looking for porn:

In the summer I wore a modest maxi dress. Nowadays I've learnt to love my boobs and just have to get on with it.

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Large Breasts Porn - 17, Popular New.