single prostitute Gabriela
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  • My age:
  • 28
  • Sexual identity:
  • I'm hetero
  • Eye tone:
  • Misty gray-blue eyes
  • Color of my hair:
  • Reddish
  • My favourite music:
  • Techno


Brad or Cooper? It's the question that torments her every waking moment and chases sleep away as she nurses mugs of late-night liquor while turning it over in her mind.


Billy wright (loyalist)

Strange they would hang a up crooked and cover their name with it. You sure some buckeyes aren't responsible?

naughty housewives Elliot

That sucks, I used to like that place. Hope they're out of business by the end of the year.

married latina Aliza

Don't that in Blacksburg. Doesn't Big Als still allow smoking as well? Place must be really struggling.

slut wives Adelina

Can't think of a single hometown place that would do something like this in another big name college town. That's just idiotic.

Nirvana - beeswax lyrics

You gain zero business, because it would be packed anyway. And you lose business going forward. Start New Topic.

lonely biatch Madisyn

More Options. Mr McGibblets.

ebony babes Ivanna

Disgraceful Do the bouncers at big al's still throw drunk guys down the stairs? Hate that freaking place. .

tight females Lia

Same here, WTF??? Of all the lousy ways to make a buck.

lovely housewives Sasha

Not a good look. Walked right by that place.

See a problem?

CZY rip that shit down and burn it. That's honestly incredibly weak.

horney girlfriend Piper

Even if they are supporting an alumni group. Fuck that place! It blowed to begin with, definitely will never go there again.

house women Kailey

That place has always sucked Weak effort on their part. Was up last night as well, so I assume the owners put it up. Way to isolate yourself from your normal customer base.

slutty moms Halo

Quite certain. Quite certain That's just idiotic.

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Stu : Did you really call the police?


Stu Macher was played by Matthew Lillard.


You could argue that Billy dying the way he died was the best outcome for him.


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