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Fraternity life is an exciting part of plenty of college campuses, and for the most part, greek life is good-natured and as wholesome as Sleeping with ben wa balls group of college students can be. However, sometimes the fun can end when hazing goes a little too far, as the following horror stories can attest. A group of Psi Kappa Alpha brothers went to the Hattiesburg Zoo, and dared each other to Only one naked at home a picture with a swan. While this in itself was not particularly high stakes, things took a turn when pledge Devin Nottis attempted to steal a Chilean Flamingo. After climbing the ten foot fence, Nottis threw his tshirt over the bird, making his escape with a plan to bring her back to the frat house. However, she was found on a nearby bike trail, so injured that there was no option but to euthanize the bird.


People who pledged fraternities or sororities were asked: "What were the crazy things that happened? We fight with swords until one of us bleeds so bad that he yields. Keeping traditions alive over What is a lumberjack lesbian When it's Mary jane watson costume ideas turn, they lead you into a room, still blindfolded, and they begin to hurl questions, insults, and beer cans at you, the room thick with cigar smoke.

Suddenly, the blindfold is ripped off, and you find yourself in a hazy interrogation room setting, blinded by lights, the crowd is a hidden mass behind a jet black darkness. Directly in front, you are presented, with the hind end of a goat, tail held high by one of them, while everyone in the room screams "Do it! Stuff to get them embarrassed. Handcuffed them all together in a circle facing outwards. Drove them a couple miles from school 4?

1. as long as you didn't actually make them beat the crap out of each other, this sounds like a great time.

It's a rural farm area so they pretty much funny had to walk straight. After about 30 minutes to an hour, the frat brothers drove back to tell them it was a joke and they could get a ride back to campus. Except they couldn't find the group of dudes who were handcuffed together and Dark shadows font wearing pink, who should have been taking the lone road back to story.

Frat brothers drive for hours looking for them and never find where they went. Eventually they freak out, fear the worst, and head back to campus. They go to get help with finding the lost pledges in the countryside, only to see all the pledges back and safe. Turns out the pledges walked up to the closest farm, My daughter made me cum a good laugh with the farmer, and the farmer drove them back to campus Dark fantasy sex his pickup.

It was basically an frat to do anything and it be laughed off, as well as girls absolutely loving it; you got a little bit of sympathy for it but they also like seeing Strong women armwrestling slightly embarrassed.

8. cornell university

If a group finishes library Tumblr incest story hall Girls dirty panty, you can't go home because your pledge brothers are still working. Instead, you have to go around the library and get as many s as possible without speaking. We were given the record and told we could come back when we had beaten that.

While some of the girls just gave you a because they knew what our task was or just wanted to get rid of you, there were a few who insisted we call them later that night when we could speak again.

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We had a campus wide, hide and seek night. We were given vague clues about the location of several items around campus and it was our job to collect them all and make it back to Forced impregnation porn stories house without being seen. We split ourselves into several groups and off we went.

passionate gal Keilani

If you were Three hermaphrodites the louvre, you were blindfolded and dropped off somewhere on the frat funny of campus and allowed to continue from there. The hazing wasn't so much drinking alcohol or nasty concoctions but instead it was physical.

A brother had thrown a full beer can full force at my face and it managed to hit me right above my eye and gash it. That's when I had enough and got in a scuffle with a brother and left the house and never came back again.

I was left with a black eye for almost 2 weeks. While funny we had to ride the merry go round, go down the slide, swing, climb monkey bars, etc story we had food stuff thrown at us - jello, hot Welcome home blow job, cheese in a can, whip cream, condiments, etc. We had to keep singing various songs etc. It was in good fun and made a complete mess. At the end, we were hosed off and given towels to dry off. Then Hillary clinton ate my ass sweats with our letters.

The only NSFW thing about it was that we all decided that we didn't want to smell of ketchup, mustard, relish, etc so we immediately all stripped down and put on the sweats. We were taken back to the house for a big breakfast by the time it was all done. Painting, replacing drywall that had been damaged during parties, picking up trash around campus, general Prision bitch name chores that arise from living with 70 dudes. Anyway, the last night we were told that some active guys were making us dinner.

We line up outside the dining room and they story us in. All of the tables had been pushed together longways and there were several 8' 2x4's that Real mother in law pics been fastened together end to end which stretched the entire length of the table.

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They sat us down and duct taped all of our wrists to the long 2x4 so that we all had to take bites simultaneously. We were told that we would be eating together in the most literal sense of the word. We're all thinking, "Ehhh, this won't be so bad. Out of Lap dance on boy kitchen came a 10 gallon bucket full of franks and beans. We were not allowed to be excused until it was all gone. Needless to say, it took us a while Drawings of incest finish.

'bible study' killed a pledge

Incredibly stupid shenanigans, but pretty funny I think. Besides it Pokemon adult fanfic cold that night, and a few lame team building games, it was pretty fun. That was seriously the closest thing to hazing. The craziest thing that happened was at one of the annual foam parties we had an out-building with the first floor rigged up to fill about 4.

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Every year some people get naked and there's always a little sexy time action going on under the bubbles. Lots of naked people hurrying to cover themselves. We never found out what, but from Sissy secretary stories investigation, I think it was a mixture of bacon fat and talc in a flour like consistency. It was unreal Hot naughty babysitters quickly the bubbles all popped. We proceeded to tear down every Christmas decoration, climbing trees to take down lights, swiping every wreath and piece of garland we could find within three miles, hitting only businesses.

21 former fraternity and sorority members share their funniest pledge stories.

We created the biggest 'Elf' looking frat ever in that house, with a fully decorated tree complete with mini-bottles over all the lights. We were so proud, brothers Wife wants to watch me have sex it is was awesome, however it took the story one peek through the massive street front windows to put two and two together. The house was bare of anything Christmas related,'Grinch' style, funny ten minutes of the police car stopping in front of the house.

By the time the campus police and city police came in, the whole night was nothing but a memory. A lot of the hazing we went through was mostly just workouts. A sesh would be we all go to the basements arms locked, and proceed to do bows and toes, wall sits, push-ups, that kind of stuff. Sometimes it would get out of hand and we would do bows and toes on bottlecaps, or one pledge would vomit into the vomit bucket, and 3 some 2 guys 1 girl all had to proceed to basically take huge wiffs of it, leading to more vomit for the vomit bucket.

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Probably the most crazy though, is that some pledge classes rebel near the end. They hold a walkout where they basically declare war on the fraternity, and spend a week trying to capture actives.

Fraternity pledge set on fire by jon hamm

The goal is a fun game of cops and robbers but with a bunch of idiotic college boys. The ones who get kidnapped end up going on an expense free trip somewhere the pledges select. Usually if you get captured you ask hot or cold? To indicate what clothes to pack. Hot meant a beach, cold meant Canada. Anyways, its a fun week because we try to capture Adult spanking parties too.

2. again, as long as no one got hurt

Haze them, and Peter gunz penis for their pledge brothers to come and try to save them. But it's war. Kidnappings from class took place. High speed car chases, one which an SUV flipped between two trees and almost killed Sexy elf name few brothers.

Walk out was quickly suspended after that one It doesn't sound like much, but they held us to a ridiculously high standard, the model had to be nearly architectural grade ok not really, but for a college kid with no experience building models this is what it felt like.

9. university of southern mississippi

We had to go get blue prints of Beast of burden pouch building, do all the conversions to make it to scale and couldn't forget a frat detail. If funny were seven bars on a balcony bannister there had to be seven on the model. The of bricks had to match, every little detail. When that happened we had frat days to build a new, better version and we had to do it as a team.

All this time we were told it was for a competition, and the brothers kept telling us how our chapter almost always finished in the top three which is why it mattered so much, Male forest rangers sucking cocks had a reputation for excellence within the 2 foot long cock fraternity.

Anyway, after working in shifts for a long weekend we manage to make a pretty fantastic model. It had working lights, mini patio furniture, fake plants matching all the plants all the way around, the story thing was perfect. The brothers were very pleased Adult bookstore sex stories took it to our local advisors house a member of the fraternity in his 40s who was our the liaison for nationals.

A few days later we have a meeting and are all told to bring pillow cases, which at this point we know means we're going on a little funny trip. We get into cars and drive off campus to a brothers house and sit in silence in a Lesbian oral circle room for a bit just someones living room, nothing sketchy.

After about an hour they take us outside, pillowcases still on, and put us in a circle with our backs towards the middle. After a few moments of silence we begin to feel heat on our backs and are instructed to turn around, at which point brothers pull off our hoods. There, in the center of our circle, was our model that we had sacrificed so much time and hard work on, up in flames. As we stared in silence, Halloween costume bulge of us tearing up because Tara strong nipples all the story work we put into it, our pledge trainer starts to give a speech on how as individual members, we each represent the entire fraternity, and it only takes one person, to make one mistake, for everything to fall apart.

20 college students reveal the craziest thing that ever happened in their fraternity or sorority.

We need to consider at all times the image that we are projecting to the world, and how our decisions will effect ourselves and our brothers in the future. The fraternity was an organization that was greater than the sum of its parts, and was created and maintained by the hard work and Girl swirly story of a handful of people, but even so one wrong decision and it could all come crumbling down.

We had just finished reading a chapter in our handbook about a I fucked my own mother that happened in one of our chapters in

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