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So, recently my girlfriend has been wetting the bed - which I also sleep in with her. It happened again just last night and a few times this week. The bedroom gets really damp and smelly because Funny nip slips it and the bedsheets also. I wake up to the wet part just near my side of the bed.

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I've tried talking to her about but she's really embarrassed and feels ashamed - I've tied reassure her that it's okay but it's not working. Should I be worried? By the way my girlfriend is Share Facebook. Girlfriend wets the bed? Add Opinion. Wonderer89 2K opinions shared on Relationships topic. She should be seeing a doctor if this is a new occurance as loss of bladder control could be something more serious. It can be embarrassing but keep Chode penis picture her you just care and want to make sure she's ok.

Try and limit the frustration if you can You should also start taking precautions Drugged and fucked tumblr waterproof mattress protectors or brolly sheets. Boorene Xper 5. There's either something physically or mentally wrong with her, she should see a doctor before it gets worse. You went about it the right way though, it must be seriously embarrassing for her. I think you should tell her that you are worried about her and that you would like her to get checked out by a doctor to make sure she is okay.

She should see a doctor about it. Mother and daughter fuck with strap on cock keep being supportive, like you have been.

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And if you get a waterproof sheet, then cleanup will be a lot easier. All you or she will have to do is Married couples screwing quick wipe down and throw on clean sheets.

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It won't solve the real problem, but it will make the situation much less stressful for both of you. Jaye opinions shared on Relationships topic.

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Yea something is going on with her. Sounds like she's had some sort of trauma and is having nightmares or has a medical problem. She needs to talk to her doctor about it. Adults don't wet the bed. So, while I know she's embarrassed but you have to convince her to talk to her doctor. That's not Athame of the chosen one. DarthLadyKiller 61 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Xper 6.

That is really sad.

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It is great you are not judging her for it, that is wonderful, people do have issues and it can be embarrassing but it is up to her to do something about it. She needs to start wearing adult diapers to bed or put those sheets under. If she will do nothing about it, then she has got some hygiene issues you have to address. Silly question, but is she at least Huge cock futa tumblr pee before she goes to bed? Up Now! Related Questions.

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Latenight booty call All. Guys, what if your girlfriend wet the bed? I wet the bed while sleeping with my girlfriend, what do I do? I really need help with a partner who is a bed wetter?

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Peed my pants in front I love being a cuckold my girlfriend? Sort Girls First Guys First. Lopezz 96 opinions shared on Relationships topic. It isn't working, because you know thats a problem that's bothering you. I wouldn't be worried about the bed wetting per se, but her well being instead. Tiffany Xper 1. Well she might have had some type of trauma or she has a bladder problem.

Oh fem dom would suggest talking with her about going to see a urologist. SinatraF Xper 1.

Why does your girlfriend wet the bed?

I'm sure it's something medically wrong. I'm glad you're not totally bothered by it and you're not being a dick about it. Don't be worried.

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Prettygurl12 3. Is she experiencing a stress in her life?

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Did something traumatic or major happen recently in her life? Sometimes major life events or stresses can make someone revert to that time of their life. You should be worried as at 22 either she's scared of something or medically wrong to Girls stripped in streets be doing that.

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Uyouko Xper 4. I think she has some neurological problem and has not proper bladder control So check the urologist. Lumberman53 Guru. She might have a problem tell her to go get checked. Machiavelli Xper 6. See a doctor, something is wrong, so sorry about that. Wish you the best.

Kejda Xper 2. She Illustrated adult sex stories have some infection because it causes the blader Bleached blonde sluts malfunction. Sounds like incontinence. She should go to the doctor. OverCaffeinated93 Xper 4. Be worried.

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She needs to see a doctor. Janedoe25 51 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Xper 5. JustCallMeLeon Guru.

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Whats the history? I advise heading to a doctor. Regular1 Explorer. Make her wear adult diapers to bed. Ummm that doesn't sound great. AleDeEurope Master.

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If you watch either enough adult videos or enough romantic comedies, at some point you may end up with an unhealthy ideal of what a relationship should look like.


So, recently my girlfriend has been wetting the bed - which I also sleep in with her.


Sometimes, after a night out, you may have heard of someone wetting the bed or maybe you have first-hand experience with this.


So, recently my girlfriend has been wetting the bed - which I also sleep in with her.