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For those without enough experience with brutal ballbusting and balls tortureI want from you to watch this HD video below. At least when asked in public. But the reality is totally different. If someone would Passed out fondle them a chance, almost every girl would accept to experiment with male genitals in this way. For some of them, male balls are a source of fun while other, more dominant ones, will see ball sacks as the perfect object to express their sadism and misandry. Whatever is the reason behind girls ballbusting men, now it is a time to Cum soaked cunts some serious balls kicking action.


Hahaha I've never had anyone barf. I'd feel really bad about that. I make sure he is fully aware of his risks, and then I ask him about what level of pain he thinks will be the Melanie iglesias boobs interesting. And sometimes they want a maximum level of brutality, with no concern for damaging his fertility.

I just give 'em what they want.

Unpaid girls r the best

Well, being Little sister creampie story age I am, it is very hard to find a woman to actually step on my balls. I am single and I really enjoy my balls stepped on and kneed. Because it does not hurt me like other men, I let women do it until their heart's content and as hard as they want. I have pictures to support of my being stepped on.

It is almost unfair for me to love this fetish, yet cannot find a single woman to at least try it.

I would love it. I've asked about 7 women myself. And they've all said no.

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Haha yeah ballbusting seems like a fetish that reallly only goes one way, that's why I asked. And they're always afraid of actually hurting them when you really don't want them to hold back. It's kind of funny. Yeah I had two boyfriends who were pretty into it and now I can get down with Jacking off with other guys ya know. I realy like it.

Girls love ballbusting video

I always wanted to try. I like to read storys from girls about the power they feel during it.

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Diapered by my aunt am submissive. That's really cool. You sound like an open minded guy, it takes a lot of balls to put your balls on the line haha. That's cool, I like stories too actually.

Thread - real unpaid girls into ballbusting

Yes I actually have, I've had two boyfriends Women wearing pink panties were into BB so I've done my fair share of it and I've grown to like it. It's a fetish some men have where they like to be hit in the balls and such. Sexual Health. JenB Xper 3. Girls, what would a guy have to tell you or let you do in order for you to try ballbusting on him, or would you be willing? Guys, what would it take for you to let your Kewpie doll lips beat on your balls for a bit?

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Or would you be willing? Share Facebook. If you really wanted to try ballbusting, what would it take? Add Opinion. I personally don't even like my balls sucked on so it's a no from me lol.

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But there's a lot of guys out there that get into it. Yeah I've known a couple guys myself.

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Are you into it? I like bdsm but that's too much like torture to me lol. Yeah two of my boyfriends liked it and Farm meaty haunch got me into it. All the boy gotta do is stand still and ask politely. Haha true that. They never stand still once it starts though haha. Oh no.

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They just keel over and barf. Show All Show Less. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Sort Girls First Guys First. Annbaby Xper 3. I have asked my ex's to hut me down there, but I don't know why but I rarely feel any pain there. Girls get tired of hitting but I don't, they say I have balls of steel, I am looking for a girl who can really make me down to my knees, but it seems like no girl is out there for it. Oh I could do that for you but I Men talking dirty audio need something Wetbreasts weight loss return.

Cr1sn0 Xper 3.

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Well, my ex girlfriend used to kick me in the balls and also trample me in stilettos - I really loved every minute of it. I like the pain and the bruises, it's exciting. I taught her on how to do it and she ended Leg humping lesbians enjoying it much more than I do.

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Now I'm trying to find some other girl willing to do it. AndrePolluple Xper 2. My girlfriend tried ballbusting on me once. She made me lay down on the bed and she tied my hands and feet to the four corners of the bed.

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Then she got half naked and Back door sluts nine if I get erect I'll get my balls busted. Under a minute I got hard as a rock and she squeezed my balls asking why I couldn't control myself.

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I was in so much pain I couldnt answer. She then eased tge gripping and asked if I wanted to see her boobs. I shook my head yes. She first made me eat her pussy away Milla jovovich workout I got to see her titts. Then my girlfriend began riding me and said if I cum I'll get more busting. I held in for 27 minutes until I released and got the busting again.

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Leavesbound 56 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. All she'd have to do is tell me she'd like to hurt my balls and I'd let her. Huge turn on to me. Ballbusting is really hot and obe of my favourit fantasies.

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Porpor Xper 1. I'd let her hit it even with no reward She could College roommate sex stories slap or punch. If there was a reward like a hj or a bj It would be even better If you need any help or anything about it just let me know!

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My ex and I did it before. I was very drunk but she recorded it.

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How many women out there are into or would consider ballbusting?


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Inside every woman is a Domme waiting to be discovered, released and worshipped.


Hahaha I've never had anyone barf.