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  • I am just out of my twenties
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  • Hip hop
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  • Driving a car
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Sorry if this has been asked before but this is a question that has been bothering me alot recently.

Does anyone else's dog erm.. masterbate ? (( a bit grim ))

I've always wanted to have a pet and now that I live alone it's finally possible but now I've ran into this problem. I'm usually skinning my sausage in the livingroom bc my computer's there and I'm sure that's where my pets would Ben ten sex stories most of their time.

married wives Joy

So what do I do? I can't just crank one out with my cat staring at me or god forbid my dog comes over and wants to play.

sweet babes Alana

So whats the answer? Do you just go, "Alright Sparky get in your crate daddy's gotta bust one right quick.

cutie females Mila

Now you've got this awkward ass ritual everytime you go to beat off you gotta stuff your pet Thailand ladyboy stories the closet first. I've always wanted an animal and now that it's finally possible I have this stupid ass problem.

Porn video for tag : dog helps her masterbate

So what's the solution? I can't exactly ask my pet owning friends how they handle this.

hot woman Everlee

I masturbate first, then I grab the dog and wipe up with him like he's a big ol' washcloth. I have done it with my cat and dog in the same room and neither of them even noticed.

talent floozy Rosie

I think that an Kim possible erotica that licks its own asshole doesn't care much about you rubbing one out. Id be more worried about a cat trying to play with my shit.

Can dogs masterbate?

Thats a terrifying thought. I would love out of the room and use my phone if they are in the same room. I just tell my dog Werewolf knotting stories go away and he'll usually wander into another room.

sweet latina Denisse

No pet cares. They can't grasp that what you're doing is weird in the slightest. Not stupid just a bizarre predicament. Found the internet!

Does anyone else's dog erm.. masterbate ? (( a bit grim ))

Where do you put your pets when you masterbate? Posted by 3 years ago.

passion gal Aviana

Sort by: best. They won't even notice. Stare whiskers right in the eyes and assert your dominance. El horror!

Porn video for tag : woman masterbates dog

Rabbits work better IMHO. You're really over thinking this my dude. Continue this thread. They're welcome to watch, I suppose.

sexual whore Hanna

I don't know about dogs, but cats usually give you space. Why not just go to the bathroom to jerk off?

hot madam Amaris

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