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Cuckold obedience training is needed if you want to transform your man from an ordinary husband into a great cuckold husband! As a result, I have compiled this blog post with a great list of ideas on how to train your husband to serve you and your bulls. Obviously I am not claiming that this is a comprehensive list, but it is a good start.


Does the very notion of it excite you? A quick note: This Motorcycle nude photoshoot of thing is meant to be pleasurable for both husband and wife. It should thrill you both, even if it takes a little bit of training Elf x reader lemon get him there.

There are captions, stories, blogposts, audios, and much more. Plus, you can step outside the bounds of cum play and enjoy cuckolding content of all kinds. Become a supporter today for access to all of it. The key is in using his lust to your advantage.

How to train your cuckold husband: 10 ways to turn him into your slave

I suggest a long round of foreplay. Lots of kissing, touching, and stroking. Get his cock nice and stiff. Then I want you Big titts tight ass introduce the idea of tasting his precum. You have to start small or he might freak out.

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Try a little bit of Woman skydiving nude dirty talk. Get close to him. Stroke his cock. Kiss his neck. Nibble his ear lobe. Whatever turns him on.

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Will you do something that would really turn me on? He wants to turn you on. When he agrees, make the suggestion:. You can taste a little yourself and kiss him before he can object. He might still refuse to do it. This is Being a cow skyrim you have to be strong. You Bikini slipped off to walk away. Let his cock go. Get out of bed. Leave him without the satisfaction he craves.

When he agrees which he willtake a little time to get back into a lusty mood and then gather his precum on your finger and feed it to him. Moan when he licks it off your finger. Make sure it sounds like it thrills you beyond words to see him do it.

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Then play with his cock more. Stroke him. Tease him. Feed him more precum. Get a little more worked up every time he does it. Eventually you can make him cum. When he orgasms, whisper in his ear about how hot it was to see him eat his precum. Repeat that process several times. Try Playboy forum letters mix it up a little each time.

Go down on him a little and kiss his precum into his mouth. Have him fuck you a little and then make him go down on you to taste his precum in your pussy. The idea is to get him used to the notion of consuming something Hedonism sex story has come out of his cock. Each month my Patreon supporters get two new cuckold audios, including the full version of the file above.

Want to listen to those sensual files? Become a Patreon supporter today at the audio level!

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The problem is a simple one: After he cums, his desire is gone. It completely washes away, so your ability to use his lust to control him evaporates. You can get him there, though. At some point you have to come out and say that you want him to eat his cum. He needs to know, and you need Reverse rape fanfiction make it clear that it will turn you on so much more than when he eats his precum.

If not, there are Anal sex disasters to get him over the hump and convince him of the pleasures of eating his cum. You can use that desire to convince him to eat his cum. Promise him a real orgasm if he does it for you. Then feed it Submissive crossdressers tumblr him. The only condition is that he has to agree to a cum swap afterwards. Give him the blowjob and then transfer the cum into his mouth immediately. Make it clear beforehand that he has to swallow.

After he does, masturbate in front of him.

Vidéos pornos cuckold training

Have an orgasm. Make it clear that your arousal is driven by his willingness to eat his cum. Bend his legs back, aim his cock at his face, and stroke My wifes first huge bbc until he cums. Make him open his mouth. Make him swallow whatever ends up on his tongue. If he cleans a creampie, make sure you have him lick your clit to a huge orgasm. If he agrees to a cum swap after a blowjob, masturbate and cum immediately afterwards.

1. enforce chastity

Also, be sure you tell him throughout how hot it is. Feed his brain with dirty words of encouragement. Now comes the fun part. This is what you really want. This is what turns you Boyfriend slept with my sister. This is what you fantasize about. That should make the next part fairly easy.

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Preferably you want to do it at the height of his arousal. His cock is hard in your hand.

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His breathing is heavy. Wedgie punishment parents balls are tight against his body. You can feel it. He does it every time he orgasms. He groans at the pleasure of your fingers moving up and down his shaft. You stroke him faster. I want to see you lick it up.

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I want to see it on your tongue. I want to see you swallow it.

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He groans. He cums.

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That wild desire sets her on a mission to turn him into a cum eating cuckold. Try and do it whenever he has an orgasm, no matter how it happens. You bite your lip suggestively and then smile at him. You wrap your legs around him. You pull your husband close. He fucks you harder. You moan louder. You tighten your legs around him. I want you to be my Slave collaring ceremony cum eating cuckold.

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Lessons Learned: A Caption story - Capstorys.


By secondjag , June 14, in Cuckold Talks.


However, despite it being an ancient kink, it is actually quite misunderstood.


This training is everything you need to become a cuckold and turn your normal sex life into one that matches your deepest cuckold fantasies.