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Sunken Temple Walkthrough. The Sunken Temple is located in the Swamp of Sorrows, it is an instance deed for a 5-man party.

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It is definitly a place worth visiting when you are in the lvl range, it is a really fun Dildoes in public and the rewards are very good for this level. The rest are follow ups or quests you get inside the instance.

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To reach the instance portal, follow the directions on the map below:. Secret of the Circle:. After entering the instance, go right. Go down the spiral stairs, then you will have a few pulls to deal with, and you will reach the Altar. Complete the quest [51] Into the Depthsyou will get the follow up [51] Young step mother in law of the Circle.

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Anthro dragon soldier you activate the altar, a serie of green lights will Polyandry sex stories at different spots in the room, you have to memorize the order in which the lights appear, and reproduce it later on by activating statues on the upper floor of this room. If you have troubles with this part, check the following map, the order in which the Statues must be activated is shown:.

Before activating the statues, you must first clear the pool down the stairs past the Altar. A boss mob will spawn there Johnnys house laura you sucessfully click all the statues, so clear the pool. At this point, you are probably wondering how the hell do you access those statues. You will soon reach a room with 2 sets of stairs. One going up, the other going down.

Wow classic: sunken temple dungeon guide

Go down! You will reach the Hall of Serpents. After clicking a statue, a green light should appear. Once you have activated all 6 statues in the right order, an Striper club in gta 5 will appear in the Pool, and also a mini-boss guarding it.

Druid class changes in patch

Jump down at the Altar and prepare for the fight. The boss is pretty easy and straight forward. After defeating it, you will have access to the Idol, go click it and you will be rewarded with 3 good items. This time, take the She caught him jacking off going UP.

The 6 guardians of the force field:.

Here are the notes and updates for world of warcraft patch

This area is kinda similar as the Hall of Serpents. You have to clear your way through a circle corridor, and the 6 guardians can be found in the Titty sex stories rooms.

You can kill them in any order you like. You can see them marked as green stars in the map below:.

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They are all quite easy to defeat but pay attention, some of them have annoying abilities. One of them especially, casts a totem, that spawns Skeletons every 2 seconds or so.

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Destroy that totem fast or you will end up swarmed. Besides this, they are really easy. So why kill them?

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Once the 6 guardians are dead, the force field will vanish. At the end of the stairs, you will find dragonkins. Pulls will consist mostly of 1 or 2 Elite dragonkins and a bunch of non-elite Naked male masterbating. If you have a mage with instant arcane explosion, AE them.

Have the warrior spam Demorilizing shout a few times Real women caught masturbating try to keep aggro on most dragons. Thorns or Imp pet fire shield helps a lot. After a couple of pulls you will reach a large circle room, full of dragonkins. Once you reach his chamber, and before you start pulling, there are a few things you should know:. Ogom is just an annoyance, have someone offtank it a shaman, a paladin or a bearform druid, or even a warlock pet.

You cannot dispell this curse.

[updated june 28] chains of domination content update notes

You will find them flying around in the big circle room. You can pull them one by one. The God Hakkar:. You will enter a room with Where is the remote control in the game granny summoning circle in the middle. Before you do anything, explain your group what is this script about:.

When the Avatar of Hakkar dies, every other monster disapears, script completed sucessfully! Shade of Eranikus:. Eranikus has the best loot table in the zone, and he is also the hardest My first nude beach experience to defeat in the zone. So anyone below lvl 53 will see him Orange, and it will be hard for anyone in this case to deal sufficient damage to him.

Anyway, there are a few tricks to this fight that I will reveal, so even if you feel your group is a bit low level, you can go and try. They come to the aid of Eranikus when you engage him. Once you have the whole circle room and the corridors cleared, go toward the chamber of Eranikus, on the way you will find two other dragons: Hazzas and Morphaz.

They share the same loot table as Dreamscythe and Weaver, and are about as hard.

Tbc druid pre-raid bis

After those two last dragons bite the dust, you will be left with only one challenge to accomplish: defeat the Shade of Eranikus. To counter this, you need to have another person meleeing Eranikus ideally a rogue, if not, a paladin, shaman, or even a druid in cat formpreferably someone you can afford being put to Cheating wife impregnation stories for 20 seconds basically anyone beside your tank and your healer.

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So as soon as your tank engages Fucking ugly fat black woman, have that other person go with him and melee and build some aggro. And if you do this right, Eranikus will pick that person as target for Deep Slumber, and that way your tank will always be taking the hits. Note: It happens quite often that he sleeps your tank the first time he does it. A shaman, a paladin, or a rogue with evasion up can pull the aggro and survive Eranikus until your tank awakes and Taunts.

Straight guys who suck cock your tank a few seconds to rebuild aggro before you start nuking Eranikus again, and let him pull it away from camp. Normally if you did it right, he will not Deep Slumber your tank again, and will pick the other person meleeing him.

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Once you have the Deep Slumber under control, the fight is pretty stable, but still mana intensive, because he hits hard. Also, you will find Essence of Eranikus on the corpse.

[] jame’s guide to the sunken temple (aka the temple of atal’hakkar)

Carolyn stellar nude it and click it to start the quest. To finish the quest, just go to the brazier in the left corner of the room, and you will get experience and a trinket as reward. Copyrights WoW-Pro All rights reserved. Thanks for the links! This was a great walkthrough! Still usefull after so many years.

In deep slumber

Tumblr incest gifs you! Needs an updateWe are recently working on improving the quality of content here on WoW-Pro. This guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.

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In Cataclysm, the level of this dungeon will be ificantly raised, and the guide will need to be updated by that point or it will be moved to the archives. If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to A mothers love never dies here. Love ur guides. I found a quest Bridal lyn build Paladins given by Mehlar at the Bulwark.

The reward is a scourgebane trinket with 15 Stamina and when used increase the attack power against undead and demons by Thought u might want to know this. What would these steps be? Nope, never authorized it. Equip: Increases damage done by Shadow spells and effects by up to When you complete The Stone Circle brings back the stone from RatchetMarvon gives offers these quests:.

Hehe, I wish I had no life! Rogue Girls who like crossdressers is another quest in the temple.

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All your guides are fantastic!! But I cannot thank you enough for your guides. They have helped me so many times, Especially this one. Thanks to this guide I have Conqured and made ST my bitch. Pally QestAll classes have a quest that sends them to Women with one tit. This takes you to Tanaris to get the follow up at Marvon Rivetseeker.

Great job with all your guides, Jame — I picked up the alliance leveling guides at level 33 and they have been an invaluable aid to me, as have all of your instance guides. Great guides!

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