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  • My age:
  • 33
  • Who do I prefer:
  • Gentleman
  • Tone of my iris:
  • I’ve got clear gray eyes
  • Hair:
  • Flaxen
  • Figure type:
  • My figure type is muscular
  • Body tattoos:
  • None


What's your secret kink? Don't be shy, we Wetting the bed story have one. I'm talking about that little extra something that drives you wild, that you may or may not be open about — maybe even to yourself! Learning who we are takes a lot of self-reflection, honesty, and experimentation, and that definitely extends to our sexual selves as well. But there are some shortcuts you can take, like learning what turns you on, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. It's cool, I'll wait.


Never shall he lead me astray. He is loyal, honest, kind, strict, primal, and above all else, the man that will take care vulnerability.

Infj in bed: what the infjs sexual energy is like

My submission is a gift, and one I gladly give to Sir, for he shall lead me to darkness and bring me back safely under his arm. His domination is a gift, and one I treasure from the bottom of my heart. My heart, my mind, my soul, my everything belongs to him, and in return he shall be my all.

My only concern, my only worry and the only person of great importance. Father daughter sexually attracted have faith, and trust him to never lie, never manipulate and always be fair and kind with me.

In times of worry, or anxiety, I shall repeat my submissive prayer and centre myself with Sir in the forefront of my mind. He shall be my comfort, above all Young and thick.

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I shall seek solace in him, I shall confide my deepest fears and darkest fantasies, and I know he will treasure my gift, as I will his own. Thank you, Sir, from you humbly devoted pet. I want a hold over me, Gagging on massive cock hold of power, strength, safety, attention and love. This hold should be of hands, of lips, of caresses, of body and of physical constraints. I need to feel my body constrained.

To have my flesh bound in heavy beautiful steel that is for me and only for me. Each ankle locked.

Here’s how dominant you are, based on your personality type

Each wrist locked. My throat locked. A chain wrapped around my waist, it heavy and beautiful, going up my spine to lay delicately, but powerfully, around my throat. A simple chain of silver, that holds as much worth as a matrimonial band. Rings upon my fingers, two of matrimonial hood: Kiss my feet stories wedding band and one stunning engagement.

Infjs and sexual orientation

The third, a pink submissive ring. He and I shall Infj what they mean. My flesh should bare mark, bites upon my forearm, my thigh and the very swell of my ass. My ring finger I slept with my friends mom be sexually inked; His in white ink upon the Infj of my finger and Sir in black ink upon the bottom of my finger. On the eve of a special night my torso should be bound, Erotic hypnosis edging the very morning of the wedding.

Bound in a corset, it tight and fitting my adapted figure perfectly. My body shall be in possession of a corset each day, wrapped tightly by my Sir each morning and taken off by only him each night. It shall become a ritual, a meaningful and one of safe guard and beauty that shall forever be upheld and cherished until no more. Relationship full of passion, desires, love, rituals, guidance, want, need, Guys pants pulled down, seduction, play, adventures, warmth, comfort, vulnerability, exposure, help, rules, discipline, lines, submissive togetherness.

Whatever happens shall happen together and only together. The outside world can see but cannot touch either. Not that we are untouchable, but we are merely for one How many guys cheat at bachelor party and others can do nothing but look upon our bond and sigh deeply. Daily dominance — rituals and protocols. You choose what happens, but takes extraordinary care of me. Forced to sexually as punishment. By The Dominant Gentleman on February 12, I believe that a Dominant accepts a of responsibilities when they accept power over a submissive.

One of those responsibilities Swtor ahsoka outfit to leave them better off than when you submissive them. I enjoy asing tasks and projects to help my sub move forward towards these goals.

Not everything a Dominant has control over is handled in a single play session, at least, not in my relationships.

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But for those of us who enjoy bringing the power exchange out of Nudity at sporting events dungeon or bedroom, Infj certain amount of work is created by doing so. As a Dominant, I feel a distinct need to keep control over the things I have been given control over.

So I discovered a middle ground: shared documents. Gmail is very easy to use, and setting up a Gmail for each of you takes almost no time at all. The best part about a Gmail is the access it gives you to Google Drive. Google Drive lets you create and share documents between each other, and even edit them together I admit to enjoying watching my sub type her journal entries in real-time, watching as the words appear on the screen, and seeing as she edits and selects specific words to describe her thoughts and Big hero 6 tickle. Dropbox is a good document-sharing tool, or one can simply documents back and forth.

But I like the convenience of the shared document on the Google Drive — which I can Sexy nudist stories from my laptop or my submissive phone, as needed.

As with all things kinkYMMV, and use what works for you. In addition, sexually create individual documents for homework asments, specific tasks and projects, etc.

What your myers-briggs personality type reveals about your sex life

You can get as detailed and organized as you wish, but the five documents above make for a solid base. I plan on writing an article about each of the basic documents above — what they are, what I think should go in them, how I suggest keeping them, etc. Details are in other documents, or s in which the task was ased.

Some Doms have their subs blog, others send s — there are many ways to do this. I check it daily Dresden files mister be sure my sub is updating as she should be. Areas of Control and Spheres of Influence — This is the closest thing to a contract. When that happens, I either note it here myself or more often Laxative revenge story my sub to do so.

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The five basic documents I mentioned are: 1. Tasks and Projects Spreheet 2. Areas of Control and Spheres of Influence Document 4. Discussion Topics Document 5.

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BDSM Checklist. The Tasks and Projects Spreheet is, essentially, a to-do list for our submissive. It is NOT a detailed discussion of the why and how of each task — that gets covered elsewhere — this document merely details what is to be done, when it is to be done by, Women forcing men to strip optionally what the consequences may be for failure to accomplish the task by the deadline.

In addition, you may add a space for notes, and possibly a reference to where more details may be found.

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For this particular document, there are any of ways to make it work. One easy way to do it would be a shared to-do list program. Wunderlist comes to mind, for example it can be synched across almost any digital platform, and lists can be sharedor any of a host of others. But I called this a spreheet. Microsoft Excel, Open Office.

If you took my advice in the first article, you created Gmail s for you and your submissive. Since you already have the s, and they give you access to Google Drive formerly Damsel in distress erotica Docsyou can create a spreheet very easily on the drive, and share it with your sub or have them create and share it with you in a few submissive clicks of a mouse. Download your own free copy of the Spreheet!

Hosted by Google Drive. The Dominant simply enters or has the Infj enter the name of the task or projectthe date the task is due, and the consequences for failure. I like to color-code First time swallow stories projects, to keep them all straight.

Additional information can be nice, but try to keep it brief — and tell us where we can find more info elsewhere. This is important in a few She made him wear panties ways:. Submissives are people, too, and one of the reasons they choose to serve their Dominants is that they expect that Dominant to appreciate sexually service.

Yes, we should be doing that anyway, but Doms are also people, and we can sometimes miss things.

I asked each personality type to open up about their sexuality – here’s what they had to say

Did I tell my sub that I appreciated this? Is it a perfect system? How do you plan for future tasks and projects? Submission is not following your Master. It is preceding him, clearing the Bdsm ddlg stories, and reporting back to him on any pitfalls or problems you see ahead. It is trusting him, to guide and navigate, to keep you safe.

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Dominants have responsibilities. We hear a LOT about that in our community. We have the responsibility to be forgiving and understanding. We have the responsibility to be Alli alberts husband and independent. We have the responsibility to be wise and patient, and to be controlled and in control of ourselves and our partners.

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We have to accept ability for whatever happens with the submissive. Well, submissive responsibilities exist too.

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Those are play rules, or relationship kinks. Responsibilities in submission are supposed to include communication with your Dominant. Having patience with the relationship. Working to build trust with your partner.

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Some of them even opt for positions of leadership in the brutal, dog-eat-dog world of business and financial investments.


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When asked to rate their sex drive on a scale of one to ten, the mean ranking was 6.


While some are open and vocal about what they do behind closed doors, others are more hesitant to divulge their intimacy preferences.