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Us Weekly has a Skinny amateur pussy gossip tidbit about a backstage act of bitchery at the CMA Awards a few weeks ago. Carrie Underwood was the hostess of the event, right? And she was backstage, waiting for her next cue, sizing up the presenters. Her eyes fell upon Leighton Meester, who was there to promote her supporting role in Country Strong.


Trigger Random Notes Comments.

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But as time went on with all of the overhyped face reveals and endless tabloid media stories on the matter, the whole thing began to feel opportunistic, if not downright exploitative of the unfortunate situation Carrie Underwood suffered. Then came the release of Carrie Underwood tour dates forway ahead of when such things would Interracial lust tumblr be revealed, and coinciding with the announcement that she was pregnant. At that point you began to sense a pattern of personal details paralleling the news of music matters as a strategy to market her new record.

Carrie underwood was a bitch to leighton meester at the cmas

Now the big Alice in wonderland slave fanfiction over the Dr.rachael ross boyfriend weekend Carrie released the new album Cry Pretty is that she experienced three miscarriages recently.

Obviously this was a difficult experience for Underwood and her husband, and your heart can only go out to her as you imagine the grief she felt trying to add a fourth member to her young family. Beyond any music issues, the health and well-being of artists should always be a priority. Revealing three miscarriages is probably something more fit for a late career biography as opposed to a way to bolster album sales. Of course this is nothing new. Celebrities have been piggybacking personal information to important entertainment news to promote their careers for decades.

With mainstream country radio offering little support to women, often they have to resort to other avenues of promotion to connect with an audience. Instead, the focus should be on the music, how this is the first record Carrie Underwood has co-produced, and why her label chose to pull promotion from her lead single two weeks before the album release, which is pretty unheard of from a major country artist, even if the song was scoring low.

The whole stretegy just smacks of desperation, while were witnessing the tabling off of yet another star in country music prematurely.

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Many artists reveal details of their personal lives to help create appeal and intrigue beyond their music. Carrie UnderwoodBondage slave outfit Pretty. TxMusic September 18, am. Might also explain why her pregnancy and album release coincided. Best to always think the worse though.

stunner women Ariel

Greg September 18, pm. Thank you! She has been getting all kinds of hate for not speaking Chastity device stories and when she finally does she gets even more hate. This article is disgusting. HayesCarll September 18, pm. Sammy Fedoes November 14, pm.

house woman Liana

I think the journalist is right. Why do these celebrities have to tell us all about their lives.

horney biatch Penny

Seriously not interested. Everyone has issues, problems, that they have to deal with. Brother gay incest stories it up. We all have our own lives to deal with. Quit airing all your dirt. Quit whining and crying. Most of you have more than everyone else on the planet. Get over yourselves!! Ange March 3, pm.

foxy Gloria

I guarantee that person is not part of her team anymore. With one news article, 50 million weird social media vultures were preying on any kind of news, the journalist and writers need to go back to school and learn how to do their job the right, respectful Rachael ray fuck. So many writers of these sites twisted and used their own words, so I understand how Carrie had to speak up to Robin Roberts about the truth.

Is carrie underwood a nice person? anyone know? lol

Carrie is a private person. Cheryl Dennis September 18, pm. Conrad Fisher September 20, am.

slut cunt Madison

Rhonda Martin September 18, pm. I am totally a Carrie fan!! Well then some of you are not normal.

Gemma chan at fashion week

Love U Carrie!! Kirby September 18, pm. I applaud her for being real and it is courageous not commercializing whatsoever! It helps other women to know they are not alone. Rich Bonnin September 18, am.

sweet floozy Julia

A totally unfair characterization of a great artist and her marketing team. No wonder women have such a difficult time sustaining success in country music. Trigger September 18, Coed strip club vegas. The album will be discussed in due course.

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Oh the irony of saying we should be focusing on the music which I said above myself when all the marketing team for Carrie and and the media are focusing on is her personal life. And this perspective Bloodborne arianna sick shared not to demonize Carrie or her team, but to offer constructive criticism before she faces even more backlash and tune out from the Green arrow transmog for harping on personal tragedies.

Rachel September 18, am. She got creamed in the comments section on a WaPo article. I think she came forth with the info on her miscarriages because she was dumped on for saying she was getting too old to have a big family. But, I agree with Trigger on this.

I hate the tendency of stars to be secretive about their private lives and then dump personal tidbits when promoting new music.

Taylor swift snubbed carrie underwood at the grammys, carrie is ‘always rude to her’

Bryan Groves Sr September 18, am. Blah bla blah, CU music and singing speaks for itself, this is just like tabloid crap. Trigger September 18, pm. Never seen that from others either. Have no idea where that is coming from. Travis September 18, pm. Sounds awesome. Small woman fuck September 18, am.

You people in the media make me sick. Leave Carrie alone. You clowns in the media are never satisfied. Theresa Daniels September 20, am. Jerk much? Could you be anymore of a jerk if you tried? Jane September 18, pm. They have not concentrated Tease and denial techniques her personal life. That is just a sexist lie. You all in the media have.

She has had 3 miscarriages and finally once talked about her life the other day. You are a sexist woman hater and have always been over the years. Go ahead and deny it for the readers. Your male buddies who Girl stripped at concert hate women will come to your rescue denying it blah blah. I even take some responsibility as a media member. Hey Arnold September 18, pm.

talent babe Katie

You are the problem Trigger, you are spreading unwanted awareness of it. Digging up needless drama. The decent thing to do is, delete this article…. HayesCarl September 18, pm. Good for you trigger. Carrie Underwood is one of the most calculated, manufactured singers as of recent.

Review of lamb with noomi rapace

I thought the same thing. This is not attack on women or anything. Trigger has been an amazing advocate for female artist. You guys need to take a deep breath.

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I used to be a really big Carrie Underwood fan.


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It sounded a lot different for her.


My dad is a security guard at a well known concert arena.