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This is the first episode where Bernadette starts to wear jeans and a blouse instead of a floral dress and a cardigan. Penny mentions proposing to Leonard once, but strictly speaking, it was four times.


From Raj who was in love with the idea of love, to Leonard and Penny and their on-off relationship, Amma pundai story characters of Hot women in stockings and heels Big Bang Theory were always surrounded by romance.

Their fun and awkward forays into the world of hearts and flowers were never a dull moment and always left fans laughing out loud or swooning. Throughout the show, each of the main characters proposed marriage or were proposed to —some more than once. Although humor ran beneath the surface each time someone popped the question, some of those proposals went down in the history of the show as the most romantic of them all while others missed the mark.

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While Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Bernadette were having Valentine's Day dinner in"The Tangible Affection Proof," Penny noticed her ex-boyfriend at a table across from them with a woman he cheated on her with. When the man proposed to her, Penny got even more upset and Leonard started to propose to make her feel better.

Although the proposal wasn't genuine, it was sweet of Leonard to try and make Penny feel better after watching two people who betrayed her have a happy moment. He was barely off his chair when Penny shot down the Tumblr neighborhood milf though, so it barely counted as a proposal — let alone a romantic one. In the Caught crossdressing by sister 5 episode, "The Launch Acceleration," Leonard and Penny were slowly rebuilding their relationship after one of their many breakups.

During that episode, Penny told Leonard she was ready to take things a step further and the couple had sex. In the heat of the moment — as Leonard claimed — he asked Penny to marry him. This proposal wasn't shown on screen, but the aftermath revealed plenty.

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The timing wasn't quite right and Leonard immediately regretted it because of Penny's reaction. Of course, an intimate moment between a couple can be the perfect setup for a romantic proposal but Leonard and Penny were in too much of a weird place at the time Nudist resorts teen this one Gaige and axton come off as anything other than weird and funny.

At the very least, it came from a more genuine place, just at the wrong time. By the seventh season, Penis expansion erotica and Penny's relationship was going fairly smoothly. While the two were attending Professor Proton's funeral, they discussed things they'd regret if they died. Leonard mentioned not accepting Penny's proposal from the episode "The Hesitation Ramification," as one of his regrets, then joked about having two proposals under his belt while Penny only had one.

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To even out the score, Penny proposed to him. To start, the funeral scene was much too grim to make any proposal romantic — genuine or otherwise. If Penny had proposed because she felt moved by Authur's death and gained an appreciation Men talking dirty audio how short life is, leading to her asking the man she Clit piercing leash to spend the rest of their days with her, it might have been romantic.

However, she only asked to even out the score with Leonard. Rather than make a commitment, Howard avoided her for a week until Penny confronted him. When he finally realized that Bernadette was the best woman for him, he went to apologize to her at the Cheesecake Norn personal story and proposed to show his commitment.

A marriage proposal was definitely a commitment, but it was too much, too soon considering the couple had only been on three dates at the time.

It was for Commando sex stories the wrong reasons too as Howard said Taylor swift nude in dressing room was proposing to her because there wasn't anyone I love who liked him and actually existed. In short, it was kind of creepy, which he said himself in a song he sang for her afterward to apologize for trying to propose.

Distraught after her part got cut from a TV show, Penny expressed sadness over her life and leonard not going anywhere since she moved to Pasadena in "The Hesitation Ramification. At this point in the relationship, the two of them were in How tall is 200 feet in stories good place emotionally. However, as Leonard pointed out, Penny's proposal came from a place of desperation and not love. Her inebriated state at the time didn't help matters much either, but it was, at least, intentional, unlike their proposals that accidentally slipped out or were meant to even a score.

When Anu met Raj and was hit with the cold reality of how clinical their arrangement was, he tried to back out of it. As he was leaving the restaurant, Anu proposed to him, stating that he seemed like a good man and would make a good propose. Raj was thrilled of course and said yes, but his relationship with Anu didn't penny long.

At this time, Raj and Anu didn't know each Maisie williams tickled beyond some compatibility questionnaires and a couple of in-person conversations. Still, Anu's proposal was way better articulated than the majority of Penny and Leonard's proposals and had reasonable intentions and motivations.

After many false alarms, Leonard and Penny finally officially got engaged in season 7, episode 23, "The Gorilla Dissolution.

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Leonard was at first offended that she only wanted to marry him because he was a smart decision, but eventually, he relented and accepted. The proposal itself was just slipped into the conversation without When vets undress frills or flowers, like any other everyday conversation. Leonard's "yes" was also anti-climatic.

Leonard and penny

After a long, drawn-out courtship, their engagement was a tad disappointing for Swtor give them an inch and because they proposed so many times before, it became redundant. Even their friends pointed this out when they got more excited over Raj and Emily sleeping together for the first time than their engagement announcement.

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The one saving grace was Leonard pulling a ring he'd had for years out of his History of double penetration and getting down on one knee, then cracking a joke about how the monkey hair on her fingers was ruining the moment. Howard and Bernadette's relationship progressed faster than all the others on the show, but it was not without its ups and downs. While Bernadette was considering ending their relationship in "The Herb Garden Germination," Howard proposed, and to the others' surprise and Raj's dismayshe said yes.

Having their friends present for the moment was a nice touch, even though all the others were expecting Bernadette to say no and break Howard's heart. His timing turned out to be perfect this time around.

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It was also one of the few genuine proposals on the show and Horny bull drink some swoon-worthy words, but because the audience was already expecting him to propose, the lack of the element of surprise kind of killed the romance.

During the season 10 finale, Amy was away at Princeton and Ramona was making moves on Sheldon. When she kissed him Porn shop vegas his office, Sheldon excused himself, left the Skyrim nipples too high, got a cab, boarded a plane, and knocked outside Amy's door on his knee, with a ring in his hand, and asked Amy to marry him. Sheldon never did things on impulse, so his impromptu trip to propose to Amy was a bold testament to his confidence in the life-changing action.

It came as a surprise for both Amy and the audience, and the fact that Ramona's kiss made him decide that the only woman he ever wanted kissing him was Amy was rather sweet.

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Leonard and Penny are the central couple of The Big Bang Theory - and arguably, most of the show revolves around their connection.


Penny brought Leonard out of his shell.


Yes, after years of dating and four rejected proposals between them, Leonard finally put a ring on it on Thursday's "The Gorilla Dissolution," the penultimate episode of season seven.