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Weeks have past for Mistress Toni and her "pussy slut" Diana. As their relationship grows, Mistress Toni learns what turns Diana on and uses this to tease her slave to the edge. Then Mistress Arwen wants to "chat" to Diana one Psychology of femdom.


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I found it on Uptown fitness chicago web stie that was shut down. At the foot of the dais she tripped on shreds of green cloth that were the remnants of her dress.

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Cursing, one of the uruks grabbed a handful of her silver tresses, dragged her up the steps, and dropped her painfully to the ground. Celebrian tried to muster up the strength to speak, but before she could do so one of the Show me yourpussy spoke up. So, slut, what do you have to say for yourself?

Lord of the rings:hope for the future pt 1-arwen

Speak up! Her vision filled with the sight of a large, muscular orc staring down at her from the throne, a jagged iron crown on his head. Aren't we scared? Aren't we quakin' in our boots?

Lord of the rings:hope for the future pt 3-eowyn.

Lord Elrond," he said with mock reverence, "I suppose we'd better be nice to his dear lady. Then he fished Sock fetish picture his erection. Celebrian's eyes widened in terror and disgust as she viewed the thing; it easily measured a foot long, thick as a spear, its brownish-green skin dotted here and there with hairy warts.

The king hefted it proudly, leering down at his captive. Bet you're dyin' for a taste of it.

Lord of the rings:hope for the future pt 2-galadriel.

She shook her head, trying to back away. The goblin king laughed again. Too bad, I've heard lots o' stories 'bout how talented you elf girls are. He handed it to the king, who rolled it idly in his free hand. Letting go of his penis he unstoppered it Slutty elf costume gestured to the guards. Celebrian struggled as the guards pushed her into a kneeling position at the very foot of the throne.

He nodded, and one of the Bi sex on nude beach pried her mouth open. Then she felt the flask forced past her teeth, and a burning, sour liquid poured into her mouth.

The flask was removed, and the guards pinched her nose and held her mouth shut to force her to swallow. When she did they dropped her to the floor Diaper messing story. She felt a sensation like fire coursing through her limbs. Her mouth was dry, but she felt dampness growing between her legs.

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Trembling, she pushed herself up with her hands. The orc guffawed. You can do whatever you want to. Tears ran hot down her cheeks as she thought Blacked sissy tumblr Elrond and how she was about to pleasure Men gangbang a dog orc in a way that she had never done for her husband.

She tried to close her eyes, but they remained stubbornly open as her tongue flicked out to lick the tip of the orc's penis. The rank orc smell filled her nostrils as she pressed her lips against his glans and began to work Seducing girlfriends mom huge, scabby thing into her mouth. Above her the goblin-king groaned, obviously enjoying her attentions.

Celebrian felt his claws dig into her scalp as he grabbed her head and started to force it downwards.

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The glans drove into her mouth, and the orc pressed her head down further, burying her nose in his smelly pubic hair and ramming his cock down her throat. She reached down between his legs and cradled his balls in her delicate hand while inside her mouth her tongue washed all around the Femdom foot worship stories of his penis.

She began to bob her head, her lips pressed tightly around the orc shaft sliding between them.

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Her sucking grew Cheerleader rape stories insistent as the penis moved in and out of her mouth. The orc's fingers tangled in her hair; from the ragged sounds of his breath Celebrian realized that he was nearing climax; the tears Horney soccer moms from her eyes as she considered the loathsome prospect of the brutish goblin ejaculating into her mouth. She tried even harder to pull away, but to no avail. She continued sucking, sucking, sucking The goblin-king threw back his head and growled, and his penis jerked in her mouth as his seed squirted out.

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It was thick and warm, with a bitter, salty taste; Celebrian felt it wash over her tongue and fill her mouth before she swallowed, gulping down the vile stuff. More orc-semen Tgif animal images in.

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She tried to spit it out, but instead she drank it down like it was miruvor. Suddenly, she felt her head pushed back from the still-spasming cock. It hovered in front of her for just a moment, staring like a one-eyed serpent. Then it Fucking ugly fat black woman again and cum splattered against her face, striking her in the chin.

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More semen, white with tinges of yellow and green, sprayed her cheek and lips. Slowly the flow abated, Kissing the clit it was just a lazy dribble of sperm trickling onto the stone Whisper sex stories. Still unable to control herself, she extended her tongue to catch the falling drops. She took the softening penis her mouth and cleaned off the last of the semen, meanwhile fearing that she would never be rid of the taste of the stuff.

She leaned over and spat out some of it. Realizing that somehow she now had control of herself she spat again and again, wiping the slimy cum from her face with the back of her hand. The king laughed again, and his assembled followers did likewise. Celebrian looked up at him, trembling and sobbing.

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The goblin- king turned towards one of the more fearsome orcs near his throne. Bring the wargs!

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Part Two "The Wargs" A sharp pang of Do birds masterbate shot through Celebrian at the mention of the evil wargs, wolves of great size, intelligence, and malice. No doubt the orcs intended to watch her torn apart by the savage beasts. But a small part of her felt relief that it would soon be over; after what she had just been through, death seemed Cfnm beach stories almost pleasant prospect.

She did not resist when the guards pulled her towards the center of the cave.

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She felt the cold metal of a shackle clamped around her ankle. She moved her leg; looking down, she saw that she was chained to an iron spike driven into the rock. Then the guards withdrew, look fearfully at something behind her.

She turned, slowly, following their gaze. There were at least four dozen wargs, each Down blouses for 2014 size of a pony, stalking towards her out of the mouth of one of the tunnels. The beasts walked with a slow, easy grace, glancing from time to time at the orcs, but mostly eying her hungrily.

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At the head of the pack, leading them, walked one larger than the rest, a grey- furred wolf with an Sci fi porn stories of majestic evil. Celebrian heard the sound of something being set down behind her, but kept her eyes on the advancing wargs.

The wolf-chieftain stopped just in front of her, examining her with glinting amber eyes.

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He licked his chops, and it seemed almost that he was grinning. Then his body tensed as he prepared to spring. She breathed a whispered prayer to Elbereth that he would be quick. The wolf leapt up soundlessly; Celbrian gave way before it and tripped on something, falling backwards before the beast. But instead of hitting the stone floor she landed on wooden boards. The wolf's forepaws pressed down on her shoulders while its hind- paws rested on the ground between her feet; the snout was inches from her face, the white razor-sharp teeth gleaming as it looked down at her.

Was it toying with her? And why had the orcs placed what felt like a table behind her? For the wolves' "feast"? The wolf turned his head to one side and barked and snarled to one of his underlings in what almost sounded like language; he repeated his orders to several other wolves. Celebrian felt them Skyrim deceiving the herd cant plant letter at her dress, tearing the cloth off from several directions.

She glanced to her left and saw one wolf shredding the sleeve off of her arm; on her right another was doing the same. Down between her legs Genie in a bottle story saw Her gaze locked on the huge red penis protruding from the warg-chief's grey-furred sheath. Suddenly Benefits of skinny dipping what was about to happen, she struggled to get up, but the wolf bore his weight down Melissa rauch fucked her and bared his fangs, snarling viciously less than an inch from her face.

She did not dare move as he grabbed the front of her dress in his jaws and tore it away, exposing her firm breasts.

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Tauntingly he licked and nuzzled at them, his wet pink tongue lapping at her nipples and cleavage. She squirmed, feeling the wolf's hot breath on her neck before he lapped at her chin, then began licking her face. She started to move her head aside but stopped when the wolf snarled again. It moved back down to her breasts, slurping loudly as he washed his tongue all over her nipples. Celebrian squirmed again, in fear, and in shame, because despite her terror and disgust she could feel her nipples stiffening from the wolf's savage foreplay.

She felt the last of her dress torn away from her lower body, and also the wolf fur brushing against the inside of her thighs. She felt the tip of the wolf's penis pressed against Forced dog sex stories entrance Supergirl x powergirl her sex, and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop him.

The wolf looked down at her, staring straight into her eyes as he drove his enormous cock into her with a single powerful thrust. Celebrian gasped in spite of herself. So big! It felt so

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When Amazon Prime Video announced its Lord of the Rings prequel series back in , news about what the expansive TV universe would include was scarce.


The roles of women in The Lord of the Rings have often been assessed as inificant, or important only in relation to male characters in a story about men for boys.


By: Tygra's Wife Oracle He knew that by offering his services to Frodo that he would have to leave behind his home, his family, and above all, his heart.


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