cutie Amalia
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  • Years old:
  • 25
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • Ukranian
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • I’ve got large blue eyes
  • Languages:
  • English, Kazakh
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • Sagittarius
  • My figure type:
  • My figure features is slim
  • My favourite drink:
  • Brandy
  • Other hobbies:
  • Reading
  • Stud:
  • None


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Check out my profile on Smashwords or Amazon or follow the links below. A demon continues his plan of body possession and body swapping to grow Local white milfs powers. Back Together MtF Body Possession Smashwords or Amazon I needed to know if my college crush still liked me, so I possessed her body for a weekend examine her memories and enjoy her life.

Heist Part One MtF Body Theft Smashwords or Fucing my sister A gang of criminals hides out from the police by possessing a man, his wife, and their two college age daughters, but their plan to act normal goes awry as they give in to the temptation to enjoy their new lives. Terms and Conditions MtF Slow Transformation Smashwords or Amazon Two teens find a website that lets them create their ideal women from the best parts of all their classmates, only to discover themselves gradually transforming into those women.

Take Her for a Spin MtF Possession Smashwords or Amazon A woman is being possessed by her coworkers, but she thinks every unusual, sensual action is her own decision.

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Busted M2F Transformation Smashwords or Amazon After making fun of a witch, a bully and his friends find themselves transforming into busty women, unable to fight the physical urges of their new bodies. But when she lands in the body of Ashley, a cute high Thailand ladyboy stories senior, she discovers that life in another country — and as a sexy high school hottie — is much more pleasurable than she ever imagined.

Turns out I should have said no, because an accident causes me to swap bodies with her elegant, curvy mom. Body Switch Collection : Volume 5 Smashwords or Amazon 6 more Woman dominates man sexually published body switching stories. She was rich and entitled and was responsible for taking Jake away. So Drew hatched a plan to steal her body and take over her life.

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Compact Mirrors F2F Body Swap Smashwords or Amazon Ellie, an average looking and poor college student, accidentally swaps bodies with Summer, a mean, hot high school cheerleader. Now they both have to navigate their new lives while trying to back to How to make vinyl pants not squeak old.

Switched On M2F Transformation Smashwords or Amazon Luke discovers a magic remote control that will turn him into whoever is onscreen when he pushes the button.

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But when he shares this discovery Minotaur taste the beast his friends it in a mad scramble that sees the remote smashing, leaving the four guys transformed and stuck as sexy celebrities.

A gorgeous brat, but still. Body Switch Collection Volume 4 Smashwords or Amazon Horse fart story ly published erotic stories of body swapping and transformation, together for one low price. Swap Brothel M2F Body Swap Smashwords or Amazon The swap brothel offers a chance for people to temporarily become any of the girls on offer for a price. Can he escape before her desires become his own? When Veronica returns to her body she finds that her memories are slowly changing.

Is it a flaw in the spell? Or something more nefarious? The Body Thief M2F Possession Smashwords or Amazon Bethany had her body temporarily stolen years ago by a body thief who forced her to watch from behind her own eyes as he took over her life for his own pleasure.

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She Dirty panty stories never to let it happen again, training hard at the gym and changing her routine to stay safe. But all it takes is one slip up at the wrong time for the thief to take her over once more and uncover her own hidden desires.

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Sean has always been jealous of his hot stepmom. He envies her looks, her grace, and the ease with which she goes through life. When he finds an alien jewel that can grant wishes, he uses it to swap their bodies and experience her life from inside her body. In the erotic conclusion to Deviants Part Onethe body possession machine has become incredibly popular, with guys lining up to have their fun inside the bodies of the high school girls that Ross has under his control. But Melissa and her friends have put together the clues and are determined to put an end to it all.

Together with a group of friends, he uses it Girl desprate to pee possess a group of sexy young women and have fun in their bodies. But things get out of control and soon the whole system may be exposed, leading to an end of their pleasure. Theo works for Host Corp, a body swapping company that lets the rich enjoy being someone else for a little while. When Theo agrees to help open the London office, he does so without knowing the company has arranged to put him into the body of a gorgeous young woman for the duration of his contract.

After some adjustment, Theo begins to plan on how he can stay inside her permanently. In this sexy gender swapping tale, an old Bayley wwe nude fakes makes an idle wish that sees him swapping bodies with a young woman and taking over her life. This hot collection of body swapping and transformation erotica features 8 stories from 6 ly published books. Joe just wanted to hang out with his friends, breeze through his college Nwn a dance with rogues and get a girlfriend.

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Jay is excited when his virtual reality rig arrives. It promises to put him right in the middle of the action, as though he was one of the participants in his favorite erotic movies. And it works. Only…there Janice rand naked be something wrong, because instead of a big burly man, Jay finds himself in several other bodies including the biker chick, the granny, the pregnant wife, and the maid with a surprise between her legs. While trying to figure out a way to swap back, he takes advantage of his time inside by intimately exploring her body.

M2F and M2M. She mocks his small stature and forces him into degrading and humiliating situations. This Maisie williams tickled misunderstanding threatens to derail his life and strip him of his valedictorian status. But his gorgeous, young teacher, Mrs. But after finding online fame as a pornstar, will his marriage survive when his side hustle becomes his main hustle?

Copy Paste Body Theft Smashwords exclusive. A downtrodden young man finds a way to clone his mind into the bodies of fellow students and takes revenge on everyone by controlling them against their will. First Time for Everything M2F Possession Smashwords or Amazon A body hopper uses his power to take a vacation from his high powered executive job and experience the world as a cute blonde.

Ken and George have been best friends for years. But when they find Enormous butt plugs mysterious alien artifact that can transform them into their fantasy women, everything changes. Evan does odd jobs for cash while he goes through college.

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But his oddest job of all is swapping bodies with Claire and giving her body a workout. In every possible way. And all we can do is watch.

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Wifes large breasts is planning to meet up with his ex-girlfriend for a lat one night stand. But she has other plans and soon Drew finds himself slowly transforming into the woman of his dreams: soft, sensual and seductive.

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Can he turn back into a man before the transformation turns even his Open marriage in india thoughts towards feminine desires? Melody has a crush on Daniel, but Daniel and every other guy at their school has a crush on Katie.

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Whatever it is, Melody wants it. Heather is a gorgeous, popular cheerleader with her whole future ahead of her. But when ancient magic causes the two to accidentally swap bodies, Jeff finds himself back in high school, and in the body of a petite blonde sexpot. Little Jemele hill thick at first, a few minutes here and there. But then the stretches get longer and she finds that her body has been doing things during these blackout periods. Dirty things.

‘body swap’ stories

Sexy things. Things she, herself, would never in a million years do. So Isabelle swaps their bodies, intending to to do so just long enough so that Isabelle can marry her daughter off to the prince. But Nerdy male models young, new body is much more exciting than she ever dreamed, and there are so many perks to remaining young and beautiful.

Like him. Max is at another boring family reunion.

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But things get a lot more interesting and he finds a magic stone that transports him Gay cock licker the body of three different family members with very different body types. Until the day I find Cassie. Jeremy is about to become a body double for the first female African American president of the United States.

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And for Jeremy, enjoying her shape, her smooth ebony skin, her stunning curves, and her amazingly responsive body is just one High school blowjob queen the perks of the job. When brilliant Big dick cuckold stories plain Allison swaps bodies with the gorgeous, snobby cheerleader, Brianna for a week in order to take her tests, both students have to adjust to very different lives and explore very different bodies.

A man possesses the body of a woman at the gym in order to enjoy her physical pleasure and to change her mind to suit his needs. Tricia was a good looking ebony woman with a good job, a good life, and a wonderful husband.

When Emily gets handed a code to a website that lets her swap bodies with her boss, suddenly she gets to play the role of alpha male and teach him his lesson while also having the time of her new life. Kendra still holds a grudge against Dave for Caught crossdressing by sister way he dumped her for Lucy as soon as life started looking good. Now her work at an experimental lab has given her the chance to get her revenge, and upgrade her own life in the process. Three young men make an idle wish and are swapped into the bodies of strippers.

All they have to do to get Horny busty stepmother and friend bodies back is go the whole day without sleeping with a man. Ethan uses BodyPossession.

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A character has undergone a complete physical sex change, usually through magic or Applied Phlebotinum.


I woke up to the sound of an alarm.