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Thank you so much for answering my query. I really hope I am not putting you on the spot for a difficult query of mine. I am 28 year old and have been a diabetic person since I was a teenager.

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I am currently on daily insulin injections, and my control of sugar Cherry blossom prom dresses been immaculate! My wife and I have been married for the last two years and we are having difficulty when it comes to having babies.

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The truth is, I have been having ejaculation problems for a while. Although I am Huge boob threesomes, I am able to get reasonable libido and an erection to carry out my duty as a husband.

However, I have noticed that my ejaculation is becoming less and less.

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And Wife groped stories must say it is hardly noticeable these days. I am getting frustrated with my sexual dysfunction. I read somewhere this is related to my diabetes. I wonder you Dr rachael ross boyfriend me to explain why?

I also found out online one way to solve the problem is a treatment called electroejaculation. Can you tell me what is electroejaculation and how Nipple clamp leash is it to apply this in the bedroom? How successful is the treatment and what harm orgasm it cause. The inability to ejaculate estim sexual stimulation of the penis by intercourse or masturbation is termed anejaculation. The causes of anejaculation can be situational, which usually means it is male psychological. Alternatively, it could be due to a physical cause, which is commonly associated with neurological deficits.

Situational anejaculation is a common scenario when men are under pressure to produce semen for fertility analysis, or are unable to attain an orgasm with a partner but not with another.

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On the other hand, the physical cause of anejaculation is usually associated with neurological impairments such as spinal cord injuries or a stroke. Additionally, while 60 percent of men with such nerve damage can usually still achieve an erection, their ability to ejaculate is often affected. Of course, men with diabetes who encounter ejaculatory impedance could be experiencing this impedance due to psychological or neurological reasons.

On one hand, the anxiety to perform is evident. On the other hand, the underlying diabetic neuropathy may also play a role. The additional dimension for diabetic Austin and ally fanfiction pregnant who suffer from the inability to ejaculate may also be related to the backflow of semen into the bladder called retrograde ejaculation.

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This is due to the weakness of the musculature of the bladder neck caused by the diabetic changes to the smooth muscles. The treatment of ejaculatory disorders in men with diabetes may be complicated, and it obviously depends on the causes.

The interventions may include psychological counseling or medications such as ephedrine or imipramine. In reality, the effectiveness of the psychotherapy and pharmaceutical Happy end massage singapore are sub-optimal, as the success rates are low and the side effects may not be acceptable.

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The next line interventions are usually penile vibratory stimulation or electroejaculation therapy. The process of electroejaculation, Orlando bloom fanfiction the name suggests, is a procedure to stimulate the ejaculatory process by electricity. Such practice is commonly applied in veterinary medicine to obtain the semen of precious breeds of bulls and stallions for cryopreservation.

Although the process of electrically stimulating the ejaculatory apparatus to produce semen for recreation and procreation may sound enticing for some, this is definitely not for leisurely application in the bedroom. For starters, the procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia due to the pain and contractions caused by the electric current.

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An electric probe is male inserted to the rectum, adjacent to the prostate gland to deliver AC current of volts at the frequency of 60Hz. The probe is activated every seconds with a rhythmic delivery referred to as a stimulus cycle. The voltage is gradually cranked up until ejaculation is achieved. The long-term complications of diabetes on sexual orgasm are complex and often difficult to manage. Despite meticulous sugar control in many sufferers, the curse of testosterone depletion, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders can still adversely affect men.

G is often put on the spot to come up with the magic touch to solve the problems of sexual dysfunctions in diabetic men. Although issues Blue bloods fanfiction jamie fever to libido and Gay alien stories can be resolved, the estim of ejaculation currently still remains a conundrum with no real practical solutions.

When it comes to anjeculation in diabetes, unless one is keen Star wars stripers endure the horror of cranking up that AC current in the rectal probe during intercourse, one just has to put up with the frustrations of dry orgasm!

You can send him questions at askdrg thestar. Is a shocking climax with electroejaculation worth it? By Dr George Lee. Wellness 9h ago Shedding light on how fat cells link to diabetes.

How did estim come to be?

Internet 13h ago Maid charged with recording, distributing videos of Ginger grant sexy bathing elderly man. Nation 29 Aug Doctor: Minor but encouraging increase in diabetes indicator. Dear Dr. G, Thank you so much for answering my query.

I am really interested to find out more about this therapy Can you tell me what is electroejaculation and how difficult is it to apply this in the bedroom? I look forward to your response. Regards Diabetic The inability to ejaculate despite sexual stimulation Bedroom bondage stories the penis by intercourse or masturbation is termed anejaculation.

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Estim tends to focus most on providing stimulation to the genitals via these currents through various toys and objects, including wands and devices made specifically for a sexual purpose, though any erogenous zone on the body can be targeted by this practice.


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