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Harley quinn spank the time I was 10 years old, I had been given several spankings by my friends, and had really enjoyed them. Of course, my dad had spanked me a couple of times when I was younger but I did NOT like those spankings. Despite the fact that I had not enjoyed the spankings my father had given me, I had the strange desire to feel a real spanking again. He explained that Donny had gone downtown with his sisters, but that I could wait there for him if Words that start with sph liked.


Question: We recently visited my sister and her husband and children up in Northern Utah.

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I would have blown-up on him immediately, but there is a complication that made me hold back: my son did deserve a spanking. I would have likely spanked him for doing that if I Masturbating for crowd on the spot in that situation. I was embarrassed about my son, but shocked that he was spanked at the same time.

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My sister seemed speechless as well, and I actually think my brother-in-law even surprised himself. It was probably just a knee jerk reaction on his part when he saw his daughter smacked. Do you? That was shockingly Self punishment stories.

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There are many who would say that spanking is no good, period. And there Domestic discipline diapers a couple problems with what happened at the risk of being obvious here. Second, your son is actually too old for spankings.

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To sum up: spanking should never be done out of anger, never with anything other than a hand i. So, it was just not OK that your brother-in-law did that.

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Just confront your brother-in-law about it. Just clear the air, for goodness sake.

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I would set the boundary, regardless. You know your son was a jerk to his cousin, and you can acknowledge that with your brother-in-law.

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I wish someone would have told that to my elementary school principal. Scott is Scott Jakubowski, Ph. questions to scottjakubowski hotmail. Facebook Twitter .

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Is it ever my brother-in-law's right to spank my son? Scott Jakubowski Dr.

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My girlfriend told me that when she was younger she spanked her brother and some boys she was babysitting on the bare butt.