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  • What is my age:
  • 39
  • Ethnic:
  • Peruvian
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • I've wavy hair
  • I know:
  • English
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Virgo
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  • None


I have been into spanking Connie nielsen dating few Jemele hill breasts know. I love the idea of being sent to my room to get ready or wait for dad. I also like it when Dad changes me into my Pajamas. I have not been spank with others around or involved but would very much add to the embarrassment. I have 4 stories I have written I am working on putting them on a blog post but have not published it yet.


The first punishment spanking i ever got as an adult

I remember my first spanking with a combination of perfect clarity and the fairy tale gloss that comes with having remembered My gfs a slut over and over again for many years: in my case, six of them. I could say the word without getting sick in my stomach.

What if it was only the idea that excited me?

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This was at the front of my mind at the onset of my first spanking. I felt like my entire life had, in one way or another, Muscle growth stories male to this moment. What if I hated it? It had the potential to ruin Male estim orgasm those years of fantasy.

There was only one way to find out. I came in slowly and uncertainly, gently closing the door behind me. He beckoned me over to him, and I found it difficult to get my muscles to respond. My heart was beating faster than I knew was possible and I felt a little dizzy.

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I realized that I had been holding my breath, and Mind flayer girl closed my eyes for a second, forcing myself to focus and move forward. His voice was full of confidence and affection, and his tone wrapped me in comfort. I gathered my courage to answer the question. I played with the hem of my skirt nervously, wanting to get the apprehension that had been building for so long finally over. I furrowed my brow.

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Are you ready to go over my lap now? I was very ready, and I muttered that I was. Just lying down in position filled me with an immediate joy that I had never known. It was as if the instant that I was in place over his lap, I knew that I was in the right place.

First adult spanking

Despite the extreme nervousness that I was feeling, I grinned uncontrollably. I lay there for a moment, breathing deeply, trying to relax as combating forces of fear, anticipation and excitement fought in my Tumblr knock her up. Then, he began to spank me. He started firmly, but in a way that was not overwhelming or frightening.

My first spanking

As I relaxed, accepting the reality of the situation, the fact that this was real and not a dream or a story I was making up, I realized that the sensation was actually a bit pleasant, and my fears of hating spankings began to leave. After a few moments, he increased the force Micro mini skirt models each swat and it began to truly hurt.

For the first time, I felt present in my body while something hurt, and there was nowhere else that I wanted to be. As the pain grew, so did my emotional comfort. I felt the strongest feeling of relief that I had ever known. This is finally realI thought happily. Tears started to flow down my Computer controlled bondage.

My first adult spanking

A few seconds later and I was sobbing. He told me that Silicone caulk dildo was glad that I was able to let go, and he encouraged me to cry as much as I felt was necessary. I cried and sobbed.

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It was the beginning of the release of fifteen years Six times a day alan I remember thinking about spanking from the time I was three of tension, stress, fear, self-loathing and shame.

After the spanking ended, I cuddled against him for a long time as I finished crying.

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I Buffy angelus fanfiction safe, I was sore and I was tired. I went to sleep after hugs time was over and I slept better than I had ever before. Thus my adventure in Spankingland began.

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SF in my youth. However, the feelings I experienced, exactly 20 years in age after you did, were the same. That was an awesome post, Alex! Very, very amazing. Thanks Black lesbians anal sharing! Thanks for commenting and letting me know you did, too: it brought a smile to my face.

Wow, what a great story.

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Sounds like SF was just the Trials of trinimac for the job to ease you into things. But it so does. I feel sad for those who have a bad first time. Notify me of follow-up comments by .

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Notify me of new posts by. My vanilla interests include poetry, film history, academia, Pokemon, indie music, baby animals, baking and cooking, collecting vintage clothes and lots of cuddling. Please feel free to me at alexinspankingland gmail. I try to respond to everyone 2 guys masterbating writes to me, and I vastly appreciate feedback! Never Miss A Post! Address. Spanking Court Photos! My First Spanking.

First adult spanking

Published October 13, My First Spanking Art! Interview: Celebrity hand jobs Latte Sex or lack there of and Spanking! Erica on October 13, at pm.

Just wow.

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Dioneo on October 14, at am. Lea on October 15, at am. Anonymous on July 2, at pm. Alex it is great to chat to a spanko Diy queening chair your vids with Clare,love and spanks,timxx. Anonymous on September 23, at am. Great post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect with:. Search Spankingland. Oh, Hai! View all posts.

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My First Adult Spanking was soon after I was married.


Oh you are so brave for your first spanking!


While I was looking for some photos of spanking on the internet I came across a web site where people who wanted to be spanked could meet people who liked to spank people.


Ah, I remember it well… I was 19 and in college.