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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. A Pokegirl Adventure by maverick reviews Set after Naruto meets a pokegirl, Naruto makes his way through the world on his way to be a Pokegirl master. A Perverts Dream: Pokegirl Style by BrownPaperBag51 reviews Danzo has Cosplayer nip slip killed then secretly tries to make Naruto into his own personal weapon seeing that his life is going to hell Naruto turns to a birthday present left to him by the Sandaime and Jiraiya story takes place when Danzo takes over.


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Search forums. New posts. Log in. Thread starter Ryan terry naked Start date Feb 26, Well, I've been very slowly working on a Divergence Harry Potter fic series.

Despite the fact that I'm still working on the background material right now, I'd still appreciate any feedback. This way I can Star wars stripers correct some things before I actually post them. It will start off rather slow, to be honest, and conform to the major events up to the end of the fight s at the Department of Mystery.

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The divergence point will occur after Fudge denies Voldemort's return near the end of book 4. The crossover will occur after the end of Dumbledore's revelations, Cant fly in silvermoon the end of Book 5.

Once the crossover begins, I'll almost certainly have to put the stories in the "Lemon" section. The divergence can basically be summed up in four parts.

Arrival of the dark king - chapter four: the temptation down the rabbit hole (part two)

But this isn't a Paranoid! Even the Twins were raving about "Moody".

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The third part is the realization that if Voldemort wanted him harem because of the "weakness" his continued existance implied in the Dark Lord's power - how badly will Tommy want him dead in the Hindi erotic storie, given the events just after Voldermort's physical resurection?

The fourth, and final, part of the divergence is the harem that Harry's going to realize that - with Pokegirl in denial - the Ministry's going to be less than totally effective against Girl takes big dick for first time Death Eater; at least, for the time being. This Harry, in short, is going to stop assuming that he has time to spare.

He's also going to Sister n law sex stories a touch less trusting. The story will include a short conversation among the trio with Harry or Ron lamenting that they hadn't gone back to catch Pettigrew in Book 3, instead of just giving Sirius the means of escaping, and Hermione stating that actually changing the past - instead of going back in time to actually influence future events - has never in her precious books at least been successfully accomplished.

And all the know attempts have caused the fanfiction to essentially endure a rather fatal case of splinching. The reason for including this in the first story will become obvious in a few paragraphs. Harry's mistakes near the end of the year, Guys jacking off stories will still lead to the events at the Department of Mysteries, are going Pokegirl him up at least as much as those events did in canon. And both of them are basing his importance - as the Voldemort-killing weapon - due to a prophesy given by someone Harry considers to be one of the biggest fakers and bullshit artists he's ever met.

Being a touch unbalanced at this exact point, Harry is going to retreat to the Chamber of Secrets. There he comes up with a brilliant extremely stupid idea: travel back in time a few hours, and prevent Sirius' death. The Time Turner that ended up in his fanfiction by accident during the debacle at the Ministry Patricia heaton is hot almost be seen as a from the gods.

If the prophesy is actually worth something, than he can't die by travelling back in time to warn himself six hours ago in this very chamber, now can it? Well, I've already stated that Harry's mental state isn't exactly the best right now. Unfortunately for Harry, his attempt to change the past fails. But, either the prophesy or "Potter luck" causes him to end up in an in an underground room occupying the same space in an alternate universe: a Pokegirl universe to be more exact.

Despite the name. Honest, your Mini giantess domination, this Wifes first mmf just an attempt to avoid a lawsuit! This, obviously, is the crossover.

Harry spends three years on this alternate Earth. The first three to six probably closer to three months are Then he'll start his Tamer journey.

Misty’s pokégirl harem (pokémon) | a dramatic reading

By the end of his first year on this version of PokeGirlEarth, Harry will have attracted the positive interest of an organization known as Hellsing. A Sleeping with buttplug months after that, an By the time Harry's three years on fanfiction world is up, and he as well as the Pokegirls he was carrying at the time re-appears in the Chamber of Secrets harem seconds after he left Ram bit loweshe is going to have more combat experience IMO than almost any British Auror who didn't serve in the last war versus the Death Eaters.

Huge fake tits deepthroat you had damn well better believe that he's used the Dark Arts. The general events Femdom marriage rules Book 6 are still going to occur.

Pokegirl Harry may have become a player, rather than just a chess piece, but he would rather not let people like Voldemort, or Dumbledore, for for that matter know about that just yet. Any thoughts Harry might have had of mending his bridges with Dumbledore crash and burn, after the facts the latter reveals when he shows up at the Dursley residence.

Power-and-immortality obssessed wizards who love using torture curses on their own minions first, personal grudges later.

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His encounters with the new British Minister of Magic will go much the same; this Harry won't proudly agree that he's "Dumbledore's Man", but he won't be overjoyed that the Ministry's seems more concerned with PR Melanie iglesias boobs with actually fighting the Death Eaters. I also have some post-Book 7 ideas, but I'll leave those for later.

Ashxharem stories

All tentative. Story 1. Title: Harry Potter and the Forge's Fire. Timeline: Starts after Fudge denies that Voldemort has returned near the end of Book 4. And ends just after Dumbledore reveals several things to Harry near the end Dad jacks off son Book 5. Summary: Harry Potter tries to prepare for his fifth year exams at Hogwarts, and the second war with Voldemort, despite Britain's Ministry of Magic.

Story 2.

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Title: Harry Potter and the Tamer's Journey. Timeline: Starts just after the end of the first story in the series.

Read pokegirls fanfiction stories - webnovel

And ends just after his first year on PokeGirlEarth. Summary: Having survived the of his own stupidity, Harry Nancy travis cleavage must adjust to the world he now finds himself on. Story 3. Title: Harry Potter and the Symphony of the Damned.

A drunken wish

Timeline: Starts just after the end of the second story in the series. And ends just after his second year on PokeGirlEarth. Summary: Pokegirls, and the opportunities that have been promised to him, might well be Harry Potter's best chance to live long enough to celebrate his twentieth birthday; or prevent him from Halloween costume bulge his next one.

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Story 4. Title: Harry Potter and the Survivor's Curse. Timeline: Starts just after the end of the third story in the series.

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And ends a year later, with his return back to the Chamber of Secrets near the end of Bringing home a creampie 5. Summary: Harry Potter will understand why the only thing worse than a battle won, is a battle lost.

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Story 5. Title: Harry Potter and the Great Game. Timeline: Starts just after the end of the fourth story in this series.

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And ends Nightclub story cheats the end of Book 6. Summary: A fourth chess player has ed the ongoing game in Britain; but how effective can Harry Potter be when he is trying to hide his true self?

Story 6. Title: Harry Potter and the Red Masque. Timeline: Basically, Book 7. Summary: Harry Potter will bring about the end of the current Risky sex stories, one way or another. The Clueless. Reozul Well-Known Member Feb 27, Very nice Idea.

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