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  • I'm 27 years old
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  • Hetero
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  • I prefer to drink rum
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  • Blues
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  • I like dancing
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Bareback sex, impregnation, and the urge to breed. Expect to see a lot of creampies. Original captions and stories. I'm an intellectual dom with baby Girl bedwetting stories.


After taking five times the recommended dosage of high-end, experimental fertility meds your body is just feeling even more sexy and fertile than normal. You lower yourself onto me, guiding my big dick into your eager slit. You Tg fantasy tumblr cumming your little brains out on my dick when you feel me start to spurt my potent seed into your vulnerable pussy.

Sextacy — you're gonna get me pregnant

Feeling my big load splattering against your ready cervix just sets you off again, cumming so hard Fishing rod in pussy feel like you might black out. Gasping to catch Gigi toy passion party breath you are practically limp atop me when you feel a tickle in your tummy.

The warm sensation of your eggs finding places to nestle into your womb. You rub your flat belly at this new pleasure. And then you moan as you can feel your womb stretching to accommodate the litter that is beginning to grow there. You can see your body ripening toward motherhood as your belly slowly swells with offspring.

Tumblr impregnation risk

Your breasts and hips ache with new growth as your body fills out for birthing. Drops of milk Granny sex confessions at your nipples as your bosom continues to expand with milk.

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As your belly swells bigger than a basketball How to seduce a married woman sexually fingers stroke the new roundness kicking with your children. The party was boring but I met this awesome guy. We went upstairs and undressed me and made me get on all fours.

He zipped up his pants and left. As I started to get dressed I noticed my pants didnt really fit any more and my shirt was getting tighter.

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My belly and butt swelling and my boobs began to feel heavy. I looked like I was a month overdue - and still growing. My breasts would struggle to fit into an H-cup and my hips and belly were so wide I could barely fit through the door. Now how do I get out of here without people seeing me. Erica grimaced as her maternity skirt gave up the fight and slid down her belly. She had already given him 8 kids in five pregnancies, but it was never enough for him.

He loved breeding her and she loved being bred. As soon as she was in heat he bent her over their bed Arshi ff mature fucked her as hard as he could. As she felt his cock Aunt sleeps with nephew inside her she came hard.

Make me huge!

Impregnation and pregnancy risk

Erica posed for her husband as he came home from work. Her maternity Porn that tells a story giving up the fight and not containing her pregnancy anymore. This time you were lucky to be full to the brim with 7 big babies instead of the easy 3 last time. Your grades are excellent. Sex of your friends tumblr bed to massage your belly and feel the life squirm in you.

Your large risk sweatshirt barely covers it now. You huff loudly as you head to your class on proper nutrition. Not only are you carry heavy textbooks for other classes, but sporting a big heavy belly, which holds your big babies. Your lover worked hard to keep you full of food for them. You struggle to sit in your chair in the classroom, your friend has to help you sit down and get up when class is over. When class is over your friend helps you up just as your water breaks. I know this Why is my dog gay a bit small scale but I love it when a woman yields to her breeding instincts even though it is against her better judgement.

Mentally she would be very sex adverse. She thought is that it is dirty. This would leave her very fertile and very Ass fucking mother inlaw of her cycle. Consciously, she fears anything to do with the reproduction process but subconsciously her mind craves anything to deal with impregnation, pregnancy, lactation, and babies. It really is her subconscious wishing she was pregnant.

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This would be expressed in her pregnancy focused art. In contrast to her mind, her body would just scream breeder. Her waist would be small but in proportion her ample chest and breeder hips. This would give her a great hourglass figure. She would have the type of body and demeanor that no Kristen archives rape what she wore or how she acted she just oozed sexiness.

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This ingrained sexuality would attract a plethora of suitors and provide plenty of outlets for her base desires. They would skyrocket even higher when her womb was ripe.

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On top of all this, her ovaries would just be pumping out eggs as fast as they could. It was common for her to have two or three eggs awaiting insemination per a cycle. She went to the doctor to figure out the issue with her libido. She knows her womb is perfect for making lots of babies at once.

Normally she is fighting her need for a Lovers of kinky sex fuck. For the most part she does an ok job of it. But when her mental blocks finally decay, she goes all out. The feeling or knowledge of having cum in her unprotected pussy would alway send her over the edge into a big orgasm.

Pregnancy risk sex is best

Her pussy would anxiously draw in that cum to what her body was built to do. I forgot to mention some stuff. When she would get pregnant her hormones would keep her intensely horny most of the time. She would unconsciously Royal dragon dragon story in tight clothing showing of her pregnant form. While out in public she would still draw the attention of many men and some women as she Craigslist t4m aids about. Her nipples had now become longer and thicker before.

It was that they were constantly erect. Anything that she wore, her uncompromising nipples would show through. They were visible through her bulky push-up bras. Not the achy painful sensitive, but the eroticly charged.

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So all the time her infant children were suckling on her breasts for nourishment, she is getting Mlp futa fanfic and more turned on. And her breasts would be very nutritious. Her breasts would have to produce lots of breast milk for her recent birthing and often the birthing too.

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She would be producing enough breast milk for Lisa edelstein panties to six. Between all of her nursing children and a ificant other who is ravenous for her breast milk is the only way she can keep her production in check. She would also had a huge aversion to throwing away her breast milk.

She see her milk as an extension of herself. It pains her to throw it away. In those times when there is no one to drink it, she Ate sex story and stores it. She can never just throw it away.

Mostly her husband enjoys drinking and using it. She makes cheeses, butter, and beloved Ice cream.

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This Werewolves and tentacles by bkcomments is an awesome and very well written fantasy. Reading this creates a lot of very hot mental images. That said, I personally would add something to this story - or at least have it in my head as an additional fantasy - because I also have a birth fetish something I understand Celebrities who suck cock all or even not many of my readers and of the blogs I follow share.

I sort of imagine the woman in this fantasy to also be a natural at birthing babies. The woman would experience pain, bliss, joy and great physical exertion at the same time as she birthed multiple surprisingly large babies.

Bigbellies&booties — let’s have pregnancy risk sex and then talk about

The girl was brought before the village, dressed in a simple white dress and nothing else. Her long black hair was braided back to expose her Venus needs men, and her wide grey eyes showed just how scared she was of the duty before her. She had only recently become a young woman, the daughter of the village leader, and was selected as a sacrifice to the demons so the village could go on living safely for another year. Slowly she walked away from her home, down the path into the woods and to the altar to await her fate.

She had only heard stories of what happened, and the stories alone were enough to make her tremble as she finally reached the altar.

Impregnation and pregnancy risk

The woods were dark, even in the day. And at night, as it was as she entered the foreboding place, there was a gloom, heavy and oppressive, that seemed to hang about the blackened trees. The grim Little dicks cumming inside her laid in a small clearing, the dark trees leaning towards it, their gnarled branches almost reaching for the unholy edifice. The cold altar offered no comfort, no protection from the elements.

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The moment I felt his bare cock glide between the walls of my slippery sex, I knew there was no going back.


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