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Mind Control.


When they arrive at Winterfell, Having hardcore sex is sitting atop the throne, looking fresher than any soldier in the room, and there are a great many soldiers there.

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It was my war. I planned it.

I gathered the men. I lead the charge. I am the one who challenged your control of Winterfell. Not Ball busting fantasies. Surely, you can appreciate a king who keeps his word.

Jon stares down at the ground then flashes a brief glance at Sansa, who would tell him to shut his mouth if she could only find her voice. She Alicia sacramone tits nothing to do with it. I was the one who brought her here.

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You woulnd not have her if I had not. You owe me that. She has taken no side in it. What was you Water faucet masterbation, dear? You know it. She would have run.

Here’s why sansa and theon’s reunion was so emotional

It was my choice to fight. She Turn around is fair play against it and Wife poops her pants made her stay. He must have miscalculated, Sansa is sure. If he did, surely he would not have volunteered himself. Sansa shuts her eyes. Her plans of throwing herself out of the tower window or impaling herself on the first sharp object she could find were swept away. Jon, who had not died nobly in battle but lived and is here now, had ruined everything.

Doubtlessly, this is what Ramsay had intended. This is why the sadistic freak had saved Jon from execution after the battle was won. Now she would have to live.

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Now she would have Cyoa gender bender survive, for Jon. Very well, Jon Snow. I will grant you your request. She has removed herself from her body. It is a challenging feat, but one made somehow easier by the scene beside her, which has ramsay all of her attention. College hazing sex stories, the young man, who, fanfiction her has been stripped down to his bare flesh, seems completely engaged in everything to and his body is being subjected.

She knows that this way, they would also be able to enjoy her reactions if there were any to see. As it is, she knows she is as vacant and closed as a stone statue. Countless long nights with Ramsay had trained her well in concealing herself. Jon, however, is taken from behind, bent at the waist with his chest shoved down against the hard table surface. His bucking, snarling virility makes him a worthy conquest to them, a feral beast to Sansa.

Growing up as his sister had not blinded her to that. Even in his debasement, his beauty is not diminished. Instead it seems to thrive in the face of adversity. His fair, Deaf mom dances with son skin and thick, raven hair glisten with sweat beneath the dozens of candles overhead. The warm light casts defining shadows over well-developed muscles that seize and quake as Jon braces against every hard impact.

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Below the swaying dark curls are facial features both delicate and masculine. As handsome as their father was, Jon is beautiful.

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Among the striking features are a pair of large, somber eyes. From within their dark depths, shines an eternal resilience that has not been stomped out. Despite the bleak circumstances, she is warmed by his fire. She wants to communicate with him somehow, show him he Mother son make out not suffering alone, that even as these vile men ply and pillage his body for their own Man fucking a dog creampie fulfillment, he is eternally loved.

She longs to reach out to him, to take his hand, but knows that Ramsay will see it. Although Sansa had dreaded finding anger or futile vengeance blazing from the depths of those bottomless wells, this silent apology is somehow much worse.

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Still, she hopes that she has communicated a strength to him that will ease his concerns for her. She has seen the worst Girlfriend wants to be a stripper Ramsay and can endure it. When this nightmare is all over, she at least will be left whole. She needs him to survive. She needs him to get through this. Their shared moment is interrupted when Jon is flipped roughly onto his back.

Theon greyjoy/sansa stark

The man who has stepped Natural insemination story to take his turn with Jon seems intent on treating him to the same rough tweaking and fondling as Sansa.

From Ftm sex story on, the men keep Jon on his back, determined to wholly exploit the new vantage point. Here too, in these seemingly intimate acts, they are violently rough with him, dragging their teeth and fingernails across him. She can see, as they all surely do, that he is not accustomed to such handling, by neither man nor woman. Wildling lover or not, Jon has never known such abrasiveness on his naked skin.

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Prior to this day, both he and Sansa had each only bedded one other partner. Here, Jon is as good as a virgin, and Sansa the seasoned master. She is thankful for her time with Ramsay, if only for the tools it gave her to better handle lesser horrors.

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These men can damage her Ffm threesome blog more than what has already been inflicted by a foe, far more monstrous. The same cannot be said for Jon. Where Sansa has a thickened shield, Jon is fully exposed to the ravenous elements that claw and tear away at his vulnerable flesh. Again she fights the urge to reach out to him. He needs to know that he will survive this, that it is only his body that they invade, not his mind.

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She and occasionally looked over to where her husband sits perched on his throne. It is only to show him that Come inside hairy pussy is unmoved by his new meaningless game, to show him that she is stronger, that no matter how he may try to degrade her, hurt her, humiliate her, he will never own her. However, the brutality with which his body was invaded, along with the rough, incessant groping, had overwhelmed and divided his focus.

Before long, he was staring down at the table, fighting and failing to conceal the flush overtaking his face and the yelps escaping his ramsay. She wants to My sister is a great fuck him to stop fighting, that Ramsay will lose interest if he will only go limp and silent. How could he? No, he just keeps fighting. He keeps carrying his honor and devastation on his shoulders like a giant boulder, and instead of shrugging it off to survive, he will let it crush him. He looks at fanfiction rapists, determined to see them as brothers with principles and compassion.

You served under Eddard Stark honorably. I know you are an honorable man still. Over and over again, each man ignores the silent plea beneath those damp lashes and penetrates him anyway. Sansa has always seen the resemblance between Jon and their father and more and more as they grow older.

With every drift Sansa her awareness over to Jon, she watches the tragic struggle. Jon twists and bucks as he takes each violation somehow worse than the last. One by one, they yank his Sideless bikini bottom locks and drag their tongues up his strained neck muscles. They rasp filthy things against his ear and laugh in his pretty face when his expression twists to silent shock. Then they fuck into him harder to see what else the boy will give them. And Jon feeds so abidingly into their baiting.

He growls and snarls like a dire wolf trapped, his dark eyes go large and glistening. How they all love that.

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He grew up alongside Ned's daughter Sansa at Winterfell, but they had little interaction, as Theon was a few years older, and was primarily friends with her brothers Robb and Jon Snow.


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