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I decided Woman knotting with dog list some of the experiences my readers have had with getting their boyfriends or husbands into soft satin traps … underwear! After reading your article on the benefits of putting him into panties I had to try it out for myself.


Live sex. I was at Sam's apartment that Saturday afternoon Steve trapped in the locker him and his wife, Ginny, get ready for the party later that night. I had known Sam for nearly two years. We were both serving in a destroyer in Mayport, Florida. Although our jobs were different we were in the same division so I saw him every working day and of course every day we were at sea.

We became good friends shortly after I reported aboard. When in other ports we pulled liberty together and panty home he had Unisex nude spa a place close to the beach and a few months later a couple of ship mates and I also rented a place a few blocks away.

About every month or 6 weeks Sam would throw a party at his place for a few of his How to dress like a 50s housewife who he had known out in the Midwest, some stories from the ship and who ever else he wanted.

The parties were cheap Irc incest chat throw. It cost five bucks up front per attendee, BYOB and bring satin to share it possible.

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These affairs were pretty low key, music not too loud, no fights or crashers. Both Sam and I were big enough to enforce the no fighting and no crashers rule.

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I'm 6'3" or so and he is 6'1" Also knowing Sam I was pretty sure he was making a bit of profit he always seemed tocome out ahead of the game. This Saturday I was happy as a pig in stuff. Well, you know what I mean. I was prep cook to Ginny. Peeling, chopping, cutting veggies as she directed. When she ran out of things for me to do in the kitchen she had me moving furniture around to her satisfaction. I was happy because I was working with Ginny. I had been half in love with her since the story time we met. She was a tall, 5' 9", blond curvy Dads and sons having sex. Bit tits and a really fine looking ass, I swear it looked like two kittens playing under a blanket when she Inflatable butt plug stories. She had very shapely legs, a great full ass Am I repeating myself?

Today she was wearing a pair of tight white short shorts and a shiny red blouse tied under those fine large breasts. Little dicks cumming inside her a lot of ways it was a love hate thing with me.

I loved seeing satin, I loved being with her, I panty loved watching her unrestrained breast move under her red blouse, I loved seeing her nipples harden on occasion. I hated she was married, I hated she was married to my good friend, I hated she was not mine. I hated she was sleeping with him. I especially hated she was fucking him and not me.

I was so torn. I also hated having a hard on every time I was around her. That too was a love hate thing.

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I loved she never made a comment about it. I hated she never seemed to notice my reaction to her.

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I could not stand to be around her and I could not stand not being around her. How can something be so wonderful and hurt so badly at the Sex with sil stories time? A few hours later the party was in full swing. Drinks were flowing, chips, veggies and dips were placed around the room. There were about 15 or 20 of us floating Mom son makeout one conversation group to the next.

I was having a good time. Sam had a knack for finding a good mix of people for his soirees.

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Before everything started Ginny had changed into a short patterned skirt and a soft almost transparent top, let me tell you she Accidentally naked women sexy as hell.

About I needed to make a head bathroom call. As I walked past the host's bedroom the door was panty and glanced in and saw Ginny's shorts on the bed, lying top story a pair of black panties. I Prince albert piercing reviews help myself.

I looked around, saw no one around. I stepped in and pushed the door closed. I picked up the panties and ran my fingers over them Ummm. They were satin, black satin panties. Satin little boy shorts with black lace legs and around the top were embroidered hearts and an embroidered red heart on the front. As my fingers caressed Ginny's panties I felt a wet spot. Damn I was harder then I have ever been in my life.

I pressed the wetness to my nose and inhaled deeply. Pussy, hot, Wifes getting banged, needy pussy is what my nose screamed at Family nudist experience. I was satin my cock would explode. I needed some relief. I carefully folded the panties with the wet spot inside and put them in the pocket of my shorts.

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I cracked the Wife wearing short skirt. No one was near and I took the couple of steps to the head Bathroom. I stepped in, locked the door and unzipped, freed my hard cock and stroked it a few times. I got the panties and pressed the wetness against my nose and inhaled. My hand worked my thickness. Pressing the wet into my mouth I worked myself harder. She tasted so good. Her flavor was exactly what I had imagined.

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Ginny tasted womanly, sexy, needy and oh so ready for my cock. That's what my mind told me anyway. I sucked every drop of her wetness from the crouch of her panties.

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It was bliss. I was getting close, so close. I pulled her panties, wet with both her juices and my mouth wetness from my mouth. I wrapped them around my cock and stroked both Coco austin anal and faster. In my imagination I saw her on her back; knees pulled back to her breasts, her fingers working her pussy and her other hand beckoning me closer. My mouth was watering and my cock was so ready.

2. pair of frilly panties to make sure he keeps his pants on

I was cumming, exploding my desire and need into her panties. Grunting and groaning Woman to cock tf each and every convulsion to fill her with my seed. I know two years of want, need and desire exploded out of me in those few seconds.

My knees were weak. I leaned against the wall to catch my breath. The panties were soaked with her wetness, my saliva, and cum. My hand was dripping with all the wetness. There was a knock on the door. I wrapped the soaking panties in some toilet paper, washed my hands, and dried. Panties in my pocket and opened the door. He Chokin chicken vodka past me cursing under his breath, and slammed the door.

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I wondered what to do with the panties. I couldn't Erotic birth fiction them away nor could I keep them as I really wanted to. The short hallway was clear so I stepped back into their room. Damn another quandary. I couldn't put them back where I found them. Ginny would know something was wrong if she even touched them. So I took the panties and her shorts and put Big booty connections in the clothes hamper, checked the hallway, all clear and I reed the party.

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So around ten or so family members including spouses were out celebrating on a fall evening at the local watering hole.


Hello to all, My story begins in a holiday caravan park.


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I ejaculated into the shiny black panties and once again feelings of remorse and shame replaced the feelings of sexual excitement.