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My Aunt Linda and her Cuckold castration story moved two blocks from my house the summer I turned sixteen. The week before moving in, she called my parents up and asked for help. My mom handled all things connected with her sister with suspicion and scrutiny and initially heed and hawed over being available. My dad, on.


It was an early afternoon, and I was sitting on the couch playing a few games on my Xbox. I had only recently got into gaming, and was hooked. I was playing when I heard a knock Lesbian romance novels excerpts our door.

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Our 2 bedroom apartment was quite small, and the slightest sound made the whole house echo. My mother went to answer Girlfriend wets the bed door, and my 18 year old sister, Vanessa, emerged from the hallway. We began to talk about school, life, and how things were. After a while, she fell asleep.

Nerdy me was playing Crackdown. I was playing when I looked over to my sister. She had a gorgeous face and body. She had curves to die for, blonde hair, and bubble-ass that looked like it was about to burst right through her jeans. She was wearing skinny Sexual consequences for losing a bet, and a top that showed off some skin.


She was facing the TV, and was sound asleep. I started to realize how gorgeous my sister really was.

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After a while, I noticed I was paying more attention to her than my game. I was unaware of my surroundings.

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My parents were asleep just down the hallway, and her boyfriend was nowhere to be found, so I had a feeling she was staying the night score one for me. I looked down and realized my dick was starting to grow to its 7 inches, very noticeably bulging through my pants. When I looked Superheroine bondage stories at Vanessa, I found her legs completely turned away, but her face was sort of looking downwards at me, at my pants.

Her hand was almost jerking a bit. I ignored it and thought she was just messing around, and hurried to the bathroom before she noticed something, when she stopped me Never been touched pussy my tracks.

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Come over here and sit with me. She slammed me down onto the sofa, and without warning, started rubbing my jeans.

I did as she said, but stopped at my boxers. My sister proceeded to then take my cock in her hand, and start jerking.

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Instead of jerking my cock in her hand, she started to put her head downwards. Before I knew it, she was licking my cock like an Ice Cream cone. Not long after, she popped my cock head, and eventually tried to suck my cock Mind control stories archive. Most guys I suck are about inches.

Suddenly my brain shut off reasonable mode and I grabbed my sisters head with force. I shoved her head down until she gagged on Animal kingdom lesbian cock and I felt her moist mouth enclose my dick. I could feel her throat loosening up to my fat cock, and before I knew it, I could feel pressure on my dick. I was getting ready to cum.

I felt my cock drip pre-cum, and before I knew it, I was close to orgasm. My sister could feel it. She sucked harder and harder, and that set me off. After that, we said nothing.

It was Erotic super shorts silence for about 5 minutes. Then, for the hell of it, I leaned over and kissed my sister hard on her lips, tasting some of my leftover cum on her lip.

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She then kissed me hard on the lips, and we both had each others tongues in our Naked guys cruising. After making out, we started to play with each other. We were doing the unspeakable. Then we both heard a door creak open.

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She has a tattoo on the small of her back and one around her navel.


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Her name is jade 23 year old.


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