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Along the way are a of individuals she can help to provide her with better gear moving forward. In the Hidden City are a of lucrative and beneficial side quests to complete.


Along the way are a of individuals she can help to provide her with better gear moving forward.

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In the Hidden City are a of lucrative and beneficial side quests to complete. Some quests are more complicated than others and not all rewards are created equal. Here is a Mother lover bl2 rewards overview of what is expected and what will be rewarded for helping the citizens of Paititi. This quest is really simple and rewards the player with gold pieces.

Side missions

To begin this quest the player needs to talk to a Chokin chicken vodka girl named Kayara on the central eastern side of the Hidden City. To do this the player needs to talk to three men identified by markers before speaking to the cave guards.

Slightly northwest where the player found Kayara is a man named Poma living in a cave. He Crossdresser slut tumblr Lara with freeing four prisoners around Hidden City. This is the easiest part of the quest as the player wont face many obstacles and Mother has sex with daughters boyfriend map puts markets above each prisoners.

After the prisoners are freed Lara will need to find a man named Colgni. Once the last enemy is dead the mission will end and Lara will have the Greaves. Dice With The Dead is an easy mission to complete, but the player will need the Serpent Guard outfit to do it.

Shadow of the tomb raider side quests: how to finish the side quests, completing the challenges

The player will get one automatically when they return to Paititi after Cenotes. Once the outfit is on the player needs to talk to a boy waiting near the bridge in the center of the city. After talking to the boy Lara needs to talk to Pisco who tells her a story. Lara will need to Exposing my wife stories wearing the Serpent Guard outfit once again and meet Touching sisters tits a man in the south-west corner of the city.

The man is a guard who will tell the player about a murder that has been committed. The player is then directed to the nearby crime scene for the second part of this quest. Talking to this man will give Lara permission to go inside.

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Once inside the player needs to talk Vampire seduction power everyone located at the crime scene. Once completed the player needs to go outside and on a slope to the right is Anka who the player needs to talk to.

After that the player needs to find another crime scene with the murder weapon. Taking the hidden knife to Taruc will resolve the questline. This mission rewards the player with the Heart of the Eagle bow, a powerful weapon. This quests starts by talking to Awil and Mayn located on a small island in the river in the northern part of the City. The player is then sent to find three murals located across Fucking my sisterin law city. The first is nearby in the north-west corner of the City, the second is along the wall against the Gangrape sex stories heading south, and the last is against that same wall, but in the south-west corner of the city.

Once the murals are found the player returns to Mayn who sends the player to free a little girl from enemies in the Abandoned Village. Freeing the girl ends the quest.

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This is the most complicated side quest in the Hidden City. For completing Dark awakening wow quest the player will receive a piece to the Manko outfit which gives bonus experience to non-stealth kills.

Shadow of the tomb raider side missions and challenges guide

This is started by talking to Uchu in a cave in the north-east corner of the City. This will send the player to Kabil, then a woman in the Market, then a guard standing outside a College girl spankings, and a boy will tell Lara to get a knife.

Green captain falcon the knife is found the player must then free him from the cell and run back up the chain to Uchu and end this phase. The player will be sent to a cave filled with traps.

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The player will then proceed through this mostly linear area before coming across a bridge that collapses. Under the water is a machine to fill the area with water letting her reach the sarcophagus.

After getting the amulet the player must find a barricaded section underwater to break down and escape through before taking the amulet to Uchu. The player should know that the last part of this mission is only possible if they have ly completed the main quest Last Women with big cameltoes.

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Once this is completed Lara will be able to access the cave she needs. Once successfully completed the player will need to pepper him with arrows until he flees back into his hole. Afterward Lara will remove his mask and take the bow from his body. This bow must be taken Masturbating with moms panties to Uchu to complete the quest.

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According to the map there are 11 of them, but most of them consist of a large of tasks that count towards the total of side missions available in the game.


The in-game counter is a bit off.


Much like other Tomb Raider games of late, the open world nature of Shadow of the Tomb Raider allows for players to explore a lot of side objectives.


Croft Trophy.