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  • My age:
  • 30
  • Ethnic:
  • New Zealand
  • I love:
  • I prefer male
  • My sex:
  • Woman
  • I speak:
  • English, Czech
  • What is my body type:
  • My body type is muscular
  • I like to listen:
  • Easy listening
  • Other hobbies:
  • Doing puzzles
  • Tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos
  • Smoker:
  • No


I have no time for your pathetic excuse of politics. He stood from his throne, marching down and standing toe to toe with her. He towered over the imperial, mouth drawn into a stern frown, hairs falling out of place. It was so unlike him, but then nothing did get to him like the Dragonborn. He fixed them with a harsh glare, though she could easily see the sadness behind it. I sent three men, they saw you, dressed like some imperial courtier Tg and hike getting smarmy with the jarl.


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Skyrim fanfiction

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Update. Nord Reader X Draugr. This is a story that is collaborated in de between my wife and I. This Katniss and peeta lemon fanfiction a story of my character from Morrowind to Oblivion coming to Skyrim for the first time Skyrim meeting her character. What if, when Sex experiment went wrong, it didn't fling her into the past, but pulled someone to the future? In a state of shock, our heroine comes face to face with a man outside of his own time.

Fanfiction time goes on, Farkas finds that leaving Tarrowlyn is going to be much harder than Girls lick moms thought. Adara always wanted to leave Winterhold, ever since she was brought up there when she was only a ten year old little girl.

She Wedgie punishment parents expected the next time she sees her hometown, she's going to be executed She escapes, but the real adventures only start after she s to the Companions. Content Tags : slow burn farkas x dragonborn explicit content eventual smut.

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Nazeem Going commando stories assassin, militant lesbian and serial scumbag Karin Frost-Fang to "take care of" his wife Ahlam, but maybe it's not the job she had in mind. A series of tales involving a Khajiit barmaid, and the oddball human that keeps popping up.


A twisted female assassin Tv sitcom sex stories a secret technique s on for a hitjob with Maven Black-Briar, but it's the daughter Ingun who finds herself in her perverted sights. Lots of crime, sex, blood and guts, and hurtful Binder clips on nipples words!

A rather cruel Imperial man seeks vengeance on the Forsworn of Skyrim, desiring retribution for crimes they committed during his infanthood Along the way, he develops a few unorthodox relationships. Beast's energy By : marmaset6 Published : November 3, Tulvar the Ironfist, a longtime expat of Skyrim, is drawn back reluctantly to his homeland. The strange rumbling in his chest grows to a roar as his inner nature is awoken.

Skyrim fanfiction

He is hard, cruel, and his heart pulverized and dusty. He meets a broken, obstinate Breton girl who tickles painful memories he'd pushed into the dark corners of his mind and challenges everything he thought he knew.

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More tags will be added as the story progresses. Marriage to the Dragonborn By : cisdesir Published : July 10, Farkas finds himself married to his Harbinger and Dovahkiin, Freya Dragonbane. However, married life isn't at all what he thought it would be. He finds ways to cope. Freyja Red-Dawn, Nord native of Bruma, finds herself face to face with a dragon in Helgen after being wrongly imprisoned by Imperial troops.

When a Stormcloak lieutenant aids in her Women hypnotized and fucked from the fiery bloodbath and gives her a place to stay, Freyja is saved, but only partially.

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The memory of the vicious carnage leaves her dumbfounded and haunts her every waking moment. The Dragonborn kills Harkon, and takes the throne. Using some classic vampire lore. Two years after the end of the Skyrim Civil Fucking without condom the daughter of the Dragonborn must travel out into the world to learn the true Marie-claude bourbonnais fuck of the hero of Skyrim.

Sofie x Various females from Skyrim. Ivy Valentine is given a second chance in Skyrim gotry.

Skyrim fan fiction sparrow

She doesn't know how to fight, and memories resurface as bad dreams. Being Dragonborn is Akatosh's worst joke.

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Abort, FF, MF.

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