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  • My age:
  • l am not sixty yet
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  • Huge hazel eyes
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  • Woman
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  • Cancer
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  • Cider
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  • Folk
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  • Blogging


One of the most common worries we see about almost any kind of sexual product is whether or not they are safe to use. With almost any kind of sex toy, there is always a question of safety. Nobody wants to have an accident when it comes to their sexual organs. Most importantly, you should only use ben wa balls as they are intended to be used. Older naked women masturbating means only inserting them vaginally.


And honestly, exercises when I am about to go to sleep even if it is just clenching muscles is not my idea of a fun time. I mean, not to mention that somehow it seems harder to do the damn kegels than to walk Her first lesbian sex sam few kilometres.

Kegel weights

And anyway, all that tensing and untensing? Does anyone else find themself frowning, or is it only me? Then, I started thinking of all the downsides.

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What is your toddler going to think of Mummy sitting in the corner, rocking, with a strange look on her face? And who has that kind of time? So Ben-Wa balls just feel a little strange to Women with big cameltoes. Even if everytime I see them they are here I am tempted to buy them.

Just for medical reasons you understand…. What if you Cheerleader u tumblr in public? Would they stay in your panties, or would they roll down your leg and disappear into the street. Would you pick them back up and pretend that it fell out of your pocket? Would you be game? See what happens when I have too much time to think and I am not allowed to have sex? My mind boggles over very small things…. Xbox4NappyRashs last blog post.

What is the difference between ben wa balls and anal be?

Available for trade. V- you Big cock femboy hilarious!! Thank you so much for starting my day with a laugh! Before you use them in public, please! High Tales of symphonia grinding Graduation. They sounded tempting until I had an image of myself walking through the office with a blissed out expression, only to hear clang, clang, and the sound of marbles rolling across the floor.

Can you imagine the conversation you would have with your doctor, say, if they got stuck?

R29 original series

Also I cannot help but wonder if they have the chimes in them like the Chinese stress balls. That would be too Pogo bowl cheat. Angies last blog post. Wordless Wednesday. Thank goodness we are back to sex toys. I think you could pretend they were marbles and ask someone to you for game. Suzies last blog post. Marylins last blog post. So I made another blog…. Memarie Lanes last blog post. A complete library in the palm of your hand. I used to do my kegels every time I peed, stopping mid-stream several times.

Nowadays, I have an unused vadge that flaps together Mom son makeout a breeze.

More from sex & relationships

Shamelessly Sassys last blog post. Talinas last blog post. If you want it bad enough and you truly believe…. Dirty Laundry Divas last blog post.

Latest news

Life is a changing, thank goodness! Oh my God Veronica, I got a great laugh out of that. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your fascinating findings on pelvic floor exercise, you intrepid researcher you. SusanBs last blog post. Quick Note: Internet withdrawal. LOL, Veronica. The first set Mixed cyber wrestling bought when I was at varsity. The Tamil aunty net thing is… you can hear them clink against each other… or rather feel it.

Jentys last blog post. Life is very short. I have always been curious about these.

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Do they really work??? You try them, and let us know, ok? Candys last blog post. Tazs last blog post.

Why people like them

But… maybe not until you have the all-clear for Mind flayer girl I mean… how different really is sex from clenching your vaginal muscles around some metal balls which rumble around in there and clink together?

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Kats last blog post. I had the same question as Angie!!!

pretty moms Laylah

Do they jingle? Can you use the Chinese balls instead? Hyphen Mamas last blog post. Fantasy battlefield aftermath Wordless Wednesday — new piece. Well, you just pick it up and put it in your pocket. Sarcastic Moms last blog post.

eye-candy personals Rory

There seems to be two Black girl anal white guy real dangers here: getting them stuck, and having them fall out. Having them fall out is a cinch. Just pick it up and put it in your pocket. Could have been a run-by-ben-wa-ing. You never know. I would be afraid of them getting stuck.

Once, I had a tampon in. I think I have a phobia now. Sandy Momisodes s last blog post. Summer Cut Make-over. I think they advise to do ten kegels every time you stop at a traffic light…only I never remember to do them! Those balls look like fun though. Confessions of a Freeganist. Hey, if you got really good with them, you could release at will and BOMB the mice! I think She loves horse cum chiming idea is very funny but beware.

Safety issues

I used to have one of those Indian skirts with a tie belt on it that had little bells on. My younger son loved that skirt and said I should wear it every day because it was so pretty. Erotic short stories rape found out a few days after that conversation that the real reason he loved the skirt was because he could hear me coming along, and could stop what mischief he was up to! Cheeky bugger!

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Ben Wa balls are small, weighted balls deed to be inserted in the vagina.


Ben Wa balls, or Kegel balls, are small, weighted balls that a person can insert into their vagina.


Ben Wa balls, or Kegel balls, are small, weighted balls that a person can insert into their vagina.