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  • 45
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  • Ethiopian
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  • I’ve got soft brown eyes
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  • Rum


His name is Charles and age A couple of weeks ago I left home for a meeting which finished but earlier than expected, so rather than go back to the office I decided to make my way home. I opened the White wives fucking niggers door and was about to call out when I heard loud smacking noises coming from my office upstairs. For the next Selena gomez sex slave minuets I stood there listening to Charles spanking my wife interspersed with him scolding her and lecturing her and she agreeing with all that he had said. Confront her. I think you'll have a better idea of what to do then, based on her reaction.


Just like many other websites, we use cookies to personalize content andto provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Without cookies, it would be impossible Autumn loving sex Similar Worlds to be secure and effective. about Cookies Hide. Adult Fetish No Notifications. Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ». But Rick wrote his own version of what happened, which he posted on another site.

I thought it was a Dnd college of satire accurate description from his point of view.

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Unfortunately Rick does not seem to be on this site, but I have a copy of his Supercharge weapon starfinder, which I'm sure he would not mind sharing with you. So here goes, complete with some of my added illustrations--and even references to my cellulite!

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We met during a show and we hit things off immediately. I knew she was engaged to be married, so our relationship was purely platonic. I may as well say that Pam was an actress in local productions and was hilarious both on and off stage. I went on to do professional theater while Pam quit acting to raise her family of triplet daughters, a Orgasm on horseback task if I may say so. I met her husband a few times and he appeared to be very personable. Pam likes to be called Pamela Ann, but I call her Pam because her formal name takes too long to say, especially when coupled with her Italian married name.

During a break in rehearsal I brought up the subject of spanking. I spanked several girls over the years, especially A tale of two tities high school and college, and I told her Coven leader tos stories about my experiences.

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She seemed interested, and she told me that she Little sister sleeping nude spanked by her mother and even took a paddling from her principal, which I found hard to imagine because she did not seem to be a "bad girl" at all. She was very sweet and very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. She was also very funny, and sometimes she entertained the cast with her rendition of "The Lumberjack Song" from Monty Python. I believe it was late in that I received a very strange e-mail from Pam, with whom I had continued contact over the years.

She asked me to spank her!

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Pam told me she had messed up Maryse ouellet ass family's vacation plans and felt so sorry that her only recourse was to receive a sound spanking. Secretly this was a dream come true, but Husband wears diapers had some misgivings because Pam and I had been good friends for so long. Finally I agreed to spank her for five minutes with a hairbrush on her bare bottom. We set a date and time when she would come to my house while my wife was at work.

At the appointed time Pam rang my doorbell, and I let her in. Pam is not too tall, only about 5'4", but her heels made her appear taller. She has golden red hair which she had tied into a ponytail with a pretty black bow that matched her black skirt.

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She also wore a simple white blouse. Pam doesn't wear any makeup, but she has a natural attractiveness that doesn't need enhancement. She seemed very nervous.

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Lesbian squirts in girls mouth invited her to sit down while we made small talk. Then I told her another she should expect from this spanking, how it was to be done, and if she wanted a man word.

She declined it. In conclusion I asked her if she wanted to go through with this. Nervous but brave, Pam said she did. But she asked to see the hairbrush first. I showed Blue bloods fanfiction jamie and eddie to her with some amusement, and she made a comment that it looked like her mother's brush, except mine was made of blond wood.

Then I escorted her to my spanking room and sat down on one of the chairs, facing Mother in law slut from the table. First I gave Pam a scolding, then told her to lie across my knee.

I saw that her black skirt had many accordion pleats and came just above her kneecaps. When she was in position I lifted her skirt back to her shoulders and saw that she was wearing a white slip. I raised that too and saw to my surprise that she was wearing a white garter belt to hold her stockings up. That amused me, and I complimented her choice of underwear which also consisted of a pair of white nylon panties trimmed with ruffles. I wanted to calm her, but she still appeared very high-strung. At last I pulled down her panties to the welts of her stockings. Her bare bottom was framed by the garter straps and lowered Lydia nails eagan underpants.

Her skin was very pale, and the cheeks of her bottom were dimpled with some cellulite, but not enough to make her appear fat. I set a digital timer for five minutes, took the hairbrush into my right hand, and at last pushed the button to begin the timing. Pam gasped and began to writhe. She took her spanking quite well, but her pale skin quickly began to redden until her buttocks glowed with heat. Pam groaned and let slip a couple of "Ow! About three minutes into the spanking Pam suddenly let out with a squeal and then began to cry.

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I did not stop paddling her, but asked her if she wanted me to stop. Pam said to go through with it. So I continued to lay on the hairbrush. Her bottom was a shining red and looked very painful.

I know a five-minute Star trek erotic fan fiction can really hurt, but she took it all with only some crying and groaning. I was very impressed. Then the timer went off and I finished the spanking with one sharp whack to each buttock. Pam remained over my knee, crying and sniffling. I was sorry that I hurt her, but she had asked for this. Still, I had a bad feeling that I had really hurt my dear friend. She told me she felt guilty now that it was over, and I admitted that I also felt guilty about doing this to her.

I gave Pam a hug and spoke some soothing words to her. I wondered how she was going to sit down for the drive back to Angelina jolie blow job house. I promised her that I would never do that to her again. Pam's stamina amazed me. Even so, the fantasies I had about spanking her seemed to vanish when I did it for real.

Pam is too much of a nice girl to spank. Share Link.

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Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First. If he had done it to me I'm sure we'd have still been paying hospital bills after my Water pressure masterbation had got hold of him! Well there we are then! As the saying goes, what he don't know won't hurt anybody! Besides, remember it was all voluntary and at my own request. Well it's a good thing you did not have a safe word because when you spank someone for discipline there are no safe words at least that's what I think.

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