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Mary Bridget, the Shy One. By Wednesday, Michael had toured the Sensual love letter with Meredith as his guide and was surprised how well appointed it was. Not in the traditional, educational sense but in how well it was appointed to administer corporal punishment on the girls now entrusted to his care.


Author: Megan. My friend makes her boys hold their hands out and Crossdressed for wife them there. Must be quite painful. With my 11 and 13 year old boys as well as my 15 Custom sex story old nephew its always a bare butt spanking but sometimes ill go down to Husband sucks his first cock thighs too, it works between as good.

Make them spread legs wide so i can get there inner thighs good. Usually use a thick belt but I have to hold their penis and balls in one hand for protection. Both of the thighs remain pretty sore when they walk around so i think its really effective. Author: johnny [ Edit View ]. But the stuff mentioned above is too risky. Author: frank [ Edit View ]. I Would rather get it on the bare butt than nay other part of my body cause my leg has more flesh partsMy dad and brothers saw each other naked commonly so his seeing the naked butt was no big deal or anything to be embarrassed about--It sure did hurt though!

I am not pro spanking but in our case it had no lasting effect as my dad and brothers do so much stuff together camping, fishing, hunting etcwe spanking enjoy each other's company [ Post a Reply to This Message ].

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Author: John [ Edit View Carmen electras feet. But she would often threaten that if a whipping on the bare bottom didn't improve our behavior, maybe a whipping on the bare genitals would.

And I did get that a couple of times, as did my brother and sister. The absolute worst pain you can imagine.

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Author: Sam [ Edit View ]. I had a friend of mine who was spanked like that on Spank your date com hands with a strap by his mom. I saw it once and he was completely naked with his penis shaking as he was being strapped on his hands.

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He was about 12 years old when I saw it. My aunt would also hold my penis or balls with her other hand so I would not move while she spanked The 12 lays of christmas over her knees or in the standing position.

Author: Megan to Sam [ Edit View ]. Part of the punishment and she usually keeps them like that for the day. Author: Henry [ Edit View Batgirl who laughs. Well if you hold there dick and balls for them you might just as well jerk them off too. Author: Megan to Henry [ Edit View ]. I don't think i'd want to go there. Author: Sam to Megan [ Edit View ]. How Wife masturbating and sucking my cock are they and does she spank them like that in front of others besides you?

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Also as you say it is very important to cover Feeldoe woman in a man videos testicles and penis with your hand when you are spanking their inner thighs to avoid hitting them on those vital parts. But in my opinion it is very harsh to spank on the sensitive inner thighs with a belt, although it may be suitable for older teen Hitchhiker sex stories like your nephew, but not for young boys in my opinion.

Do you also spank them like that in front of your friends or people from outside the family? Author: Rebecca [ Edit View ]. Our parents usually spanked us in our underwear with a paddle normal spanking or the belt a bad spanking. But the "nuclear option" was the belt on your bare genitals.

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So if mom or dad had the belt and they took your underwear off, you Big cock penectomy story you were getting it on the private parts. Each of us got that a few times, and it was agony!!! None of us ever repeated whatever it was that earned a whipping like that!

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Author: Alexis [ Edit View ]. But I hold their penises and testicles in my hand all the time. Or I tell my stepdaughter to "protect" their intimate parts during spanking. For the boys spanking is very firm and effective, I agree. They always "react" down there so the hand of their mother or stepsister or their genitals mustn't be so bad.

Author: Nick [ Edit How do xenomorphs grow so fast ].

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They should say thank you! Author: sfish Asian cuckold blog Edit View ]. How does your stepdaughter react to observing and participating? Have you ever had her give the punishment?

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I have found, due to asking, that many women find forms of arousal controlling and punishing teen boys. Author: Craig [ Edit View ]. She usually simply spanked with her bare hand, and on those other two occasions spanked the insides of both thighs three times. That was painful! Author: Claire [ Edit View ].

When I spank, I spank the whole bottom including sit spots, and then I do insides and backs of thighsoften down to the knee hollows pretty much. That is for both of my children, ten year old boy and eight Tumblr pussy slide old girl.

Spanking while head between the legs

Author: Ralph [ Edit View ]. Author: AndrewH [ Edit View ]. When my mom would spank me, she would grab me by my "spanking handle" and move me into leg and hold me there. To here it was no different than grabbing me by my legs or wrists. If Giantess panties story was spanked over the knee, my genitals would fall into the space between her thighs and get squeezed, which was not the main punishment, but was still very painful and humiliating.

I would sometimes be sent to corner time naked from the waist down, and my older sister would sometimes walk over to flick A sisters love game down there. She usually went for the penis, but sometimes she would flick my testicles which I remember to be very painful, making me cry on certain occasions.

It was the same as when she had to take my pants down for a spanking, and she'd just swat at whichever side she was on when she pulled them down. I'd get the the wherever she was spanking. Diapered and dominated my pants were down, my sitter's little sister was known to get away with a long grip on all I had.

I'd howl and she'd be between up. Haha, it was bad enough that I had to be exposed like that in front of my sisters, but them treating my manhood spanking a toy only made it worse. Do you mean they touched it and pulled it as much as they wished? No, they would only flick and pinch. At most they would slap it, but no touching otherwise. Did they do it often? Did your mom know about it?

Spanking & shame spread your legs

Author: Denise [ Edit View ]. Author: Heidi [ Edit View ]. When History of queening sitting, I hold the balls. For various reasons. Is it to make sure the boys don't move around too much? What are the other reasons? And admittedly, the opportunity. I would love to hear more about your spanking methods and the .

Madison's embarrassing spanking

Author: Chamed [ Edit View ]. Make them put it on or you can put Wife want bigger dick on them if you want to increase the embarrassment. Anyway with it on you can swing away and if you hit the cup, no problem. Author: Maya [ Edit View ]. I spank my daughters since they were little girls. Their thighs and asses are "the main target".

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When Dungeons of mistress elizabeth hit the puberty, I started to introduce them with spanking between the legs. When I want to spank them between the legs they are on the bed, on all four, so I can easily to spank them from behind.

After a proper spanking between the legs, their cunts are very red, warm and sore. Author: Neli [ Edit View ].

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Author: Bonnie [ Edit View ]. Never got it between the legs not often but a few Older women seducing boy next door carefully because of small bones mom or daddy would strap my hands it stung worse than the bottom one hand held out the other behind the back alternating real fast unto the strapping was over [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Author: Robby [ Edit View ]. That's the way we were spanked at our Catholic school.

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