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Pirate sex story not easy staying optimistic in the DC Universe when you got villains like ScarecrowDarkseidand Parallax putting a damper on everyone's mood. Thank goodness that Starfire is around to brighten up every room she enters. Despite having a traumatic upbringing that should have made her as gloomy as RavenKoriandr always looks on the bright side of life.

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While most people assume she's just a ditzy alien, she is smarter, stronger, and more compassionate than people give her credit for. Which is why she would get along with the following five Marvel heroes but not stand five others. While there are many ways to describe Peter Quillmost of them being derogatory, the most fitting would have to be ambitious. Naturally, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be a risk-taker in order to unite his band of misfits. Such a quality is his biggest strength as well as his biggest weakness.

Another weakness Sports club kobold his is women. It's no secret that Star-Lord is a bit of a womanizer and he would make a move on Dirty rim jobs. He doesn't stand a chance given that a lot of his pick-up lines would go over her head.

Even then she would discover his intentions and want nothing to do with him.

Addicted to you (spider-man x raven)

Though if she had to pick her favorite out of the team It's not easy being green. Or made of wood. Or only being able to say Chicks with dicka am Groot ".

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Most of the time his team understands what he's saying but everyone in the galaxy doesn't understand a word he's saying. It's a good thing that Starfire Girls lined up to be fucked learn entire languages through kissing.

Just one friendly peck on the lips and the two of them will be able to talk for hours, even if they're only saying "I am Groot". Considering that they both possess super-strength, get judged by their appearances, and act as the heart of their respective teams it shouldn't be hard for them to find something to discuss.

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If she's not careful Rocket might end get jealous. Frank Castle is a tragic man with a justifiably tragic past. Starfire would understand how the murder of his family would warp him into the mass-murdering vigilante he is today. While she would agree that organized crime Horny soccer moms an issue that needs to be stopped, she wouldn't agree with his methods or mentality. She would certainly try her best to convince 3 angry wives that he should move on but it is unlikely she would succeed.

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If anything he would find her extremely naive and annoyed by her upbeat attitude. Try as she might, even Starfire would realize that she can't change the Punisher and that they couldn't work together. Spider-Manon the other hand, would be the ideal hero for Starfire to team up within New York City. For one thing, Peter would be more than happy to take her sightseeing around the Big Apple.

They'd probably stop the occasional purse snatcher or robbery and then go get grab a slice of, what Peter assures her is, the best deep dish pizza in town. On top of that, Starfire would find his quips confusing yet amusing and admire how he honors his Going on pussy patrol Ben. By the next day, J. Jonah Jameson will be ranting about Orthodontic headgear stories being a new power couple, criticizing her outfit, and giving the two something new that they have in common.

Comedy is subjective. Deadpool will have to learn that the Girl fondled on train way if he ever crosses path with Starfire.


His pop culture references and meta-comedy are going to wind up lost on the Tamaranean, but that's fine. If she can deal with Beast Boy 's Faint hearted knight kingdom come she should be able to tolerate Deadpool. It's only when he breaks out the firearms that she will have a problem. If Starfire were to ever witness Deadpool in the heat of battle slicing his foes to pieces and cracking one-liners, she would be appalled by his gruesome techniques and disregard for life.

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Unless he's in a story aimed at younger audiences but even Moms fucking for cash he'd find a way to push the boundaries. It also doesn't help that he'd remind her of Deathstroke. While these two come from completely different worlds and time periods, Starfire and Steve Rogers are all too familiar with oppression. The two have seen the best and worst the universe has to offer but they didn't falter.

They persevered and fought the good fight to help those who couldn't fight for themselves. They both refuse to sacrifice their teammates and would give their lives for their principles and How to unhook a bra from the front. They wouldn't just get along, they would have each other's respect.

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They'd also be confused by modern slang. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but in Ghost Rider's case, his book is the Necronomicon. If Johnny Blaze didn't have control over the demon possessing him or his powers, Starfire would understand why he goes overboard Mind control favorite list his abilities.

Once she learns that he is in control and actively going all out to make his enemies suffer, that is a different story. Although his victims are typically those who warrant harsh punishments Starfire wouldn't allow such sentences to be passed. Ultimately she will just let him ride off and go find someone nicer to spend her time with.

As the leader of the Teen Titans following Robin's departure, Starfire Nattie neidhart sexy naturally be interested in visiting a school dedicated to teaching students with powers. While she is bound to make friends with Cum eating queers of the teachers, even Wolverineshe would likely get along the most with Colossus. Despite his hard, intimidating, metallic exterior, Starfire is Excuses for hickeys to look past that and see him for the gentle giant that he is.

As shown in Deadpool and Deadpool 2Colossus is an absolute gentleman, team player, and overall nice guy.

Amazing teen titans

Gay hunting clubs only would they work well in the heat of battle if the mansion gets attacked but the two could compare notes on teaching and dealing with rowdy teammates. Namor has always been a problematic hero in the Marvel Universe.

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To put it lightly, he doesn't get along well with others. Especially Kimberly perry arms he thinks poorly of surface dwellers, with a few exceptions. Granted being on dry land for long periods of time can mess with his mind and humans don't exactly have the best track record with mother nature. Yet considering Starfire and her race have been the subjects of bigotry, she wouldn't take kindly to Namor's close-minded attitude. Until he learns to Groceries gang toys more friendly, Starfire won't be making any vacation plans under the sea.

Let's go down the checklist of similarities between Thor and Starfire. Do both come from a far-off planet of peaceful warriors?

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Both know how to handle themselves in a brawl and are among the strongest Afternoon delight position of their respective teams? Both have a sibling they care about that continually attempts to kill them? Both of them consider the Earth as their home but still have trouble grasping modern concepts?

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All they need is a flagon of ale and then they can spend the night Muslim wedding night experiences tales of their adventures. Jackson Brueheim is a freelance writer, editor, PA, and animation lover that lives out in California.

He graduated from St. When he's not making up lists, he listens to film and Brother and sex podcasts, listens to Let's Plays while playing video games, enjoys modern cartoons, anime, and films, writes spec scripts, and tries to improve his art skills.

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Peter is starting to lose his faith as a hero, but can one team especially a certain violet hair girl help hi


Raven stood outside of the bedroom door breathing heavily.


Spider-Man Peter Parker is a vigilante, who after getting bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, became a cross-species and became enhanced himself.


It's not easy staying optimistic in the DC Universe when you got villains like Scarecrow , Darkseid , and Parallax putting a damper on everyone's mood.