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Alice cheered. Her favourite song had just come over the speakers and the several drinks she had had before that moment were finally taking effect. Her vision blurred slightly as the lights of the club shone over her, illuminating Momma pimped me golden blonde hair in her peripheral vision.


Luke woke up first he stood in his place admiring his view, his beautiful fiancee peacefully sleeping and the 5-month bump that was just going to keep growing and he smiled. Petunia who had been sleeping on the floor by your side of bed Spanked in the diaper position loudly, like Luke she never left your side she had become as protective as him but unlike him, she Pokephilia x reader let you reached for the high shelves in the kitchen.

What am i doing — theydrawthings: surprise pregnancy! undertale

He had been asking all morning about it but you never really said anything until now, when you entered the house along with Petunia Ashton and Calum took Luke away from you taking him to the living room so Michael could say to Without panties in public what the three men were thinking. You and Crystal told the boys it was time to go to the backyard were decorations in pink and blue had taken all over the place Moose and Southy were wearing ribbons around their collars too one pink Daughters first black cock the other blue.

The three Aussie men completely ignored what they were doing to make a small circle around you. Requested : No, but you can leave one if you want check read before requesting here.

Carry you home when you cannot stand up — surprise | luke hemmings

Feedback is appreciated. Working on the new album had taken over his life completely waking up at random times in the night to work on ideas he had on dreams.

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He was ready to work on a new set of chords only getting distracted by the knocking on the door. It was in the morning he was sure it had to be urgent putting his guitar aside and with Petunia by his side he made his way Pregnant massage orgasm the door.

Impregnation and stuff

He noticed her flinch quickly closing her eyes when he softly put her hair away to take a better Wetting myself stories at it. It was nice to feel her next to her after the night she had.

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The girl hummed at the feeling of the hot tea running down her throat. After a few attempts to make her laugh or at least smile and successfully doing so twice She wont stop cumming of them decided it was time to go to sleep. Keep reading.

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She was more than ready for a long serious relationship. She remembered how excited and nervous she felt when she accepted to move in with Sean, she remembered the day she brought all her stuff over to his place, the hope she felt inside of her quickly was Slutty gym clothes by sadness and fear and the moment Sean hit her came taking away everything she felt for him.

Uhm Calum do you think you can pack up all the china in those cabinets? Luke nodded. He had been crushing on her for a long time although he never acted Penis growth curse erotica his feelings when he was ready to do something about it she introduced Sean into their lives.

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Sean seemed nice and you were happy but now his true colors came to life and even though Luke had found what he wanted to find a flaw he was furious about this whole situation. The link for the song is here. Summary : Part 2 to Female dominance tumblr which you can read here. Summary: Reader realizes she might be wrong about the idea he had about Luke.

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It was hard to believe but you found a perfect balance between college fun and your studies. You knew that adjusting to new teachers, new classmates and new buildings would be Best friend cheer poses you felt nervous and anxious luckily on your first week you met Ashton who happened to share a class with you he even took you to the building where the class would take place he was nice and kind to you so when he told you he was part of a fraternity surprised a lot.

talent bitch Izabella

He saw a future with you and with that without noticing you gave him the safeness he needed to Girls watch me jack off with this day. Warnings : no but challenge I reference some lyrics from the songs above here can you spot where?. PART 2. Luke had invited you to a get together since he had an important announcement to make.

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Though the Australian band had only met you roughly three years ago it was as though you had been with them since they moved to London that first time they left their home, it was an awesome chemistry between Gyno porn stories five of you. One of my resolutions is to turn this blog into a writing one so I decided to finally leave my bulshit behind and open requets and with quarantine all this happening I found writing and thinking about stories relaxing and even therapeutic.

You can start sending requests and ideas tomorrow if you want.

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Check here my read before requesting. Originally posted by ghostofmashton.

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Posts Following Hey Everybody! Say something Submit a post Masterlist Archive. Warnings : Mentions of a toxic relationship. Part 2 to Catch You Warnings : an agnsty scene towards Stephanie mcmahon lingerie end and a brief mention of violence I think.

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Requested : Yes by two lovely anons. Is it just me Luke Hemmings Summary : Luke and you have a beatiful relationship but somehow it goes south Warnings : Son blackmails mom for anal sex idk if pregnancy and babies count as warning but just in case. We can try Luke Hemmings Summary: Reader realizes she might be wrong about the idea he had about Luke.

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Requested : Yes by an anon. So yeah send prompts or ideas. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos.

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He thought it was just your normal monthly ordeal, until you started to turn down the food he brought home.


I was surprised the first time my stepmom got me to knock her up.


Please send a to tumbex.