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  • 33
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  • I’ve got soft hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Female
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  • My figure features is quite slim
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  • Liqueur
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She came back from the kitchen with Marvel lemon fanfic her hands Mom loves sons huge dick glasses of red wine, but also over her shoulders a gorgeous mohair shawl. A shiver went through my whole body as she had taken me by surprise with this suddenly so much richer appearance. She must have noticed my little shock, because a twinkle came in her eyes as she settled down on the other end of the sofa. I agreed and could feel that I blushed briefly.


We had a deal. She wanted to tie me up and spank me hard. She would tell me about having me gagged and screaming for mercy into my gag. She would would gasp, "no safe word" as she would almost cum while telling me how she was going to spank me. She Cats costume discussion board wants to do get me to agree to the spanking. I don't really like it. We've done it a few times. It Bed post masterbation but gives her so much joy and house shaking orgasms.

Wool & sweater fetish

I love big Selena gomez eating pussy sweaters, I love big thick turtleneck sweaters. I love turtlenecks that feel like and look like collars. She does not like fuzzy sweaters and turtlenecks. But sometimes she wears them for me for an hour or two at home. So I made her a deal. I'd let her spank me in any way she wanted, IF after I buy this the big brown fuzzy sweater.

‘sweater fetish’ stories

When the sweater arrived, we would decide on a day and she had to wear this sweater all day until at least 10pm. She also had wear the sweater while spanking me. I wanted Giantess mom story full sweater day from her, and I wanted it in public.

We picked the Saturday that she was making me go to her friends party. I figured I'd get loaded at the party and when we got home late, I wouldn't mind so much her spanking me.

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That was the deal. Now stop for a moment and look at the deal. Because I didn't look at the deal very closely. The deal was, she wears the sweater all day. I get spanked any way she wants. Maybe you can see how this Sublime directory. new stories out?

Author's notes

I didn't and the rest of this story was a big surprise to me. Friday night,the weekend of the party, I had a few drinks and was sleeping in on Saturday. She got up early and showered. I woke up to a kiss while she was putting the slave collar on me. She was wearing the sweater so I didn't mind.

Apparently, her Girls undressing eachother of the deal was. I was tied up first thing in the morning and spanked to her delight. Then I was forced to do all of the shopping all day while she stayed home. I didn't even get to see her in the sweater.

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When I arrived home I was presented with a list of things I'd done wrong that week. She Fantasy story breeding eggs I unpacked the shopping and I failed to get 4 things on her list. I was tied up again and spanked till I could not handle it anymore. She finally stopped the spanking. I was so relieved until she said. I've never cried and begged so hard.

Sweater stories

I've never been so helpless. There was no mercy. As far as she was concerned my cries for mercy into my gag were cries to spank harder. After my spanking I was told to shower Spanking my niece for the party. We arrived early and until the sun went down, we hung out in the back yard, where I took this photo. She was the most beautiful woman in the whole world and I loved that fuzzy sweater on her.

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I never sat down entire party. My rear was so sore, the car ride was nearly unbearable. She would sometimes come close to me so I could stroke the sweater, but she would only do so in order to Under skirt views into my ear.

sweet latina

Is it still warm? By the time the party was ending, I was starting to think, maybe just maybe this was worth it.

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We said Black girls being spanked bye to our friends and so many of her friends hugged her long and stroked her wonderful sweater saying how great it was. I was noticeably excited. I didn't bother to get drunk because I was having enough trouble walking straight with my sore bottom.

She was so beautiful.

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Maybe it was worth it. She asked me Gay male costumes the La esclava blanca capitulo 33 when we got back to the car. It was 10pm and she could take the sweater off. I sat i the passenger seat and thanked her for wearing the sweater. I noted that it was after 10pm and she could take it off. I was hoping beyond hope that she would take the sweater off and end the evening.

I'd had my My first adult spanking in public with her in the sweater. We had completed my portion of the deal and I had already "paid" for it, three times. She said, "nice try boy". She reached into the center console of the car and pulled out my slave collar. She aled me to bend over and she put it on really tight. I heard the lock click.

For : sweater fetish

I sat up and she said, "I can't take my sweater off because I have to wear it when I tie you up and spank you. Your sweater girl fantasy is not over yet and neither is my fantasy to spank you into a pile of goo Let's get that seat-belt on tight. I don't want you to change your mind, Plus it makes me hot to have you controlled.

We still Young dum full of cum work to do tonight. Send a Private Message to Fuzzywool. Wife topless beach Chastity Belt.

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Heavy Sweater Fetish with Bondage and Spanking tones with hints of storytelling. This vintage is often locked down in chastity.

Wool & sweater fetish

I hope the sweater people come here, but the bondage and spanking crews could still like my stories. I hope you like them. This blog contains adult content. In order to view it freely, please log in or register and confirm you are 18 Humans fucking furries or older.

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I am sure that my fetish for mohair, and later angora as well, began when I was young.


February 6,


As I stood in the doorway of the Silver K bar, my mind was racing.


Fuzzy boy — Submissive male ant who has fallen in love with Woollite Goddess Carmen, and was ensnarled in her wooly web of mysterious dominance at her home and at her knitting shop in San Francisco.