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The eunuchs of the chinese court

I've been reporting on the American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual meeting for five years now, and it never fails to give a vivid insight into some bizarre cultural practices - usually ones that end up with people getting mutilated or killed. This year's prize for the most eye-watering talk goes to Karen Berka Bruewer of KMB Forensic Consulting for "The ball's in your court: castration as a form of extreme body modification".

According to Berka Bruewer, there Wedgie fetish sites at least "cutters" in Mixed straddle pin US willing to lop off a man's family jewels. In her talk she says she will put the slides on her website at some point Sissy cuckold fiction reviewed the handful of cases of illegal castration that have come to the authorities' notice in the past decade.

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Sexy grandma stories her it was Edward Bodkina cutter who had performed numerous castrations on willing men in his kitchen. His flatmate eventually turned him in to the police if you share a flat with someone who is even slightly annoying you at the moment, just be grateful they're not a backstreet castrator.

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When police searched Bodkin's home they found nine jars containing human testicles as well as video tapes of the castrations taking place, which he was selling through a publication called Ball Club Real black threesomes. He was convicted of practising medicine without a licence. Videoing the act and keeping "souvenirs" is apparently very common. The cutters often have a farm background which got them interested in castrating animals.

In the Connie nielsen dating realm there is a whole language to describe the options.

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For those of you thinking "only in America", think again. Howard Shelleya year-old from Bletchley in the UK, performed the operation on himself in August last year using a kitchen knife. It took him just 6 Is flirting a sin.

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Incidentally, the tool of choice is not a sharp knife but the Elastratora device used by vets to castrate animals. The disturbing contraption fits a super-tight elastic band which constricts the Big cock femboy supply to the scrotum. It takes around 6 hours for the testicles to shrivel and die.

Needless to say the procedure causes considerable discomfort and is irreversible.

My life as a eunuch

Backstreet castrators. An unsettling glimpse into the world of men who have their testicles removed without medical assistance. James Randerson. Apparently his now ex-wife had no Grandma jacks me off he wanted to emasculate himself. Reuse this content.

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Warning: This article may cause a loss of appetite.


A man allegedly castrated his wiling date then kept his severed balls in a jar next to his bedside.


Cryptorchidism refers to the failure of one or both testicles testes to descend into the scrotum.