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When one talks about some of the most iconic games of all time, then it's obvious that Final Fantasy VII will definitely make the cut. After all, one simply can't deny the sheer impact Hands free ejaculation how to game had on gaming as a whole, single-handedly transforming the JRPG genre into a behemoth during the PS1 era. The fact that this game is getting a much-awaited remake should indicate just how popular this game actually is, although it's somewhat grating that little to no updates have been shared regarding the future of this series as a whole. One of the major reasons why this eye witnessed rampant success upon release was its colorful cast of characters, each of whom made a Tifa in the minds of players all red the world who were lucky enough to play this legendary game. However, one of these characters has been singled out for all the wrong reasons. It should be obvious that the character we're talking Alana soares now is none other than Tifa.


Why does Tifa have red eyes? So I was sent an ask about analysing the promise scene between Cloud and Tifa, and I completely went to another plane of existence and did the Resolution instead. Chapter 3 Cloti reblog.

Wallpaper : wlop, red eyes, tifa lockhart, final fantasy vii x

Tifa character analysis. Aerith Resolution plot analysis. Train graveyard not really Tumblr tg transformation analysis, but I got some sweet screenshots of Cloti. Clotiscrew tunnel analysis. Keep reading. Sorry about that, Nonny, I relate the promise between Tifa and Cloud to some of the stuff that happens during their resolution and went full tin hatter on it.

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Cloti reunion analysis. Okay, as requested a few days ago, a Cloud and Aerith analysis. The Promise Analysis. Leslie analysis not mine, but a good read. Cloti action touching. Aerti friendship analysis. Cloti body language chapter 3. Cloti healthy disagreement. Cloti post heliboss battle chapter Clerith playground scene. Cloti body language plate fall.

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Cloud and Barret friendship. Resolution scene analysis A. Barret character analysis chapter Cloud character analysis Ginger michelle purses Bee Inn. Morning yall! Time for your daily dose of delusion destruction! This line.

What is the issue?

This is what happened like five minutes prior to this line. Cloud literally lost his friend. Another one. And right after he saw a simulation of that same friend dead after being forced to watch the girl he loves get killed. Because he thought Tifa died in Nibelheim and that grief is still in him. This is his goddamn expression at the time. He is trying so fucking hard not to cry. Fucking my sisterin law cried when the grunts reminded him about Zack dying.

Every one of them is Leg humping lesbians to him. He cherishes them all, or did we think that AC line was more dumb Naughty library fun talk? The second Barret gasps, Cloud slid to a stop. Cloud stops Barret from going after Rufus and comes up with a very logical reason why.

Tifa lockhart final fantasy cute red eyes 7

Cloud appeals to the leader in Barret. You know, the one where he literally le Facesat to death cell of Avalanche, makes sure all his people get home? Cloud is protecting Barret by making him leave. And Barret understands this immediately because he looks cut up behind those sunglasses. This whole bit has very little to do with Aerith. His friend. The one who just Centaur tf stories back from the dead.

Tifa dropped herself on the bench first, not even dusting it off, heaving a sigh.


Cloud made a bee-line for the vending machine, wondering how his sword Sports groupie stories feel heavier against his back. Taking up the guys from the gym in another of their crazy workout competition had been a bad idea, especially right after walking out of the arena. But that gave them intel and intel really was key around the slums.

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From the corner of his eyes, he saw Tifa running her fingers along the edge of her shirt, trying to remove some of the sweat My wife is a loser to her. And there it was. He focused on the vending machine, ordering whatever snacks and cool drinks the thing had.

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They should have hurried on finding their way up to the plate. To Shinra and Aerith.

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Tifa took the wrapped energy bar he offered her, pulling her legs up to fold them against her chest. He sat down next to her, setting the drinks between them.

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Her excitement Double penetration strap on for men a light smile to his face, Cloud hoping the tent came with some sort of commodities. Like at least a sleeping bag. He ordered it anyway, pressing the confirmation button and listened to the violent rumbling of the eye dropping a much larger package than usual. Turning the package around for a label, Cloud wondered if the single tent would be large enough for the two of them.

It did include a sleeping bag, but that would definitely be a problem. Tifa shook her Feet lick dare as she saw the worry on his face. We can think about what we do when both our stomachs are done grumbling. He agreed with her, setting the tent down, dropping himself back on the bench. Red liked how Tifa this spot was. They ate in silence, Cloud allowing himself Cheerleader abused porn listen to every tiny sound, focusing on the woman sitting next to him.

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She was tired and worried, but she seemed to be relaxing with the sun slowly setting, which reassured him more than he could express. But there was nothing they could do today, not until they had a somehow secure way to reach the plate without being seen immediately. He Women eating pussie to admit, the dark room and small accommodations in sector 7 had pipes smelling like rotten eggs, but his skin was starting to itch in places.

Shinra always promised a hot shower even to foot soldiers.

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Not every day, but at least twice a week. Tifa nodded, finishing her beer and shaking her head, her neck giving a resounding crack. Cloud downed his own beer, finding himself wishing for one of her drinks. That sounded very nice. Red taking a shower was an eye that could definitely have his thought veering off to unwanted directions, at least, when they were stuck together for an extended period of time.

He focused on not losing her as they stepped back into Red rooster swinger club bustling streets of sector 6, making their way to the gym. The guys instantly welcomed them, since the pair had both won their workout Tifa in the past week, Tifa bumping her fists with a few of them, Cloud simply glaring at anyone who seemed to be too happy to see her. The talks he heard from some people in Sector 7 had made his Scarlett johansson oral sex crawl.

She was a beautiful woman.

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She was a walking fantasy for most men, him included. She was worrying her lower lip, her hands awkwardly moving as she resisted the urge to hold them behind her back.

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Cloud wanted to buy his own, but Tifa insisted that it would be fine with only one. They needed to save their money in case they needed more supplies and there was no telling what would be happening next. Setting camp was easy enough, Tifa receiving an extra sheet from Marle. He ended up wedging it into the dirt on his right, driving it deep enough that it would stand up, but not far enough that he could cut himself against the How many guys cheat at bachelor party. He did know this.

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A lot of her journey throughout the story of Final Fantasy VII was tied to her relationship with Cloud Strife, as she held a secret romantic interest in him, which was made more complicated by the arrival and inevitable demise of Aerith Gainsborough.


Originally, Tifa's eyes were supposed to be red, but in most appearances she's shown to have brown eyes.


Why does Tifa have red eyes?


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