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You chastised Jimmy for making the same mistake you just made. Now Jimmy is giving you the same type of grief. Turnabout is fair play. Anyway, this is a fun quote to look at, but I wonder how many people agree with its sentiments. The phrase may have been coined in My wifes first lesbian sex s.


Turnabout is fair play is a proverb with its roots in the mids.

Turnabout is fair play

A proverb is a short, common saying or phrase that particularly gives advice or shares a universal truth. We will examine the definition of the phrase turnabout is fair playwhere it came from and some examples Accidental tit exposed its use in sentences.

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Turnabout is Heathers dance boutique play is a proverb that means if someone has harmed you, it is permissible to retaliate in kind. Turnabout is fair play is used to justify paying back a real or perceived injury.

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The phrase turnabout is fair play originated in the mids in reference to gaming, meaning taking turns Restrained and diapered a fair game. At that time, turnabout was rendered as two words as in turn about.

Today, the term has taken on the connotation of revenge or retaliation, in the sense of two parties taking equal advantage of each other.

Underdog: turnaround is fair play

Occasionally, turnabout is fair play is used in a friendly, teasing manner as an admonishment to keep things fair and equal. The New York Times.

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Billboard Magazine. The Washington Post.

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Turn around is fair play

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You had your turn; now it's only fair that I should have mine.


In a perfect world, everybody would be kind and act in good faith towards one another.


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