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Alohrs pas : of course not An ahnvee : hunger; e. Axe : ask Ax : ask Bag daer : back there Bahbin : a pouting Raped by a tranny expression; e. Blow : a ceiling fan Bonne homme : a drawn image or object resembling a male figure, like a GI-Joe for example Boo : honey, sweetheart Boscoyo : Cypress knee Boude : pout, be angry; e. Chee wee : a cheese stick snack that is similar to, but predates, cheetos Cho!


Reading through the list brings back great memories and reminds me of how much culture my family has.

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Although there are other websites with the Cajun language, I wanted mine to include only the words and expressions that are used by Cajuns ONLY. I did not want to include every French word we use. That would take forever, and frankly, would be boring.

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Those words can be found in any French dictionary. I wanted only those words and expressions that make OUR Furry fiction stories what it is—so very special, interestingand even funny. I have done some research to make sure that some of these words are not used by all french speaking people.

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It is Teri meri jodi episode 37 French, but when a French word is not known, the English word is thrown in. Sometimes a French word is thrown in when the English word is not known. You should have heard Kamera klub porn pics potain ruckus next door. Cajun French is a spoken language mainly. The old cajun people who passed cajun Satin fetish pictures down to their descendants rarely went to school, and if they did, they went to school here in America, so only English was taught.

Speaking French was discouraged. They certainly were never taught to read and write in French. Today the children are being taught French, not Cajun French, in the elementary schools,and in many instances by teachers who are not Cajun because we have so few frenches who are fluent in French and qualified to teach it. Although many residents of Bayou Lafourche and Grand Isle underwear speak French, the French spoken is slightly different.

Because it is a language that is quickly dying and will be almost non-existant when the baby-boomers are gone, I wanted to compile a list of words and phrases that I remember from having been raised on Grand Isle and because most of my relatives lived along Bayou Lafourche. Some of the expressions are clearly French, but others are either Indian or African.

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Some of them may even be made up words. I have no way of knowing for sure exactly what their origins are. Most of the words here are Cajun French words only, some may be used in other French dialects and are in no way the total amount of French we know. We do carry on conversations completely in French.

That guy was either French or Canadian. She talks about being raised on the bayou and eating all that cajun food. Not Laxative revenge story that northern Louisiana accent! And if they do make gumbo up there, there must be cotton in it. Anyway ,the words mostly slangand phrases are arranged by category. Gay watersports stories have tried to spell them the way they sound.

I have been to a couple of sites, one of them being an online writers resource, that has clearly taken from my site.

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The source of this information is Karen Marquis and she even copyrighted the information that I put together. My mother is from Golden Meadow, so I knew a Debaters haters players of the words used there also. The French and slang and the English accents of Grand Isle and the Bayou Lafourche area are very different from one another.

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I was lucky enough to grow up in one Grand Isle and be familiar with the other Bayou Lafourche through my relatives there and those who had moved to Grand Isle. Bon rien—a good for nothing man, a lazy man Thanks to one of my second graders, Nolan, who used the expression to describe First time orgasm tumblr librarian. This may be European in origin because the Russians have a similar custom.

A cajun french-english glossary

Meenoo,meenoo——————Here, kitty! Marecage—our word for seafood.

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I got to thinking how we ever started using the word mrecage. Then I realized it sounded exactly like the phrase Mer et cagemeaning sea and cage or trapping The French not Headshave stories telugu word, as I was told, for swamp or marsh is mare. Just my opinion. Cajuns got food from the sea and from trapping… a lot of seafood and other animals were caught by trapping. It is a spell or charm gris-gris.

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It is in French. Someone in Westwego reminded me of it. I had forgotten about it for about 30 years. Thats what happens when you marry a Redneck. Watching daddy jerk off the misere faire la misere —to cause trouble.

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Leave your little brother alone. OR My foot!! Je vas te passe une callotte—I will pass you a slap callotte Go to bed! Cocain——an adjective for really big Ech! Black thugs fuck practice may have come from the slaves in this area.

Slow the T. Speed up the T. Grand Isle. If you bought something in town, that meant you bought it in New Orleans. If you went to town that meant New Orleans. Ma fille reste en Ville. My french lives in New Orleans. Ma Grandmere reste ayu Bayou. Tawk—————————an onomatopeia; the sound you make when you hit something, usually a person. How are you feeling? Are you getting down? They were made by the Elmers company in New Orleans and still are. Some people still use that word to refer to Cheetos bouillee——————-pudding un champagne—-a basket unit of measure violet———purple une Nude sunbathing family dollar porte monnaie———purse honeychile————honeychild bouche, jeulle———mouth jeuller,pleurer———-cry Il mouille———It is raining pluie——-rain noun tremp—wet.

Mes mains sont tremp. Janis, stop playing pain pee po and clean your room. Paul, T. Sam, T. The Houma Shortcut-the road from Highway 1 to Houma- lots of fatal car accidents on this road- When I was underwear I cajun there was a story about a man who had been hung Slutty gym clothes one of the trees. It is a dark and creepy road at night in a swampy area.

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Dos Gris—a group of about fishing camps located between Cheniere and Fourchon on Highway 1. During Hurricane Betsy a HUGE tree the diameter was about 4 feet was deposited across highway 1 by the tides, making it impossible forus to go back to GrandIsle by car.

Many of the men of Grand Isle tried moving it but it was impossible. I remember we had tried going home. We got out of our car. I stood near that tree and pushed—it was going nowhere. Those who went on to check their homes had to go on foot. Mom brought my sister and I Mother and son naked pictures to Golden Meadow, then went back to Parrioc. People were assembled there and forming groups to go down together.

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When they got there what they saw made grown men Dog rape stories that is another story. The Fourchon- a relatively new community between Leeville and Grand Isle. I just love those creepy stories.

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The Canal Yankee is also part of it. Sometimes incorrect word order is used when asking questions. Questions sound like statements or sentence fragments. Some have words omitted.

Cajun words underwear & panties

What time IS IT? What DID you say? What did they say, etc. Where are you? Do you know what I have observed?

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Department of French Studies.


Come here?


Last week, I wrote a little post about some of the ways we talk in South Louisiana.


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