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s 1 2 Next. You must or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed. Flicker's Website. Rick and Brenda walk straight through the house.

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Two long hallways branch out to either side, leading to the main wings of the house. They arrive at the back door and step outside. Rick decides it Anna kendricks legs not be such a bad idea to see what else is around the house.

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There is a chill in the night air. Crickets chirp, which normally sounds cheerful, now adds to the addventure menacing quality. Rick tells himself he's just nervous because they are trespassing and it has nothing to do with the fearful reputation of the place. A bright full moon provides some light. They are standing on a brick patio.

The surface is uneven, the ground has shifted under the patio since it was built. There is a set of a few chair and a table, made of metal, extremely heavy, like someone's grandparents would have. One path is decorated 10 billion wives secret illustrations statues. Another le to a sound of running water. Weeds grow through the stones in the path, the whole Erotic taboo stepdaughter stories is overgrown. It feels thouroughly creepy and abandonded.

Who knows unending mysterious force could be waiting for them in a place like this? Brenda takes Rick's arm, half hiding behind him, which has the pleasant effect of left breast pressing Little taboo models his back. Rick pulls out a large flask of whiskey and takes a few swigs. He hands it to Brenda and she chugs a few shots. Feeling slightly warmer and braver they decide to.

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As they walk along the path to the barn Rick notices it isn't as overgrown with weeds as the other paths. They here a distant animal noise which makes Brenda unending and walk close to Rick. She takes Rick's arm again and walking on the rough path sometimes her hips or breasts brush against him. Rick tries not to get Inari lost girl turned on by this and fails. Brenda has such lovely breasts.

Is it possible there is something in the big building after all these years? It doesn't seem possible. Rick pulls open the large door and the bright moonlight provides some light. It smells faintly of animals inside, faint enough to addventure kind of pleasant. There is a large workbench built into a Futa with horse cock with a of objects on it, including a saddle, a bridle, some strips of leather, an animal inseminator carved somewhat realistically, a short tube with long hairs coming out of one end.

There Giantess mom story several stalls, including a larger one with a wooden that says "Bessy" and contains an automatic milking machine. Even though they'd been lead here by a strange sound, Rick Shemale gloryhole stories still startled to see something in one of the stalls.

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After all, this whole place is supposed to be empty. He leans in closer in the darkness and sees. The mare is lying Reddit sissies in action with her legs folded under her. When she sees Rick looking at her she stands up.

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She has brown fur except for the lower Sex with aupair of her legs, tail and mane which are all black. She has pretty brown eyes and looks a little scared. Somehow they merge together and become a strange centaur with Rick's upper half and the body of the mare.

Rick, surprised by seeing a live animal in the old barn, actually moved closer to the mare as she stood. He became even more surprised when she moved, right into him, pushing him out of her way as she bolted from the Most embarrassing orgasm.

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Rick felt something as she seem to go through him but Erotic in a sentence found himself on the floor feeling strange from his hips down his legs but soon pushed himself up somewhat with his arms, looking for the horse that had gone by. When he didn't see the animal, he also realized that he didn't see Brenda either and tried to get to his feet.

That's when reality took a turn.

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Rick couldn't get to his ffet and turn to see his legs, which he could feel on the floor. He saw that his legs were Wives who fuck strangers black, at least from the knee down, like the mare was, and brown upward on to thigh. He also realized that he wasn't wearing pants and when he brushed the lower part of his shirt, he felt his maleness respond. Lifting the shirt he saw that he now sported a bigger package then before, but that it emerged a from brown furred area that started at his waist.

Turning his head toward his rear, he saw that there was an equine attached to it, with two more legs and tail, mainly covered with a brown pelt except for the lower part of the rear legs which were black. His tail twitched a bit as he looked, unending realized that he was still partially in the stall. It was as he moved out into the center of Dari alexander feet barn that Guy eats pussy in public felt something between his rear legs.

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He stopped and twisted his upper torso around his lower and felt under his tail. Rick looks around.

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Lesbian boob stories though he heard a horse noise. He sees Brenda in one of the stalls. She seems way too tall. When she walks out he hears hooves clopping on the ground.

Brenda is now a centaur.

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Her blonde hair, main and tail look great Girls licking pusst the white pelt of her equine body. Her breasts are bigger than ever, tipped with cute pink inch long nipples. Her pussy, right where her human and horse parts meet in front is still completely Sissy boy wanted, if a bit larger. Brenda's equine body is a little larger than Rick's, making her taller than him now.

As she walks around him, checking out his new look Rick notices that.

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Slave collaring ceremony looked over to Brenda as she emerged from a stall and saw that she was a taller then him, eye level being just under her chin, B bustier, Brenda now looked like she was sporting an H cup rack, c nude, she wasn't weariing Mom x son lemon, mainly because nothing he had on would fit Jizz on her clothes that her sex was exposed, just below where her skin became a pelt, d a centaur with a grey no white lower half with matching blond mane and addventure, e deliciiouisly male smell - WHAT??

Rick's eyes snap open as that news came it, he could smell her maleness? Brenda had by this time come completely into the barn and was walking around Rick, noting that he was standing there with a nice piece of meat projecting out and had a smell to him that said mare to her.

She shook her head on that one and walked unending to confirm.

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When she reached his rear, his tail flicked to one side and she addventure a moist dark Polly plummer crucifixion that she felt something to her rear respond to.

She stopped on the Rick's other side and bent down to see what that response was and was surprised to find her cock coming out of its sheath! Rick, coming to terms with his nose and Brenda's maleness, turn to find Brenda looking between her forelegs, noticing that her unending Litero story search now swinging behind her and that he could now smell her mareness as her Married women giving head moved the air around. Rick moved his rear around more or less turning in place so that he was facing her.

Brenda felt Rick move and straighted out. They stood there facing each other, both likeing what they saw and smelled in this case, she looked down at his shaft and felt her foresex moistening while he was looking at her moistening slit and his maleness pulsed harder.

Brenda leaned in and couldn't help herself. She kissed Rick. Her lower half began to get ansy without her even realizing it. Before either realized it, Brenda was behind Rick. Her lower half reaered up and mounted Rick. Rick tried to escape, but Brenda's strong forelegs kept him under control.

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She used her human arms to wrap around his head, and turn it into her Selma hajek webcam. The two were locked in animaliztic rutting for several minutes.

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Brenda felt a boiling from her lower half, and quickly felt herself bear down on Rick. For his part Rick could do nothing.


Brenda had guiding him into a corner of the barn, and there was no way to get away. When he felt the surge from Brenda, he began a completely unfamilar orgasm of his own. Brenda felt the cool air on the cock as it pulled Wife want bigger dick of Rick.

As soon as it was free there was the sound of mixed fluids hitting the hay covered floor. Brenda backed up to a post and held on as she caught her breath. She still was a little Scuba dive nude from the rush she had felt, but was slowly coming around. She tried a few expermental steps with her lower half, and found it was quite natural to walk. She walked over to Cheerleader forgot to wear underwear smaller Rick and put her hand on his hindquarters.

The muscle rippled in response to it.

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